I'm moving all future ToME content to my Main Youtube Channel

Watch this video for more info!

Streaming on my ToME twitch channel!

come join in the fun! (and the deaths) lol

First time win!!

After 3 years, I finally beated the game for the first time, with a Ghoul Sun Paladin!!
Yaay! =D

Part 1 of my beginner's guide series is up!

If you're brand new to ToME and would like to know the basics, you're in luck. I have just uploaded the first in a series of videos that is aimed at new players. If that's you, than this may be helpful.

Video Link:

Streaming on my youtube channel now!

New youtube video is up!

So, I've been gone for awhile (IRL problems) Anywho, I've put another video up! This is episode 1 of my Embers of Rage Paradox Mage Playthrough.

Here ya go!

Play today!

My minions,

Just a little notice, you may want to play in the next 12 hours or so.
Just sayin'... nothing special. Nope.

  • cackles*

Getting back to youtube this week!

The last couple of weeks have been INSANE! And, as a result, I haven't been able to make any videos lately. :( Anyway, My schedule has lightened up enough for me to continue making videos! I'll hopefully be putting one up today, and definitely one or two tomorrow and Friday. See you in Eyal fellow heroes! :)

more videos coming this week! (been sick the last couple of days)

Sorry I haven't put any videos up in the last couple of days. I will have more up this week! :)

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