Announcing: Ashes of Urh'Rok

My minions, I am back from my little vacation and have some exciting news for you!

Eyal orbits a star called Shandral, but it is not the only world to do so. A world known as Mal'Rok to its inhabitants also orbits it, a world famous for many creatures that hail from it: creatures that people on Eyal call "demons".
The demons have one goal: the invasion of Eyal, by any means necessary.


Ashes of Urh'Rok will be the first expansion for Tales of Maj'Eyal. The idea for it is old, as is some of the code, but was on hold until I got the few remaining ideas needed, and I have them now!
So rather than delay it until after the Orcs campaign (which is bigger), I have decided to quickly finish it and release it to my minions as soon as possible (which is soon, even if I'll never give a date for a release ;) ).

It is a "small" expansion, comparatively to the orc campaign, yet brings some fun features:
- Play as a Doombringer class, a master of destruction and pain that binds demonic forces to channel power through her massive two handed weapon.
- Unlock the Demonologist class, a sword & board fighter that enhances her battle prowess by summoning demons and grafting them onto her weapons and armour. Powerful demonologists can even call upon the echoes of the Spellblaze itself.
- Play through a new starting zone, the Searing Halls, to escape your demonic masters.
- Survive the abduction attempts from the demons and discover new zones.
- Discover the real reason for the demons' wrath toward Eyal with the various lore pieces to be found.
- Experience the "tinker" system, originally developed for the orcs campaign, that lets you attach items to your equipment.
- Unlock multiple demonic "cosmetic" features for many races.
- Earn new achievements.
- Find new demonic artifacts.
- New custom made music and graphics.

Now my minions, you simply need to wait patiently in line while your local God of Darkness prepares to unleash the Ashes of Urh'Rok upon you!

One last thing my minions, to whet yet another appetite: work has also begun on the class that will eventually replace the Stone Wardens as the donator bonus: Possessors. No I will not say one more word ;)

Dealing with crits.

This is the second time I lost one overpowered Berserker build to crit attackers in mass, in Maze (level 11). I guess I need a better thinking on this.

Oh my god I can keep a blog?

Holy crap I can keep a blog what is the point of this.

Don't Panic!

My minions,

I shall be away nearly two weeks. I know this is a lengthy span of time to go without your True God of Darkness, but you shall endure!

And when I come back I may announce a little surprise ;)

Achievements / Unlocks online fixed

It seems that since the 12th or so the online profile had stopped updating its database of unlocks and achievements.
This is now fixed and your local database should update the online one next time you login ingame.

Sorry for the annoyance.

Tales of Maj'Eyal is now also available on is a newcomer in the online game stores business but it's a very nice one.
And made by a single guy. In a lua dialect.
Yay !

Go grab it while it's steaming hot over there:

Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.2.3 aka "Competitive Ecology" is released!

My minions, I am happy and pround to give you Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.2.3 ! See

Your launcher should automatically update your game so no need to redownload it all.

If your launcher didn't self-update correctly, just redownload it from the homepage.

Enjoy and have fun in Eyal!


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations ( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Important bugfixes
  • Better balancing of Mindslayers


Expanded changelist:

  • Vitality triggers correctly from Berserker Rage
  • Charged Strike on a frozen target vaporizes the ice into a flash of vapour that knocks back foes
  • Charged Strike on a pinned target will charge up Charge Shield
  • Thermal Strike on a pinned target will summon a encasing wall of ice
  • Shocked effect now also reduces pin resistance, mostly to the benefit of mindslayers
  • Dogroth Caldera fumes go inactive after the boss deth, even on the first level
  • Temporal Rift shield is no longer metallic
  • The Eidolon can now teleport players someplace else on the level when coming from the Infinite Dungeon
  • Projectile evasion buffs do not stack, only the highest is used
  • Fixed Tirakai's Maul
  • Molten Skin boosts both Sun and Sunlight trees
  • Uniques count as bosses in the charsheet counter instead of rares
  • Skeleton and Ghoul racial stat increases are always integers now
  • Fixed Bloody Butcher to correcty add physical power and to work with Deep Wound effect
  • Fixed stoneskin-like shader auras to be symetrical again
  • Fixed Bombardment not using the correct shot power
  • Fixed Hurricane Short on right click too
  • Improved Total Thuggery AI hints
  • Fixed Swift Shot and Feed to work on right click
  • Improved Feed particle effect
  • Ethereal Embrace tooltip correctly states that it improves damage shields
  • Everpyre Blade is not considered metallic anymore
  • Husks now get a self destruct button just like golems
  • Fixed Path of the Sun interraction with Fearless Cleave
  • Fixed the "anti inferior to 1.2.0" message when loading savefiles to only trigger for the ToME module
  • Fixed Sentry and High capacity ammo egos to not make non-integer ammo number
  • Fixed partial ASCII-ification when reloading on a worldmap ambush
  • Fixed Chant of Fortress tooltip
  • Numerous improvements & balancing to Mindslayers
  • Adventurer class now has low mana regen
  • Fix daikara's pyroclast gfx effect
  • Fixed Cursed Sentry speed display
  • Nerfed Vitality regen and added a cooldown
  • Fixed Reknor lore accountancy
  • Static Map generator can load maps from addon's data folder
  • Respec'ing the last talent points can only happen in town (this will only affect new characters)
  • Fixed Unseen Force
  • Fixed Uttercold piercing
  • Fixed Suncloak display
  • Fixed Frenzy from the Murderblade to not kill you through heorism
  • Fixed Combination Kick removing too many sustains
  • Fixed Rotting Titan
  • Undead characters should not get antimagic items from the merchant artifact
  • Fixed volumetric aura shader for OSX
  • Fixed bone shield shader for OSX
  • Animus Purge can not be used on creatures with special death scripts
  • Fixed Unstoppable
  • Fixed Limmir disappearing when leaving the level
  • Path of the Sun also makes the actor avoid traps
  • Bump Arcane Combat chance when using shields to 75%
  • Bump Arcane Destruction chance when using shields to 75%
  • Reduced magewarrior staves power a little
  • Acid Wave and Biting Gale runes correctly check their corresponding immunities
  • Added Shasshhiy'Kaish tile to the custom birth tiles option
  • Fixed trollmire loot tier

Have fun!

Web APIs to browse the vault are now available!

To my coding minions,

I am happy to announce a new web-api to access the character's vault (and maybe more in the future, I'm open to ideas).

This set of APIs will let you search the vault, grab charsheets in json or even the charball itself (charball is the "savefile" of the player's party).

This API is already used by nehal's "soon-to-be-released" ToME Metrics tool to give an idea of what it can do.

Go find them and the docs at:

Chapter Fifteen

Arriving next is Kirsten, the High Tempest, which sees us travel to Angolwen to see a demonstration. Chapter Fifteen (Edit: ...I don't want to drown notifications. Future updates will be as a comment on the main page.)

Moments in Maj'Eyal

I started playing ToME in january, without internet access. I was save-scumming a lot, with perma-death not really appealing to me. I'm the type of person who invents characters and personalities for everyone. (I made an archer JUST to unlock oozemancers, and the archer was named after me...)

When I finally got my net back, I was pretty much burnt out of tome. But a couple of weeks ago it updated, and I went back to it. I bought the steam version, so I could use exploration mode to play semi-legit rather than putting a lot of effort into cheating.

And inspiration struck. I started writing short stories about various different characters of mine and their famous deeds. I shall be including the canonical plotline, but shall probably end up overshadowing it with my own end-of-the-multiverse scenario. I'm taking liberties with the classes exact abilities, messing with lore a little, but by and large your knowledge of the setting is correct. Biggest thing I've done is to make ziguranth a little less hardline.

I'm currently at chapter fourteen, plus a mini-chapter. It's been shown to my friends, and the three or so people who follow the tales of maj'eyal and tome4 tags on Tumblr. There's also a forum thread down here. I hope someone enjoys it as much as I'm enjoying writing it.

First Chapter: Azira, the Truthseeker (Thaloren Oozemancer)
Latest Chapter (Fourteen): Serena, Second Sunrise (Higher? Sun ?)

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