Ruined Dungeon

I ran into this when I first started, quickly left and never bothered with it again after triggering a few of the monster summons. I decided to check it out again with my current character. I am completely and utterly confused by the "puzzle" aspect of this dungeon and I don't consider myself a neophyte with puzzles (30years of designing and running aD&D/rpg campaigns = some familiarity with puzzles.)

The lines of the poem make no sense. Reordering the lines does not make them clearer. I managed to somehow have one of the "orbs?" turn on instead of throwing mobs at me. But since there is nothing remarkable about that room I have to assume it is just random. Unfortunately going back and touching each of the other "orbs?" does not produce any different results.

So I guess I am stuck on this. :/

You need to examine the orbs

You need to examine the orbs more closely by walking into them and answeing no.
You get different descriptions, e.g. "Flames burst out of the orb", i.e., the orb is associated to fire.

After clearing the level, you can touch the orbs in the order given by the lore (press escape, Show known lore: the clues are already ordered correctly).

If the order is correct, then the orbs glow and at the end the portal is opened. If you made a mistake, monsters are summoned and you must restart with the first orb.


OK if I ever get another chance at it (doubtful as I now seem to be having a run of horrible characters that can't live past level 3) I will give it another shot.

Thanks both for the info. It is always fun to be defeated soundly by the UI (I don't recall seeing any messages when saying no.)

Doing the dungeon

Doing the dungeon again...first orb on the right hand message at all for declining to touch it...

Nevermind. Having deciphered the meaning of these hints it became clearer enough that I was able to discern the order.

Did you find them all?

Are you sure you found all poem lines?

The first time I entered the Ruined Dungeon, I found only four poem lines, which once reordered gave a clear order for touching the orbs... and it didn't work. Once I found the fifth poem, which is not obvious to find, the right order appeared and the portal opened.

After exploring everything

After exploring everything accessible I found 3 poem lines. If there was more it was hidden in some way inaccessible to me. I can't go back and check now of course because my Archmage Dwarf 21 died horribly at the hands of the Crypt felons.

Same problem

I've dug a lot of the walls looking for more signs but only found one hidden area and only 3 of the clues.It looks as though they're not here or I'm going to have to methodically dig away every wall I can :(

Here's how it's done..

There are only three clues, but there are two "elements" mentioned in each.
When you click on a orb you get something like "a fire is burning inside" etc.

Anyways, the order is like this:

Water -> Dust -> Wind -> Seed -> Magic -> Fire

Click yes on the orbs in that order and the door will open.

I understand the clues...but

I understand the clues...but all the orbs aren't open, aka missing wind. Auto-explored everything - am I to understand I should be digging somewhere? Where the hell is the last guardian...

EDIT -Heck I didn't even find a hidden area.

One of the orbs is not active

Found all the clues, killed all the bosses, but one of the orbs (water) is not active.
Have dug around in the walls looking for hidden rooms, but there don't appear to be any. Haven't dug out all the walls yet, though.

I am a little concerned that when my golem killed one of the bosses while I was teleporting somewhere safer, that may have caused a bug and resulted in failure to activate one orb. Is this possible? I'm assuming my golem killed it as the boss was no longer there when I returned to the room.

If anyone can help with a hint to activating the inactive orb, I'd be very appreciative.

For those unsure about the deciphering the clues:

First signpost is at the zone entrance: "The river flows in it's bed of stone..." (river=water > stone=earth/dust)
Second is west a bit and north: "... The feather flies gently in the wind. The trees roots run deep..." (wind=air > tree=nature/seed)
Third is further west of entrance: "... The eldritch force burns all that lives." (eldrtich=magic > burns=fire)

The very same thing happened

The very same thing happened to me, with the water orb being inactive even though the dungeon is cleared of mobs.
This happened to me on my Cursed btw, so needless to say this wasn't a case of my golem killing one of the guardians. I started digging out a lot of the tiles but couldn't find a hidden room for any guardian to hide in...

First time I played the ruined dungeon with the new layout and without traps, both of which contributed to making the dungeon a lot more enjoyable than it used to be.
Too bad it bugged out though :/

If anyone with an account on the forums reads this, please make a bug report in the appropriate section (the account-creation function on the forums for some reason decided to not co-operate with me >.<)

-- TehRei

The bug has already been

The bug has already been reported. I suppose it's not really a bug, but simply a problem with some invisible undead guardian like a Dread or a Banshee wandering off in the walls with no target. You'd probably have to dig every wall on the level and then be lucky to bump it.

@PowerWyrm....Dude, that

@PowerWyrm....Dude, that means it IS a bug. It's not supposed to happen, it's a coding oversight, plain and simple. I'll be damned if I'm going to dig out walls.

I took the time to dig out

I took the time to dig out every single mine-able wall, and no dice. The missing mob seems to have straight up disappeared.


I come back and find the puzzle has changed but the change is that one of the guardians is missing. Nicely done DG!

I am guessing that this quest is undoable now.

Always Missing one boss

Jesus. Can you please fix this? Dungeon is always giving me 1 inactive orb.