NameGameLast updated
Guile the level 16 Higher Doombringertome1 day 21 hours ago
M. Bison the level 13 Higher Doombringertome1 day 22 hours ago
M. Bison the level 14 Higher Doombringertome1 day 22 hours ago
Conan the level 10 Cornac Doombringertome2 days 1 hour ago
Nolaith the level 50 Cornac Doombringertome2 days 21 hours ago
Eaven the level 1 Cornac Demonologisttome2 weeks 2 days ago
Abbor the level 40 Lich Necromancertome4 weeks 21 hours ago
Bosbid the level 19 Thalore Paradox Magetome5 weeks 5 days ago
Calanbo the level 29 Thalore Doomedtome7 weeks 3 days ago
Chanloon the level 1 Cornac Wyrmictome50 weeks 1 day ago
Aggahan the level 15 Cornac Arcane Bladetome50 weeks 5 days ago
Charao the level 13 Cornac Corruptortome51 weeks 18 hours ago
Orai the level 1 Cornac Mindslayertome51 weeks 4 days ago
Roconol the level 1 Cornac Brawlertome51 weeks 5 days ago
Olchlai the level 17 Cornac Reavertome51 weeks 5 days ago
Enyoman the level 12 Thalore Archertome52 weeks 20 hours ago
Oriai the level 19 Cornac Necromancertome1 year 4 days ago
Barkeann the level 46 Cornac Oozemancertome1 year 8 weeks ago
Taniker the level 1 Halfling Archertome1 year 9 weeks ago
Agea the level 29 Cornac Archmagetome1 year 13 weeks ago
Stugh the level 16 Cornac Archmagetome1 year 13 weeks ago
Esagh the level 23 Cornac Doomedtome1 year 13 weeks ago
Arrlann the level 22 Cornac Reavertome1 year 14 weeks ago
Rimunre the level 16 Higher Alchemisttome1 year 14 weeks ago
Endarcred the level 31 Higher Reavertome1 year 20 weeks ago