Starting stream soon

Hmm I was supposed to stream yesterday but ehh I was lazy so Im doing it today. Ill be playing insane roguelike probably with solipsist and I plan to play until Im at least level 30 and then continue on another day. Ill try to give tips and explain my thought process, and Ill try very hard to go for no deaths but oh well its maj eyal insane : 3

My channel is if anyone is interested, I plan to start it at 12 pacific time, or in 1 hour and a half somewhat.

Stream on Insane roguelike for chills

Hey guys, for a long time I've been thinking about making a stream on this crazy game. I aways see people so lost about it, struggling to get their way throught normal and believe it, I took a fine damn time to get my way throught that haha. This is a game where you have just so much to learn and until you get a grasp of things and the way to avoind getting fucked by eyal sometimes you start to doubt of our own sanity. But this complexity is what I love about this game. And after playing roughly a very unhealthy ammount of hours I think Im getting there. Nowadays I play only madness(you can call me an elitist lel) but trying to get my way throught new difficulties in the smoothest way possible is my thing. And I already moved into madness and honestly I havent got past level 40 yet but oh well its madness right boys. That is why I'm thinking about making a stream on insane, a difficulty that I hope that I pretty much got it figured out.

I don't use cheap tactics or what I would otherwise consider boring. I usually try to get throught content by facing it and using sheer power, preparation and fitting tactics where its needed. So don't expect drowining and stuff haha. My focus on this game is by making a really strong build that can deal with the problems you face while you have a nice time leveling up. I'm still not sure what I'm going to play, but I'll try to give constant tips and show my thinking so you guys can hopefully find your way throught this game.

Ill stream and probably record it so people can watch it anytime. but the live thing will probably be next weekend hmm like 2pm Pacific Time. Will update this as we get closer to the weekend.

Greed Is Good: Dwarven Purchasing Power

If you're a dwarf, you might ask yourself, "Should I save the merchant? If I'm maxing Power is Money, I may not have the free cash to buy randarts."

Let's do the math to see how much gold is needed to keep Power is Money at full effectiveness through the ranks.

Rank 1: 85g per +1, +8 max: 680g
Rank 2: 78g per +1, +17 max: 1326g
Rank 3: 72g per +1, +24 max: 1728g
Rank 4: 68g per +1, +30 max: 2040g
Rank 5: 65g per +1, +35 max: 2275g

Not actually all that much given how much cash starts coming in during the second half of the game. So the answer is YES! Save that merchant. Just make sure to wait to buy randarts until you have at least 6275g and you'll be golden.

My characters that do well have the urge to die from very particular things.

Here I am, slightly frustrated but also with a smile, all because of this game.

I'm a noob, I know that and I accept. I've been playing the game for about a week now, put quite a bit of time in it,
and as of now I've had 2 characters that have done well. These were a Cornac beserker and a Cornac bulwark.

I've gotten both of them to lvl 19 and 20 respectively, and was pretty much set for what I think was the mid game.

With the beserker, I found myself a dungeon that was about bunnies. Recommended level was 15, so I thought "heck, lets give it a shot."
This beserker got overrun. Died by bunnies.

The Cornac Bulwark found his way to the crazy tempest attacking Derth (my first time there) and after an exhausting battle, he won.
Then, we found an exotic Xun enemy, and in the rush of ,was was thought, invincibility, we attacked.
The Xun had a trick up his sleeve however, and proceeded to start to strangle the bulwark for 50 turns.
Considering I invested a lot of talent points into anti-magic and the like, i did not have an item or skill that could shrug the effect off.
And so, the bulwark, all set to destroy all that was arcane in this world, died because of the lack of air. He sufficated.

The End.
(maybe more soon)

It was a good day to die..

...said no one ever in this game. Fcking 2 shot from a chest monster. RIP.

Tired of Random BS

So I took a small break because I was having no fun playing with the 1.3 live version. I came back a week later after reinstalling. I figured I'd try something different for me (not Shalore, not Anorithil or Hero/adventurer). Started up a Yeek Mindslayer. I've avoided playing them in the past because my Yeek experiences have been largely negative and rage inducing.

This time I actually did alright, getting through the beginning areas with absolutely no problems. I
Did Trollmire, Scintillating Caves, the Derth Arena, Rhalorin Camp, Kor Pul and Forest. (2 escorts total.) Did the AM quest. I did struggle a little with the corruptor but in the end was victorious without dying. Then I started the Tempest quest.

Had a moment in Derth where 4 elementals managed to converge on my position despite my attempt to get to them one at a time via sneaking around corners and then sneaking back to ambush them. Two turns later I was talking to the Eidolon. I came back and killed the rest and moved on to Nur.

All was fine after that until Nur level 3 (before the fortress). I encountered the dreaded unkillable monster whose name is ultimately forgetable to me (Because it is one of those "arcane" sounding names that has no meaning to me other than someone wanted something arcane sounding.) To kill him one must kill his tentacles as they appear. Usually not much of problem because the tentacles don't usually pose a threat at the levels I typically encounter this abomination. However at level 16 I was not equipped for the task.

I couldn't escape because no pd/tele on AM and no shields other than the largely useless psionic shields (because they don't actually do anything that I can see). I got him to about 25% hp via killing his tentacles and he managed to catch me in a corner with all my heals/regens on cooldowns with 3 tentacles and that was all they wrote. Rinse, repeat because why not?

Needless to say it is just one of many possible threats that can be out of depth (or is it out of depth in Nur where horrors abide for no explicable reason??) And I have dealt successfully with it in the past so I guess I should chalk this one up to a bad build since prior successes were only by characters 7-9 levels higher. But it irks me because it seems random in a bad way.

For example: Door #1 you open it and get eaten by a lion. Door #2 you open it and become fabulously rich & famous. Door #3 you meet the love of your life and all ends well etc, Doors #4-999 see door #1. That kind of random.

I realize this is subjective and not at all based on looking at code and spotting evidence where something is off or some other logical response. And it isn't an accusation of imbalance (I have said it in the past but imbalance is a part of the game.)

It is just a growing frustration and feeling that no matter what happens. no matter how many times I do actually win (because I didn't get the unlucky door open and didn't fumble my way to senseless deaths) I will always lose to crap like this and "what is the fucking point?" if you can pardon that french.

While at times I am fascinated by all the possible outcomes different builds bring I can't help but feel my IQ just doesn't rise to the level of the difficulty of the game even on "Normal".

Another death

It's sad, my another Higher Arcane Blade Rojah died at level 11 today.

Maybe the build I'm doing is not right or maybe I should try other classes first. I don't know.


So, what gives?! I've disabled firewall and Bitdefender. It says "access denied" every time I try to patch. I can't play. PLEASE FIX!

Alchemists will now be able to fully control their Golem's OS!

In a bold move, the Alchemist's Guild of Maj'Eyal has finally hacked the control crystals, derived from Sher'tul tech, that power all their golems!

Every alchemist has been given an usage manual and should now be able to have root access to their golem.


No more dying because your golem was too dumb, you can now program them exactly as you desire. In C !


This update to golems should be available Very Soon (tm) to all Alchemists of Maj'Eyal!


PS: The Alchemist's Guild wishes to thank and Fabrice Bellard for their amazing work!

Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.3.1 aka "Forever" is released!

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.3.1 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.

If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Many imporatnt bugfixes!

Expanded changelist:

  • Fixed crash on some OSX versions
  • Added text to antimagic quest to explain why Ogres can do it
  • In developer mode an error popup forces all other dialogs to disappear; making sure even level generation errors do popup correctly
  • Removed preliminary gamepad until it can be fixed
  • Fixed digging into icewalls
  • Fixed Tirakai Maul; lets see what bug it does next!
  • Fix Block description
  • Fixed Frost Lord Chains
  • Fixed Time Stop + Contingency (hopefully)
  • Fix Temporal Fugue on traps
  • Updated Insane and Madness difficulties unlock texts
  • Reckless Charge can once again go through crowds
  • Fixed The Mouth sometimes erroring out
  • Icewall cooldown can not be lower than its duration
  • Made DamageType.initState available to addons
  • Fixed the description of Ogre Fury effect
  • Most races now start with an additional infusion or rune in inventory
  • Lore note that shows the old conclave ruins on the map now always pop even if already known
  • Cease to Exist can not be used by NPCs anymore
  • Make sure temporal warden clones can not self resurrrect
  • Fixed alchemists & summoners exiting the Dreams of the caldera
  • New hook "Zone:create" for when a zone.lua file is loaded
  • Fixed a memory leak in the chatlog
  • Breach checks saves on arrows now too
  • Hounds unravel duration reduced
  • Reduced Invigorate Paradox cost
  • Spacetime Stability bonus doubled while Tuning
  • Spacetime Tuning now tunes a flat amoutn each turn
  • Reduced damage on Temporal Hounds a bit
  • Increased the Paradox cost on many chronomancy talents (especially defensive ones)
  • Guardian Unity duration increased to 10
  • Paradox Spell Modifier now affects spell durations (rounds down)
  • Paradox spellpower modifier scales more normally under 300 paradox (caps at 50% at 150 paradox)
  • Redux now only effects one spell per cast. Cooldown reduced.
  • Reduced effectiveness of energy decomposition
  • Dimensional Shift now reduces the duration on only one effect
  • Shoot is once again bound to left click at birth for Temporal Wardens.
  • Fixed Temporal Hounds breaking with "scape" effects
  • Shantiz no longer destroys friendly projectiles
  • Shantiz AoE no longer hits friendly targets
  • Effect Reduction and Resist All on teleport now subject to diminishing returns
  • Fixed log fade
  • Fixed temporal bolt's initial hit reducing too many talent cooldowns
  • Fetter handling for blended threads and temporal bolt
  • Fix spatial tether msgs
  • Fixes a bug in game:delayedLogDamage that incorrectly determines player visibility for certain messages.
  • Updated messages for Spatial Tether
  • Reduced a little the flat level increases on nighmare/insane/madness as they only make the first few levels way harder than the rest

Have fun!

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