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  • background   3 hours 24 min ago

    They are from Eyal :)

  • background   4 hours 42 min ago

    I change my mind those are definitely potatoes wearing armour and wielding weapons. Maybe the light they're staring at is the sky as they're about to be pulled out of the ground?

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   4 hours 58 min ago

    I have similar issue and i would like to know the solution too. It is not that unusual.

  • Gray's Illusions   5 hours 4 min ago

    You should learn a lesson from other race/class addons and just start the game with the trickster unlocked. I can tell you worked really hard on the dungeon but maybe just make it a trickster only zone instead of manditory to unlock the class (like the peaceful meadow for cursed). I went through it thought the hidden trees and stuff were cool but the psychic molds are annoying as hell! Also for some reason the vaults in there are only dropping T1 loot (even though you have to be around lvl 20) for me, cleared a vault and got a 60 health per turn regen infusion *facepalm*

  • Blazblue Custom Tiles!   12 hours 24 min ago

    "original" aside, I'd welcome more things like this with open arms! *big weeb*
    I never really liked ToME's default graphics to begin with, and these are right up my alley xD

  • just some thoughts   1 day 9 hours ago

    I dont think i ever thought of it that way,the out of depth .. 1 hit KO seems in line with roguelikes but you do have a point.Maybe the first 5 floors could have regular scaling with 1 T1 or T2 boss or something then scale normally?

  • Can't log in.   1 day 21 hours ago

    Work is going on to try to make it more stable

  • Can't log in.   1 day 22 hours ago

    It also lists my donator status as disabled and the stonewarden as inactive. :/

  • Can't log in.   1 day 22 hours ago

    Not sure if it is Ashes itself, or higher server load since the expansion or what, but I've been getting disconnected from the server or unable to log in in the first place constantly since ashes came out. Really annoyed me when my level 37 doombringer suddenly became unverified.

  • Can't log in.   1 day 23 hours ago

    I have experienced the same..

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   2 days 2 hours ago

    0 size download fixed, sorry about that :/

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   2 days 2 hours ago

    Mightly sorry, I added the steam check to the dlc page itself but not the downloader :/


  • Can't log in.   2 days 3 hours ago

    Yep... Ashes fails to work too when login randomly fails.

  • Can't log in.   2 days 3 hours ago

    It might even be why the Ashes DLC isn't working for me.

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   2 days 4 hours ago

    steam tab on site say, that i own game on steam, and my balance mention that i have both dlc. still size of downloading dlc is 0B by browser

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   2 days 6 hours ago

    So, would DLC classes/race be included to the general table in the winner's tab?

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   2 days 7 hours ago

    I do have Demonologist unlocked, since I've been playing through Steam. Still, there is no slot for the Demonologist, locked or otherwise - nor Doombringer or Doomelf.

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   2 days 7 hours ago

    Demonologist needs to be unlocked. Only Doombringers are unlocked from the start. :P

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   2 days 7 hours ago

    I still can't seem to get this to work. The download link now just sends me a 0KB .teaac file. I tried grabbing my .teaac file from the Steam download, but there's no demonologist on the creation screen. Any thoughts?

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   2 days 14 hours ago

    Make sure you have linked your steam account on (in the Steam tab on your profile) so that ti can know you own the expansion

  • just some thoughts   2 days 18 hours ago

    Out of Depth monsters can be a real pain, especially the named ones, try browsing the addons if you havent already their may be one that tweaks either the shopkeepers or the dungeons to your liking, if not try suggesting in the forums. If all else fails Lua isnt to hard to learn It might be a chance to play with some of the code your self and make an Addon. see the wiki for further details.

  • Quick Drown NPCs   3 days 19 min ago

    lol.i am curious about what the idea behind this mod is?

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   3 days 1 hour ago

    try to uncheck/check the dlc in the game property

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   3 days 4 hours ago

    i buy extension on steam, on windows work fine, but on linux i have problem with steam so i play on normal client, but both steamtech and ashes have 0b size when i download it from site.

  • Ashes of Urh'Rok released!   3 days 5 hours ago

    Yep, will do! Not sure where to put it though so I'll put it in development, that sounds pretty good.