Roguetypes - heavy armor or not?

I am playing a shadowblade, and enjoying it a lot, but I am wondering if you guys get heavy armor or not. Is there good/great armor in the light categories out there?

Stealth or no?

If you are playing a stealth character, you cannot use heavy or massive armor and be stealthed. Otherwise, ofcourse you can. The problem then arises, especially for shadowblades, how much to put into str, when str does nothing for you other than phys saves and carrying capacity?

I say, if str isn't a native stat for you OR you cannot naturally max a stat [and it isn't con], then either forget investing in it, or wait until your core 3 stats are maxed instead, and raise it as your 4th stat [putting in about 20 points or so at the end of the game total].

I think the problem is you

I think the problem is you have high fatique if you wear heavy armor and the benefit isn't all that great, and since your stat gains are mostly in dex, cun, and con you won't want to spare points for wil so your stamina will be running out a lot. Particularly if you run any sustained abilities. So I'd say not.


Fatigue hits mana users twice as hard as it hits everyone else. So even if you're not planning to use stealth you'll probably want to keep a close eye on your fatigue if you plan to make heavy use of your spells.

playing style

A shadowblade needs nearly all stats, but the point allocation depends on your playing style: Str/Dex for the attack chance, Dex/Cun for dagger damage and most rogue talents, Con for hit points, Mag for spells, Wil for stamina and mana.

If you want to use stealth and to heavily rely on the magic spells, then don't use the heavy armours. Just put a point in Heavy Armour Training for a full choice of helmets and boots but keep an eye on your fatigue.

If you use a melee approach, put a point in Heavy Armour Training and use the best light or heavy armour available. In the end game plate armours are probably too expensive in term of invested strength points.

Good starting armours of any type are Grounding / of Stability for the stun resistance, later all blue ego armours.

Good artifact light armours are Behemoth hide, Skin of Many, Rogue Plight and Chromatic Harness.