Achievements Working on Steam!

My dear minions,

I am happy to say that achievements should now be fully working on Steam.
Your client should automatically update the game and next time you gain an achievement it, and all the ones already stored in your client, should correctly appear in your profile on the server!

Enjoy, and go grab all those thousand of achievements ! :=)

A small anorithil/sun paladin boost from the start.

That worked for awhile, works now.
0 Pick celestial + race that starts at far east.
1 Pick searing light.
2 Find "non-talking" npc that can be "seen" by Aeryn
3 Put searing light near that npc
4 Stand on your searing light
5 "Walk" into this npc to swap places with it, so the npc takes damage from searing light leftover.

If you have done everything right Aeryn and other npcs that were close will chase towards you without going hostile, so:

6 Bring Aeryn to lake at the bottom
7 Wait+cancel dialogue with her till she suffocates to death.
8 Get your lvl 9-10 for free from the beginning.

P.S.: Lvl 10 is still not enough to lurk through Far East caves.
P.P.S.: "Lvl 9-10" prior to "nightmare" difficulty as npcs in towns tend to have higher lvl, than on normal.

Orcs Campaign Teaser: Planned zones

My minions,


The work on the orc campaign is going quite well and now is time for a little teaser of the planned zones!


  • Yeti Caves: The name is quite explicit, a cave, filled with yetis .. white, covered in fur, kind of like giant yeeks!
  • Vaporous Emporium: A trading place for the steam giants in the mountains. Beware of the guards!
  • Sunwall Outpost: This outpost blocks the way to the mainland.. what shall orcs do with it?
  • Internment Camp: This is were the remnants of the Prides are kept, mentally subdued
  • Dominion's Port: The Troll Dominion of the Kar'Haïb is trying to setup a permanent presence on Var'Eyal!
  • Sunwall Observatory: High in the mountains anorithils are looking at the sky
  • Ritch Hive: You love ritches! Get more!
  • Ureslak's Host: Your favorite unique dragon, now back in undead form!
  • Steam Quarry: Steam giants geothermal powerplant, a key structure in their dominion, it must be destroyed!
  • The Palade of Fumes: Hiding place of the ruling council of steam giants, your final destination! or is it ..
  • The Slumbering Caves: Deep bellow the palade of fumes, something is being disturbed..
  • Amakthel's Prison: The body of the dead god is being ressurected by one of the last loyalist Sher'Tul, the world is about to shatter!

Feeling teased yet?! :)

ToME nominated for Project of the Month by Linux Game Awards

My minions,

Tales of Maj'Eyal has been nominated for Project of the Month by Linux Game Awards.

Please take a few seconds to vote:

(it requires registration but it is fast and ensures no stupid cheezing :) )

Shields up !

Random lore insight!

"Eyal's universe is probably filled with planets full of graves of civilizations whose races took the economically sound decision to not put a planetary shield up, which are studied and remembered by those that did, like the Sher'tul."

Addons Contest 2014

People of Maj'Eyal, my minions!

2013 has seen the modules contest, which brought out many new interesting games that I hope will continue to be developed into even better version of themselves by their authors.

So this year, while they work on that, I will turn my focus towards a new goal: addons.

There are already a whole lot of addons that exist and this is great, be they classes, races, UI stuff, ... but one category is still sorely lacking: quests!

So, in the spirit of promoting the creation of new, quality addon based quests for Tales of Maj'Eyal I would like to create a new contest!

During this year 2014 up until the 1st December your task will be to create new, amazing and fun quests for Tales of Maj'Eyal. Anyone can, and is welcome to, participate (except me obviously) !
When the contest closes there will be a big vote where ToME players can elect the "best" addons.
Players will be asked to rate each addon on fun, polish and integration in the game, the winner being determined by the best average of those factors.

In addition to fame and pleasure of having created a fun addon the 1st place will also grant a 300€ reward, the second a 200€ reward and the third a 100€ reward (by paypal). Additionaly if you want and if I agree your quest may be addon to the main game someday.

The rules to participate are as follows:

  • Addons must be released by the 1st December (you can, and are encouraged to continue dev on it afterwards obviously)
  • Addons are encouraged (but not required) to release often during the year. Remember for players to like your addon they must be able to play it!
  • Addons must be published on with a tag "contest2014"
  • The prime focus of each addon must be a new quest (or quests)
  • Quest/zone/.. must be at home in the existing game's lore, this is the "integration in the game" part. If in doubt ask on the forums and I'll gladly answer all your lore questions.
  • A quest will probably not require a whole year to create, the idea is that you should try to produce many of them to have more chances of ranking one in the top 3 position. Try to make one addon per quest or quest "group"
  • Eyal is a wide world, be wild, be fun, be amazing! (yes this is a rule!)

You are very welcome to join #tome on where nice people can sometimes help you and post about your addon/progress/questions in the addons section of the forums!

Now open your code editors and start coding!

Level 25 bandit on the second level of Kor'Pul

After not much luck running arcane blades and shadow blades, I decided to read up on good novice classes, and ended up picking up a Dwarven alchemist.

As usual, I was too bold. I ran through the Dwarven start zone no problem, and thought I'd breeze through Kor'Pul. The game even fast-forwarded me to the third level! I cleared the third level without problem, and thought I'd work my way back up, cleaning up level 7-9 mobs with my level 12.

But, nestled in the rooms of the second level of Kor'Pul was a bandit. He hit me for 60+ in each of two turns dropping me almost before I knew what hit me. Examined the logs. Yep, he was a non-named random level 25 bandit, just hanging out in a level 9 dungeon. I'll have to be on the lookout for that next time. =/

Please help with tome 4 wiki :)

The current wiki for tome 4 needs a lot of improvements. There are loads of missing information for items, artifacts, categories and talents.

Please help out since we all love this game :D

p.s. currently improving stone warden wiki page. I wonder where can I get the pictures for different talents so that I can upload?

Thanks :)

Stuck in high peak vault

Hello, I'm posting this because I'm stuck.
Really stuck like, there is nowhere to go.
I've walked into a vault in high peak and the door turned into a wall behind me. After a while I opened every door, realised walls could sometimes be turned into doors and killed the boss in the middle of a "rocky mountain" area. Now I've nowhere to go, I've tried every wall and none contains a door, I can't tp or Rod of Recall out.
This is the first time one of my char kills more than one pride (I think he is the third one to make it to the east) so I would very much like not to start over. Anyone has idea or (even better ^^) solution?

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