Icon Making Howto

I've been asked to write down how I make my icons, so I'll try to put together a basic howto here, and maybe expand on it later. I'm assuming basic familiarity with the GIMP, especially layers.

Let us start with the anatomy of an icon:

LAYER A: The black and white base, pretty straightforward.

LAYER B: "Color" The color blend, usually using ''multiply'' mode, at full opacity. I almost always use a color blend here, sometimes linear, sometimes radial, usually RGB but sometimes HSV.

LAYER C: "Grain" I usually call this layer "grain" - it usually has some kind of noise. This is where most of the variation takes place. Sometimes it's several layers, sometimes I do stuff like adding noise in the color layer instead of here.

LAYER D: "Lite" Light. This one on the other hand is pretty straightforward: a radial blend from white to gray (#666666), and selecting soft light as the layer mode. This will shift light colors toward white and make darker colors more vibrant in the white areas, but make everything in the gray area more muted. Useful to emphasize part of the icon, also makes it look less flat. Very tempting to overdo it though.

Let's look at Flux Control from the Chronomancy/Flux tree as an example. These are my notes for the tree:


flux green: 5cdd5e

blend (HSV counterclockwise): 5cdd5e -- white
rgb noise (independant)
distort: value prop (black)
gaussian 2px
blend white -- black
rbg noise (correlated)
distort: value prop (black)
gaussian 2px
blend (HSV counterclockwise): 5cdd5e -- black
distort: value prop (white)
gaussian 2px

So for the first layer we start with a color blend, HSV in this case. I didn't write it here, but it's a radial blend - sometimes I have linear and radial blends for different icons in the same talent tree. HSV blends as opposed to RGB blends are a bit weird in that they're asymmetrical; whether you want clockwise or counterclockwise actually depends a bit on which direction you're blend is set up to go. If you flip your color blend direction, you also have to switch your HSV direction, while with RGB it doesn't matter.

Anyway, the next step here is independent RGB noise - it's under Filters->Noise->RGB noise. Usually I use correlated, which gives me a random scattering of black pixels, but here I used independent, which gives red, blue and green pixels instead. The filter has values for how many pixels you get, preset is .2, I usually use .3

After the noise I use a distortion filter called value propagate to make it more pronounced - this is a combo I use a lot. Filters->Disort->Value Propagate is how you get it in GIMP. Select "more black" or "more white" depending on what you're going for.

Last touch is a gaussian blur to smooth it a bit - otherwise value propagate leaves squarisch shapes (which can look good too...). It's under Filters->Blur->Gaussian Blur. I usually use it with 2 pixels blur radius, the smallest possible.

This is what the end result (for that layer) looks like, and next to it the merge (using multiply) with the black and white base icon:

The next layer I've called "goo" instead of "grain" in this case.

I started with a blend again, although here it's in shades of gray and white.

Next step is, again, RGB noise, although now it's correlated instead of independent. This produces lots of black and white speckles.

As before, we make the speckles more pronounced with value propagate and smoothen things with gaussian blur.

This is the resulting layer, which we then combine with the other two with the grain merge mode. Basically, with grain merge, any color value above medium lightness makes the result lighter, while any value below medium makes the result darker.

+ =

For reference, this is the complete icon, the "goo" layer, and the icon without the "goo" layer:

- =

The last layer is another grain merge more layer, but this time in color; starting off with another HSV blend. It goes by the name of "glow", and like the "goo" layer, is in grain merge mode.

Here I don't bother with the noise filter, but instead directly go to value propagate and the gaussian blur.

Here's the three other layers without the "glow" layer, the "glow" layer by itself, and the final icon again:

+ =

So here I didn't use a "lite" layer, stuff was glowy enough already.

Hope it's somewhat helpful - I could also share my .xcf files and text files with notes (those are in short hand and not always complete though).

Ask questions, or tell me if there's some icons where you're particularly interested in the style...

"I Aten't Dead"

My fellow minions!

"I Aten't Dead" as the great granny weatherwax would say (if you do not get the reference, go read the Discworld, like now!).
Many developments are happening on the orc campaign front as we speak and hopefully some news will come soonish ;)
ToME itself is not forgotten and the 1.4 branch is slowly coming to maturation, along with a new sleek UI skin!

But I admit, I did take a few weeks off on vacations, even gods have too ;)

Go forth my minions and play!

Highly Commentated Runs by a "Veteran"

Ayyy, I'm San0ix, or Yusunanyuri, and I wanna announce real quick that I am streaming ToME again :D

You might already know me from my past streams or my in-depth Temporal Warden guide. If you don't then here are some infos about why you might want to watch me if you wanna learn some things about the game or just wanna have fun ;)
First off, my stream is very interaction focused, meaning that I try to talk a lot to you guys chatting. So if you have any questions ToME related, on my stream is a good place for that :)
Now you might ask yourself "But wait! Is this guy even good enough to answer my question correctly?". Well, I put about 600 hours in this game now (I started playing a little after the release of 1.0) and got 4 winners on Nightmare and 2 winners on Insane. I also got about 8 winner on Normal (some addon classes) but that difficulty doesn't really matter in my opinion.
Does that mean I am the greatest player ever? No. I just happen to have a very particular playing style that somehow works out on certain classes. In general I tend to make very aggresive plays and balance that out by building and skilling characters a little more defensively.

I stream most of my ToME runs on my Twitch ( ) and recently started uploading decent ones on my YouTube ( ).
I would greatly appreciate it if you checked my channels out :) One word of warning though, please don't expect me to only stream/upload ToME. I am very on/off with this game and am also learning a new speedgame but I can guarantee you that there will be at least a few runs srom time to time :D

Streaming for those interested

Hey all, haven't seen many people streaming TOME. Figured I'd give it a go and I have been wanting to stream for awhile. My channel is . I won't always be streaming TOME but quite often I will be. For those of you interested come chat and relax :) I'm not a great player but I try!




More news plz?

I get that Darkgod's busy but I wish he would post more news last one was on April 1st and that was a joke one >:(

Wanna be hyped for next update but got no clue what's in it, only thing I have to hope for is the apparent new donator class? (can't remember name pretty sure it had something to do with mind control)

Anyways only reason I'm asking is because I check the site every day and always wanna see something new. Also stoked for the possible android release will probs buy it soon as it comes out :DDD

Urthol bugged

Is anyone else unable to do the necromancer unlock with the most recent version of TOME? I have been unable to partake in the alchemist quest with him in two playthroughs now, and therefor have been unable to unlock necromancer.
Just thought I'd ask if anyone else noticed this.
(I'm running Ashes of Uhrok, incidentially, and no other mods)

Getting items/characters back

I have not played in some time and would like to start again. My computer crashed and my hard drive was wiped. Is it possible to get the items/characters back, I see them listed on here under My items/character. I used to play directly through this website, but now I set myself up on Steam.

Thank you

I love ToME. I hate ToME.

Steps to playing ToME:

1) Create a character
2) Get a bunch of good gear, a good run, really enjoy playing
3) Die to a stupid death
4) Get unhappy because you were invested in the character
5) Stop playing ToME several days.

6) Create a character....

Addon Error

So, I made this addon from scratch, but when i try to start a new game with it the loading bar stops at 100 and starts flickering. The crash log says this:

Lua Error: /engine/utils.lua:1782: /data-rpg/birth/classes/mage.lua:6: '}' expected (to close '{' at line 4) near 'name'

    At [C]:-1 
    At [C]:-1 error
    At /engine/utils.lua:1782 loadfilemods
    At /engine/Birther.lua:36 loadDefinition
    At /hooks/rpg/load.lua:6 
    At [string "return function(l, self, data) local ok=false..."]:1 
    At /mod/load.lua:271 
    At [C]:-1 require
    At /engine/Module.lua:160 load
    At /engine/Module.lua:955 instanciate
    At /engine/utils.lua:2197 showMainMenu
    At /engine/init.lua:162 
    At [C]:-1 dofile
    At /loader/init.lua:204 

Can anyone tell me what this means?

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