It's Here! (Beginner's Guide 2.0)

You have asked...and I have answered! Hopefully this will help new players get a feel for how the game works. If you have any questions, message me on youtube and I will do my best to answer! If you have any ideas, suggestions, advice, etc...I'd love to hear it!

Video Link:

Check this out!

Here is a fellow youtuber, who has just started playing ToME and making videos! His content is great, and he's really enjoying learning the game!

Show him some support if you can!

InkEyes Channel:

Another has been admitted into the fold!

Well, It is done. I have officially purchased ToME and all DLC and given it to a friend of mine who has wanted to play ToME for months! May he find countless hours of fun (and deaths) in the lands of Eyal! :D

So...A few changes...

So, As I'm sure you've noticed...I've been gone for awhile. Sorry about that. (I was busy with GED testing and graduation and stuff...) Any who, Here's what's gonna change on my youtube channel: I don't actually have the time to make videos (recording, editing, rendering, uploading, etc.) But, this does not mean that I'm stopping. So, from now until some point in the future, all content on my channel will be live-streamed...that way, not only will you be able to watch the videos after the fact, but you'll also have the chance to catch me live! I hope this helps to clear things up a bit! Also, thank you guys for all the amazing support! Enjoy!
WarriorOfLight (in-game name)

My channel:

Roguelike conference IRDC 2016 Europe: Come meet both Rexorcorum and DarkGod!

My minions!

So this year rexorcorum (our gfx man for those not knowing!) will organize the roguelike conference in his home country of Bulgaria on the 26-27th of november.
See for details.

So we'll be avidly awaiting to meet all the tome players who want to come meet us there.
It'll be fun, whether you're a player or addon dev or strange purple alien!

If you even wish to give a talk, contact rexo I'm sure this can be arranged too.

We'll be waiting you there my minions!

Improved Easy of Use of Icons

With respect to the single row of ICONS at bottom of the page, I propose having two independent rows. This would make navigation much faster for those who use the ICONS. Currently, there are five pages with over lapping ICONS (pages not independent). There is ample room for most computer screens. Alternatively, instead of an additional row, have one or two columns of additional ICONS.

Maybe this exists, if not, it would make playing the game much easier for me.

Any thoughts?

New Video Up! (Back From Vacation!)

Here ya go guys! Enjoy!!!!

All Classes on Nightmare Challenge on Twitch and Youtube!

Hi there, I'm Yusunanyuri/Yusu/San0ix and you may or may not know me from my pretty popular Temporal Warden guide (humble brag), my ToME any% speedrunning or my frequent bitching on the forums about whatever I believe to be a bug.

I've recently started challenging myself to beat ToME on nightmare difficulty with all the classes and I've been streaming those runs on my Twitch! ( ) I'd greatly appreciate it if you were to come by and hang out (chat is super awesome) or just lurk :)

I will now also upload any past and future run that gets decently far on my Youtube ( ) so if you've missed a class that you really wanted to see, you can easily watch that over there ;)

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