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  • tome2   9 weeks 3 days ago

    It seems the bug when you attack something is when you select a god for your character, as I believe I never recieve it when I choose none.

  • Possessors are coming to 1.5 !   9 weeks 3 days ago

    Nice! Any infos on when we can expect 1.5? Or is it SOON(TM)?

  • Possessors are coming to 1.5 !   9 weeks 5 days ago

    I've been waiting since switching from TE2 to TE4. This will be so fun.

  • Possessors are coming to 1.5 !   9 weeks 5 days ago

    Nygård <3

  • Insane/Madness Last Hope Spawn   9 weeks 6 days ago

    Right now undead can't use this addon. They start in Last Hope, but get swarmed immediately by the hostile locals.
    How about either the addon ignores undead or it adds the Cloak of Deception?

  • Possessors are coming to 1.5 !   9 weeks 6 days ago

    First thing I'm doing when this comes out is hijacking an air elemental, then heading to tempest peak.
    There I will bathe in Urkis' lightning bolts while doing a silly dance and giving both fingers.

  • Prowler   9 weeks 6 days ago

    It's in the Mobility tree... but not the one that you have :/ The Assassin addon you are running replaces the old Mobility tree that Prowler uses with a different version that does not have the Strider talent. The new version is slated to be merged into the base game with 1.5, along with the Rogue changes and a bunch of other stuff, and when that day comes I will decide what I want to do about those talents. This whole class needs a major overhaul, but I've been putting it off. Waiting for 1.5 gives me a nice, vague deadline to consider changes and work things out ;P

  • Possessors are coming to 1.5 !   10 weeks 14 hours ago

    I still dig out my old 2.3.5 files on occasion to run Lore Master/Possessor/Druids. Miss the excitement of getting a cyclops corpse or eventually the GWoP. Excited.

  • Possessors are coming to 1.5 !   10 weeks 1 day ago

    Hot bloody damn! :O <3

  • Possessors are coming to 1.5 !   10 weeks 1 day ago

    beautiful and totally worth the wait i bet! praise darkgod!

  • Possessors are coming to 1.5 !   10 weeks 1 day ago

    So if you're a luminous/radiant horror then you get some absorption? I'd want to be a worm that walks in the dark crypt.

  • Prowler   10 weeks 1 day ago

    Hey there, I noticed that two of the talents (prowl and something else) both mention a skill called "Strider" that reduces the cooldown of the aforementioned talents. Where the heck is it?

  • Possessors are coming to 1.5 !   10 weeks 2 days ago

    I've always liked monster-skill type powers. This looks like it will be a lot of fun. It'll be cool to discover which monsters can be used. I want to be a Worm that Walks! Come ooooooon!

  • The Burning Coals   11 weeks 4 hours ago

    1: if you're playing a steam class, all 3 inscription slots begin filled (2 medical injectors, 1 steam generator), so you don't get the shield rune. I'm not sure how you'd solve this, but I just wanted to inform you.
    2: Could you make a forum post for this class? It makes discussion on bugs and the like more likely to happen.

  • International Roguelike Development Conference starting now in Sofia! Go watch the stream!   12 weeks 16 hours ago

    Ill make sure to watch! BTW is the rogue rework planned to join the main game anytime soon? xD Thanks!

  • The Burning Coals   12 weeks 2 days ago
    I cant complete the burning coals of creation no matter what i do... After i found the blood stained dagger i can't find anything else relevant for the quest, then i kill the wall of bones golem and then i exit the dungeon and the quest is FAILED.
    Can you help me understand what i do wrong?

    Ok, everything solved
  • The Burning Coals   12 weeks 6 days ago

    Looks like it has potential, but I got a couple of LUA errors upon taking the portal at the end of the maze.

    Taking a quick look, I'm betting this happened because the weight of your addon is lower than the weight of the Ashes DLC (105). I'd recommend setting it to at least 200, to ensure official content is loaded first.

    Also, the "version" in the init is the game version, and is generally set to at least the version the addon was originally created in (in this case 1.4.9). You will want to add a line for your addon version, "addon_version = {1,0,0}".

    You might want to consider creating a thread in the addons forum, as well. The forum is better formatted for getting feedback, suggestions, and the like. Cheers.

  • Wellllll   13 weeks 3 days ago

    Yay :) Have fun :)

  • Another has been admitted into the fold!   13 weeks 3 days ago

    Good pick on supplying them with the DLCs!

  • Another has been admitted into the fold!   13 weeks 3 days ago

    I hope your friend gets to the end and learns much from their deaths :P

  • QuickTome: Vault Tweaks   13 weeks 3 days ago

    I like digging as a drawf and anyother creature :). Instead of overloads do you mean overrides? just wondering.

  • Nur Kit   13 weeks 4 days ago

    Having trouble where I am failing to find a water-breathing device within any shop in Last Hope. Is this a glitch, or am I missing something?

  • Playable Mummy Race   14 weeks 12 hours ago

    Apply the Classic D&D Mummy Rot diesease to use and this one's a keeper.

  • Infinite500: Game Play Beyond Level 50   14 weeks 12 hours ago

    need an update

  • Better Mages and Rogues   14 weeks 5 days ago

    I can't seem to edit the description to add a changelog in (maybe it's too many words?) anyway, here's what I've done.

    Reduce stealth cooldown 10 -> 5, changed max power 64 -> 150
    Traps now last 10x as long (8 -> 80)
    Traps have their cooldowns halved
    Husks can be created from unique creatures (the description already makes this seem possible)
    Husks don't unlearn bone shield
    Aura Mastery max size +5 -> +7
    Aura Mastery min decay rate 3% -> 1%
    Brotherhood of Alchemist elixirs no longer get poached