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Finally did it

After 16 days of played time , I finally scored my first win with a Halfling Skirmisher in Nightmare Roguelike mode (the only mode I played)

Boy was it hard. But it also was a lot of fun. 16 days of build and character testing, no wiki, no player blog, no chat, just me figuring shit out with each run.

I always died before Dreadfell Tower at first. For a looong time. Mostly to Urkis. Fuck that guy. I could skip him of course but I had to kill that son of a bitch.

The first character to kill him was a Halfling rogue. And I also got to the east for the first time with this same character. He died to the first orc encounter but at last, that milestone was reached !

My games were more and more consistent after that. After that, I reached east for a total of 6 times I think. 2x Bulwark, 1 Sun Paladin, 1 Wyrmic, and 2x Skirmisher ( including the winner). Almost all of them died in the Archmage orc bastion haha.

My second best game was the Wyrmic one, and I died to the two final bosses. I won't lie, I wanted to smash my pc on the wall, but I knew I needed a few more games and a final push to win. That final push was the discovery of Antimagic. Yeah it may seem obvious for a lot of you, but since I made a lot of arcane powered characters, I didn't go much to Zigur.

So yeah, Antimagic helped me A LOT, and with that and my 16 days worth of experience , I finally smashed the two bastards. Fairly easily I must say ! I'm not sure , but I think one of them resurrected in the middle of the fight, so I had to kill the other one first after that.

So yeah, that's it. What a great game ! I still have a lot to learn and master, especially my two favourites classes ( Archmage and Reaver ) that never went very far sadly. I also still have a lot of classes to unlock, but I will figure that out in Insane mode ;)

Thanks for reading !

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