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Record of a Noobie's Growth vol 2

So close yet so far away is the feeling after my latest final death. The character this time around wad my Level 43 Dwarf Bulwark who met final death trying to topple his first arc pride. From what I gather that means I made it 4/5 though the base campaign! With only my second character no less!

His first death was due to drowning in the lake as no bubbles spawned close to the stairway you use to enter the ruins. So in short RNG screwed but that happens in rougelike.

The next one happened in Reknor to a rare troll who some how caused my encumbrance to spike, locking me in place, while several AOEs stacked doling over 600 damage in turn. When I died it happened so suddenly I wasn't sure how it happened a first. Not sure how I could have prevented it to be honest.

The next two happened when I tried taking on the dragon vault in Vor Armory. I was an idiot for opening it in the first place seeing as I just barely survived clearing out the armory in the first place despite having 60+ cold and fire resistance. That said, even at level 35 at the time, I still felt I could take those dragons if could fight them one at a time. I withdrew and planned to try again after a few orc prides fell.

Next was in Ruins of Tennin where I was crit spiked by six Undead. Again not much could have been done to stop it.

And the last two were the Necromancer pride. After looking over I figure they were due to me having relatively low blight resistance and as soon as I entered I got swarmed by 5 necromancer and a corrupter in a large room. Should have backed out and tried a different pride. Maybe grind farportal dungeons for a few levels.

Here is his character log if youwant to take a look:

In the end I feel I did far better than I should have given my world lack of experience but I am quite happy with how things went. I will say dwarf bulwarks or borderline overpowered in normal difficulty, especially if you have high HP regen.

During the course this play through I unlocked almost all the races in the default campaign with the exception of the ghoul and the Doom elf as well as majority of the classes. I still need to unlock psychic classes but that can come later.

My next class I'm thinking about is Alchemist and probably halfling when given how much they feature in the lore

Record of a Noobie's Growth

Well I'm new to the game, and I figured the best way to keep track of my development as a player is to record and dissect my play sessions when my characters invariably die permanently. After about 10 hours of play it finally happened and my Cornac Berserker ran out of lives. I ended up dying

two or three times in the Maze, as I didn't expect the difficulty spike when I started to enter IV 5 dungeons and got swarmed. I chalk this one up to suboptimal play, and not knowing what infusions I had equipped or not. As it seemed that every time I tried using it it said please replace an old one and I couldn't tell what the old one was.

I also died twice to a random raiding party on the world map. Not much to say about this really other than to say I wasn't high enough level up or or well-equipped enough to deal with them. I'll try better to avoid them in the future.

And the last death came from multiple randbosses spawning from a chest and being caught in a cave in as I was running Sand Worm Nest. I think I didn't use my infusions well enough and my teleport room didn't work as well as I'd like.

Despite all this I feel I did fairly good for a new player and unlocked the transmogrification chest my first playthough as well as the Arena. So I'm happy with my progress so far.

I think my next character will be a dwarf bulwark

Here's a link to that characters data if anyone wants to look over my build and give me critiques on it:

Thank you for taking the time to read an idiot new players Blog

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