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  • Half Orcs   6 days 15 hours ago

    It looks pretty good, but right up front the writing smacks you in the face. It won't bother everyone, but, at least for me, writing that is technically of poor quality (punctuation, syntax, etc.) is a real turn-off. Need to polish that up.

  • Troll Race.   1 week 1 day ago

    It's nothing major, but it feels like the class is only really built for berserkers. And why do they start with the magic set of runes instead of infusions? Or was that explained in the lore blurb.

  • Improved Auto-explore and Rest   1 week 1 day ago

    Using the command "Run" with this addon causes Lua error.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal on Android?! Oh yes baby!   1 week 2 days ago

    Should I expect a working build on Odroid boards that I own? (arm, Opengl ES, SDL2, Linux)

  • Succor   1 week 3 days ago

    Is there any chance of an update to this mod? Or are there any others that achieve the same thing?
    For the most part this mod works just fine, it's just on occasion the portal for an escort won't spawn at all. I'll get to where it should be and when I ask they'll say "The portal is very close, to the ???". I've tried digging around looking for the portal but it's a no go.

  • Turtles   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Is there any feasable way to do the sandworm lair as a turtle? You move once every two turns the sandworms move, which would get you stuck in the sand and suffocate.

  • Classic UI Buff Removal   2 weeks 5 days ago

    Activating Necrotic Aura with your add-on freezes the game unrecoverably.

  • Custom Auto Use   2 weeks 6 days ago

    omg you sir rock! going now!

  • Glutton   3 weeks 1 day ago

    Is there any news on this? The class is interesting but needs a serious balance update.

  • Everything is Unique! Fork   3 weeks 1 day ago

    Amazing stuff.

    The game changes so much with this. Yet to get past tier 2 dungeons on any class other than an archmage, which got to level 160 or so and bugged out some prodigies.

  • Nullpack   3 weeks 4 days ago

    Fossil starts with arcane combat, which I like, but it doesn't start with anything to proc it off of, making it a mostly useless skill to take until you get something you can use it with. I really feel it needs fixing, or I am somehow using an outdated version

  • Classic UI Buff Removal   3 weeks 6 days ago

    Awesome! As someone who uses the Classic UI, thank you so, so much :)

  • 久しぶりにやってみようかな   3 weeks 6 days ago


  • 久しぶりにやってみようかな   4 weeks 1 day ago


  • Verdant Class Pack   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Has incompatability with other add-ons: Crossbows, Tempus Fugit; can perma-crash game when entering town of Derth

  • Tempus Fugit   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Has incompatability with other add-on: Crosswbows, Verdant, ect. Can perma-crash game whe entering town of Derth

  • Crossbows   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Has incompatability with other add-ons: Tempus Fugit, Verdant, ect. Can perma-crash game when entering Derth

  • The Crypt of Kryl-Feijan and You   4 weeks 6 days ago

    Image expired, reupload somewhere, please?

  • 久しぶりにやってみようかな   5 weeks 4 days ago


  • Deceiver class   5 weeks 4 days ago

    Needs a way to build up psi resource

  • Difficulty Addon   6 weeks 4 hours ago

    Im trying to get a temporal mage start going and there are on average 2 bosses with a tendency to either stunlock you or 1hko you right from the start. I mean, I dont consider myself a good player, but it's still kinda silly. I reckon its worth tuning down just a wee bit on lower levels.

  • I love ToME. I hate ToME.   6 weeks 5 days ago

    You can still delete your character if you feel they failed after a death, or you can retry the same scenario several times before finally figuring it out. Lastly you can decide to scrap your run and transfer the best of your gear off... <3 hoarders unite!

  • Verdant Class Pack   6 weeks 5 days ago

    I might have to check it out.

  • More news plz?   7 weeks 2 hours ago

    I was gonna type plix or plox (with a 0) but I thought that might annoy someone XD

  • More news plz?   7 weeks 9 hours ago

    When someone says plz instead of please because it is shorter, I reply no instead of yes, because it is shorter.