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  • The Crypt of Kryl-Feijan and You   4 days 6 hours ago

    Image expired, reupload somewhere, please?

  • 久しぶりにやってみようかな   1 week 2 days ago


  • Deceiver class   1 week 2 days ago

    Needs a way to build up psi resource

  • Difficulty Addon   1 week 4 days ago

    Im trying to get a temporal mage start going and there are on average 2 bosses with a tendency to either stunlock you or 1hko you right from the start. I mean, I dont consider myself a good player, but it's still kinda silly. I reckon its worth tuning down just a wee bit on lower levels.

  • I love ToME. I hate ToME.   2 weeks 2 days ago

    You can still delete your character if you feel they failed after a death, or you can retry the same scenario several times before finally figuring it out. Lastly you can decide to scrap your run and transfer the best of your gear off... <3 hoarders unite!

  • Verdant Class Pack   2 weeks 2 days ago

    I might have to check it out.

  • More news plz?   2 weeks 4 days ago

    I was gonna type plix or plox (with a 0) but I thought that might annoy someone XD

  • More news plz?   2 weeks 4 days ago

    When someone says plz instead of please because it is shorter, I reply no instead of yes, because it is shorter.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal on Android?! Oh yes baby!   2 weeks 5 days ago

    Focus is currently on the development of the orc campaign, so it's not happening fast. In the meantime, you might look into finding a way to play Hengband on a phone, it's capable of being played off just a numpad and 1 extra key, so controls wouldn't be as complicated as with more standard roguelikes often are. It's also based on an early version of ToME2 IIRC, making it one of the more sophisticated *bands.

  • Tales of Maj'Eyal on Android?! Oh yes baby!   3 weeks 16 hours ago

    So, is this happening? If yes, when? I'd love to have more roguelikes to play on my phone, there are only the old ones, depth-less new ones and playing stuff through DOSBox is a pain :(

  • More news plz?   3 weeks 2 days ago

    Having said that... In the interest of teaching how to fish rather than giving fish, you can check here every day to see what the developers are doing:

    You might now understand everything, but it will give you an idea about what is going on. Probably there won't be checkins every day, either. :-)

  • More news plz?   3 weeks 2 days ago

    I grabbed these (mostly mechanically) from the commit messages to the source code. Note that just because it is here, doesn't mean it will actually work in the released code. But it's a half decent teaser about what is coming up. Also, I can't explain what any of it means if you don't know (because I'm just copying and pasting).

    - allow summons to not have escortso
    - allow expansion & usage of default_eyal_descriptors in birther
    - Cavern map generator can now accomodate rooms
    - This change allows NPCs to use activatable objects.
    - This commit updates charms(amulet, belt, boots, cloak, light-armor, mindstars, ranged, staves, torques, totems, wands, weapo
    ns), some fixed arts and most of the boss artifacts with the required fields to use the items. This includes fixing the ai ta
    ctical tables for several related talents. Randombosses and several types of NPC's (with tactical AI) get a usable charm (in t
    he tool slot).
    Most of the general fixed-arts (those without use_talent) still need to be updated.
    - Roguelike mode characters can now enter the Eidolon plane by a special exploratory farportal event, thus making Utterly Dest
    royed achievement possible even in Roguelike mode
    - Deus Ex Machina achievement altered and now possible to get
    - Remove charm from randbosses.
    - Horrors are their own faction
    - Added acheivement image for Best Album Ever
    - moar tiles
    - tiles, and skeleton assasin is elite, not boss
    - Alters a variety of Undead enemies and the Blighted Ruins enemies.
    Should reduce the frequency of level < 5 characters being squished by a standard undead, by adding in a couple extra critters
    and bumping the levels up on the rest. This will make the Ruins of Kor'Pul and the Blighted Ruins a little easier.
    The Bone Giant base has had its dex reduced by 30, but its movement speed increased by 50%. This is done to stop the Half Fini
    shed Bone Giant having 40ish dex which made it rather annoying if it rolls a shield rune. It doesn't get the movement speed bo
    nus though.
    Vampire and Wight minimum levels were also altered. They had a tendency to introduce themselves to the player on the same dung
    eon floor, rather than in a tiered progression. Wight talents were also tweaked so they aren't all the same.
    All the Skeletons have been given descriptions by Hogulus.
    Added an elite Skeleton Ninja for FUN.
    - Update for archery ammo fix. More active object settings cleanup.
    - Fearscape sustain cost drastically reduced by vim drain per turn increases each turn
    - Reduced Insane and Madness flat level penalty, as it jsut made first levels harder than the rest of the game (which is still

     very madly hard)

    - numberbox behaves more sanily when used backspace/delete in it
    - Added Rot and Blight trees to Reaver, buffed Corrosive Worm/Poison Storm
    - Mindslayer corrections
    - Gives Skeletons descriptions by Hogulus and sneaks in a sneaky ninja skeleton elite.
    - Tweaks Skeletons, Vampires and Wights to improve the spread of spawns across levels. Makes Wights a little more different to
     themselves. Adds a degenerated skeleton archer and skeleton magus which might need new icons. Should reduce the instances of

    nasty skeletons appearing too early.
    - Some tweaks to the Blighted Ruins after some testing.
    - Adds some failed necromantic experiment creatures to the Blighted Ruins.
    - Tweaks Bone Giants: Reduces their insane Dex but gives them a little extra movement speed. The have long legs.
    - Die is_psionic_focus, DIE. Also, ice isn't metallic...
    Archery woes (review?)

    Since Shoot talent does not account for the run-out ammo in its pre_usee and just returns nil from action in that case (I beli
    eve that is intended for either player misuse or difficult scenarios), and as error message of not having one of two things eq
    uipped in exactly the right fashion have always been the same confusiong snippet through all archery talents, I've decided to
    unify the pre use check for all archery.
    It comes in two fashions, counting wardens in and not counting wardens in; if desirable, those could be joined for added adven
    turer benefit, but I just left things as they are.
    Playtesting suggests it indeed is working as intended now.
    If there's anything to add to the picture while I'm at it, or if there are any problems, please comment.
    - Added support for item sets.
    - Corrected tactical tables for talents used by artifacts.
    - Draebor is even more annoying.
    - Update tactical info for some charm talents.
    - Fixed targetting bugs in Retch and Stone Wall.
    - Better error messages, check for nonzero ammo (so NPCs won't try to shoot while being low on arrows).
    - Solipsist unlock didn't work on dream altar, should now
    - Cancelling secondary target for Nature's Equilibrium now targets self
    - Fix Rune: Biting Gale not being used by tactical AI
    - Zone load tips
    - Makes solipsist rares on nightmare+ less annoying
    - Fixes crash when corroding armor with the caustic weapon ego.
    Fixed a bug causing NPC's to sometimes not use cure/heal abilities effectively
    tactical table functions are called with (self, t, aitarget, tact)

    Updated charm tactical tables to account for possible resource recovery,
    Updated definitions for several boss artifacts for NPC use: Wintertide (also fixed bug causing permanent ice walls), Crystal S
    Choker of Dread (fixed bug causing summon to not taunt foes), Rod of Annulment, Psionic Fury.

    Dark Tendrils: updated target table for AI use
    Illumination: updated target and tactical tables so that NPC's will use it above level 3.
    Fire Breath: added disable to tactical table.
    Chain Lightning: updated target table for AI use
    Disperse Magic: expanded tactical table to allow for both offensive and defensive use.
    Tidal Wave: updated target table to allow AI use
    Shattering Blow: corrected tactical table
    Inertial Shot: updated on_pre_use function to check for enough ammo (temporary pending more general fix of archery talents)
        • Note unrelated AI error with archery talents being used without ammo

    Sunder Armor/Arms effects: added gain/lose messages

    - fix classic player display bars going overboard if anything
    - handle non-primary damage types for charm powers and Channel Staff a bit better
    - Reduced the cap on how much Sandman effects Insomnia to 12%
    - Fix bug with mitotic mindstars
    - updated staff ego messages
    - Revise definition for Wintertide
    - Reduced Paradox cost on Time Shield, Webs of Fate, and Temporal Fugue
    - Fixed Twist Fate
    - Allows NPC's to use activatable objects by giving them special talents that serve as an interface for the AI. Adds mod.class
    .interface.ActorObjectUse class (in mod.class.Actor)
    When a usable object is added to an Actor inventory, the Actor may get a talent that can be activated to use the power.
    This talent is similar to normal talents, but translates the object definition as needed for NPC use.
    objects with a .use_power (most uniquely defined powers) are usable unless the .no_npc_use flag is set.
    objects with a .use_simple field (mostly consumables) are not usable unless the .allow_npc_use flag is set or the .tactical fi
    eld is defined.
    objects with a .use_talent field (many charms and artifacts) are usable so long as the talent definition does not have the .no
    _npc_use flag set.
    Energy use matches the object (based on standard action speed)
    the new talent .on_pre_use function handles checking for object cooldowns, inventory access and a t.on_pre_use function (for t
    alent-based powers)
    - Updated charms(amulet, belt, boots, cloak, light-armor, mindstars, ranged, staves, torques, totems, wands, weapons and some
    fixed arts) with the required fields to use the items.
    - Adds a charm resolver to randombosses and several NPC's (with tactical AI)
    - Equipping a useable item resets it's charges when it's equipped by any party member.
    Updated the UseTalents dialog to use getTalentDisplayName for its list
    - Standardizing charm powers

    Makes the on use description for tools, amulets, mindstars and staves more consistent and standardizes use_power definitions.

    - More minimap grids

    Makes doors and known traps detected at range remembered (and on the minimap)
    - New extensible command-staff system.
    - Fixed archery to properly do on_hit, on_crit, and on_kill effects for ranged weapons and ammo. It now properly handles sing
    le and multiple effects from a single weapon or ammo.
    - Limited the number of possible charges of Lightning Catcher
    - Fixed Archery to properly do on_hit, on_crit, and on_kill effects. It can now handle multiple types of each from ranged wea
    pons and ammo.
    - Twist Fate gives audio feedback when an anomaly is held
    Twist Fate gives better messages when an anomaly is targeted
    - fixed anomaly turn procs
    - Damtype proc display

    Long story short, made it display when it procs, not just whenever. I feel like that's more interesting to see, and it was bro
    ught up several times.
    - fix fearless cleave autotarget
    - Fixed weapon speed bug.
    - Savefiles from previous minor patch versions will not require to check the "old savefiles" checkbox anymore Savefiles from p
    revious minor patch versions will not display the "download old data" popup anymore
    - Paradox Modifier can not reduce duration below one turn
    - windblade requires a target
    - Added text to antimagic quest to explain why Ogres can do it

  • Alchemists will now be able to fully control their Golem's OS!   3 weeks 4 days ago
  • Custom Auto Use   3 weeks 4 days ago

    Yeah, i definitely found the extra options useful. If health is above/below a certain value, if nothing's going on, toggle on/off for abilities. I hope to see this updated and fixed soon.

  • Urthol bugged   3 weeks 6 days ago

    You're talking to Urthol. Not Ungrol. Wrong dude.

  • Urthol bugged   4 weeks 1 day ago

    I am offiically deaf dumb and blind and bow my head in shame. I was convinced they were the same guy for some reason <.<

    Thank you all for your patience and the help. It's appreciated!

  • Urthol bugged   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Urthol is the merchant. Ungrol is who you want to see - he's the alchemist in southeast Last Hope.

  • Urthol bugged   4 weeks 1 day ago

    First of all, thanks for trying to help. It's interesting that you don't have Ashes installed, and maybe that's the issue? I'll have to try a run-through without it next and see if that changes anything.

    What you just described is exactly what doesn't happen when I go to his shop. Instead, I get this.

    If you don't mind I'll just type it all out. So,


    Urthol's Wondrous Emporium:

    Ah, my good friend [Charname!
    Thanks to you I made it safely to this great city! I am planning to open my most excellent boutique soon, but since I am in your debt, perhaps I could open early for you if you are in the need of rare goods.
    I eventually plan to arrange a truly unique service for the most discerning of customers. If you come back later when I am fully set up I shall be able to order you something quite marvellous. For a perfectly suitable price of course

    A)Yes, please, let me see your wares (-> opens a shop window)
    B) Sorry, I have to go

    Let me start up a game without Ashes installed and see if that changes the dialogue. It may take a bit til I reach the same stage, though. Bear with me :)

  • Urthol bugged   4 weeks 1 day ago

    I also don't know what it meant by "unable to partake", but talking to Ungrol *is* required for unlocking necromancer. You need to get the Last Hope graveyard showing. My guess is that for whatever reason Vault404 isn't able to talk to Ungrol. I have done it many times on this version, but I'm not running Ashes of Uhrok. Any chance of having a clearer description of what you are doing? For example, this is what happens when I do it:


    I go to Last Hope. I visit the shop that Ungrol is in. I pick a type of potion to help him make. He asks me if I will help him find his friend. I say yes. When I exit Last Hope I see the Last Hope Graveyard. I am able to complete the Necromancer unlock because of this.

  • Urthol bugged   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Hm, I am not able to get any dialogue for him to brew potions, nor unlock the graveyard (which I could in prior versions of the game), so I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing wrong, since I'm not actually, well, doing anything different than what I used to. The only thing I'm getting is the offer to make a unique item for 4k and his shop menu, nothing else.

  • Urthol bugged   4 weeks 1 day ago

    So...a few things...

    Urthol is the merchant you save in the "Trapped!" quest. *Ungrol* is the alchemist in Last Hope involved in the alchemist quest. I am not sure what you mean by "unable to partake," but the alchemist quest does not have anything to do with unlocking necromancer. will point you toward what you need to know, but beware that it contains many spoilers.

  • Stoic class   4 weeks 1 day ago

    If you paste a copy of the error from the te4_log.txt file in your game directory, I can find out what's causing it and fix it.

  • Stoic class   4 weeks 2 days ago

    I have really enjoyed playing the Stoic class... when it works properly. Recently, it started giving me bug issues, spawning popups incessantly, asking what I did to deserve the popup. With the addon active, this occurs in other classes I play as well, always citing conflictions with the Stoic addon. Would give 5/5, but the bugs make it tiring to play.

  • Eternal Darkness/Necromancy+ Merger   4 weeks 3 days ago

    Is there a fix to the Necrosis category breaking the game when trying to load the level to the necromancer?

  • Alchemists will now be able to fully control their Golem's OS!   4 weeks 5 days ago

    So it seem golems run linux...