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UserNameLast updated
GlubtrukPrinny the level 11 Thalore Archer1 min 32 sec ago
ThemodtesterAlthalos the level 6 Yeek Summoner1 min 35 sec ago
frobnikDoson the level 21 Thalore Bulwark1 min 36 sec ago
fxfAydaron the level 15 Burning Coal Flenser1 min 41 sec ago
aswandamnWalter Carlos the level 13 Higher Archmage1 min 43 sec ago
SlackBastardCerdic the level 3 Ogre Arcane Blade1 min 45 sec ago
infiknightRridry the level 9 Cornac Doomed1 min 58 sec ago
TheGrim13Manefast the level 23 Orc Oozemancer2 min 8 sec ago
Skeleton Archer the level 4 Skeleton Temporal Warden
2 min 10 sec ago
venatoriiRoar the level 8 Cornac Berserker2 min 20 sec ago
CripplefishGumble the level 16 Thalore Mindslayer2 min 20 sec ago
EnlockReaver the level 9 Higher Reaver2 min 29 sec ago
brokoli78Skroll the level 2 Skeleton Cursed2 min 30 sec ago
vengeancedimRaze the level 8 Cornac Cursed2 min 33 sec ago
MeHurtzULjola the level 10 Cornac Arcane Blade2 min 44 sec ago
liamtailorThorgrund the level 14 Dwarf Bulwark2 min 46 sec ago
theonlyfeanorFingolfin the level 41 Ogre Sun Paladin2 min 48 sec ago
BoklaiMliLil Butt the level 17 Yeek Archmage2 min 49 sec ago
mengluo123Pow the level 11 Cornac Berserker3 min 5 sec ago
mgoblogBlinky the level 25 Shalore Temporal Warden3 min 7 sec ago
sheshyellow earthworm the level 30 Ogre Reaver3 min 8 sec ago
Pox the level 14 Shalore Necromancer
3 min 12 sec ago
juslemLüh Ikke the level 18 Halfling Oozemancer3 min 34 sec ago
nagosEyvi the level 12 Dwarf Bulwark3 min 41 sec ago
Dan MagicSchiaf the level 1 Thalore Brawler4 min 6 sec ago