First non-exploration victory

Rilimia was definitely one of my favourite characters I have played. She could literally sustain Time Shield all the time, and with Aegis the shield value was over 2000. Aether Beam was a bomb of a spell, and with high silence and arcane resistances it barely harmed herself. Two separate instances of Disperse Magic (one talent and one from gear) kept enemy sustains down and several healing sources combined with Arcane Shield provided additional endurance as needed. Quickened Spells metamagic helped dealing constant damage.

The final boss battle was pretty easy except for two times when I lost all my sustains, without teleport it would have been game over. I am a little disappointed because Aeryn died halfway through and Rilimia had to sacrifice herself to save the world. Then again, it was theoretically a good ending. Mages as powerful as her can only bring destruction in the end and shouldn't exist. Unlimited power is a responsibility and easy to abuse.

I know my game is heavily modded, so it was not a legit victory, but I still am pretty proud of it. Too bad I couldn't continue into the infinite dungeon.

Rilimia, the Mardrop Arcanist, "The Aether Nuke": (I loved the cloak, Threads of Fate. I'm not sure if it's from an addon but it was one of the coolest items in the game)


Congrats on the non exploration win, and from my roguelike travel's I speak with a heart filled with the souls of many dead. May your future adventures bring ever more interest and intrigue to the world of Eyal