NameGameLast updated
Circe the level 11 Shalore Archmagetome4 weeks 5 days ago
Sorceress the level 7 Cornac Archmagetome6 weeks 5 hours ago
Sunkini the level 7 Cornac Anorithiltome6 weeks 6 hours ago
The Doctor the level 8 Shalore Paradox Magetome6 weeks 6 hours ago
Bob the level 1 Cornac Adventurertome6 weeks 8 hours ago
Skeletron the level 50 Skeleton Temporal Wardentome6 weeks 8 hours ago
Elros the level 14 Cornac Sun Paladintome7 weeks 3 hours ago
Elros the level 1 Cornac Sun Paladintome7 weeks 5 hours ago
Imrahil the level 29 Higher Bulwarktome7 weeks 5 hours ago