Arcanum Tweak

Short Name: 

Arcanum classes with spells/force use spells/aegic instead.

Slow Tweak

Short Name: 

Tweaks the 'Slow' effect such that when a new slow is applied to a target already afflicted with a slow, the new slow will no longer outright replace the old effect. Instead, the highest power effect will take priority. If the new effect is stronger, it will replace the old effect. Otherwise, it will be ignored.

This is primarily intended to resolve the issues caused by equipping multiple pieces of gear with on-hit slows. Due to the way Slow normally works, only the last effect applied will have any impact on the target. The result is that equipping more pieces of gear with on-hit slow can detrimentally impact your ability to slow enemies, which is counter-intuitive and less than ideal

This refers specifically to the effect 'Slow', which reduces global speed. Other effects which influence speed, global or otherwise, are not affected by this addon.

Beyond the Flesh Tweak

Short Name: 

Tweaks beyond the flesh so that each time the talent is activated a check will be made to determine if using 'psi-combat' stats (wil/cun) will be more or less effective for your currently conventionally wielded weapons. If these stats would be worse, the 'use_psi_combat' value is not set for the player, allowing them to use the sustain while using the normal stats for weapons. Mostly useful for Adventurer builds.

As of the first version, only checks the mainhand or ammo if you're wielding a ranged weapon, mostly ignores the accuracy issue (save for a single check if you have a staff in your mainhand), also effects the psi focus weapon, and any and all support for shields, unarmed attacks, and talents such as Strength of Purpose or Lethality is entirely incidental.

See the forum thread for a list of known issues, mostly just those listed above.

As of NSRR Betterment Version 1, most of that's fixed to one degree or another. Check thread for details, or don't and just know it's working better now.

Special credit to forum user/addon maker nsrr, who probably deserves more credit for the contents of this addon than I do.

Ogres Look Like Shalore

Short Name: 

Changes the Ogre graphics to the Shalore graphics. Created by request for appolyon.

Cursed Class Tweaks

Short Name: 

Tweaks various Cursed talents. Overall buff in power.

Dream Hammer Tweak

Short Name: 

Makes Dream Hammer replace melee attacks, stops the game from punishing you for putting points in the 4th talent, and makes the cooldown reduction more reliable. For your pure melee needs.

Disiable Skirmisher Class

Short Name: 

Removes the skirmisher class from npcs.

Grapple Tweak

Short Name: 

Removes the size check on grappling.

Hate Tweak

Short Name: 

Changes the Hate resource to always rest to at least 25 once a battle has ended.

Adventurer Tweaks

Short Name: 

Tweaks the Adventurer class so that its skill multipliers are equal to 1.3, as well as adding 3 stat poits, and two extra generic and talent points.

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