I've come back to TOME (after taking a year off for Masterwork Dwarf Fortress :-) ). I've won the game again with a Cornac Berzerker, and my previous experience has served me well. Most of the game is the same from last time, and I highly enjoyed it.

A few things I've noticed:

The zerker's Fearless Cleave is indispensable. Not sure I had that last time, but it really helps clean up those crowds. It's particularly handy for those bosses that try to run ...

The Prodigies are very nice. Picking up "I Carry The World!" is simply awesome for a Zerker (I ended with 145 STR), and then Steamroller makes him the Pinball Of Death.

The randarts are too overpowered- I've noticed that I now mostly ignore the yellow unique artifacts, as they cannot compete. You usually find them way too late to be useful, too, relative to when you found that really cool randart that's better and has a bunch of extra features to boot. (See my guy Ug for examples)

I'd like to see more item sets, and somehow a higher chance of getting another set item if you already have one.

I thought there was a bug with treasure chest items going into inventory instead of the Transmog Chest, but that was my mistake - hitting "g" while standing on it puts it into your inventory, duh. There are some other edge cases where items go directly to inventory, though - alas I cannot recall them now. (I think the Pearl did, after killing the sorcerors ...)

I like the changes in the Pride's layouts, and the bone walls in Rak'shor. Creepy.

Money needs to be more useful. I found myself collecting it anyway, but it just makes the counter on the screen go up. The stores are very expensive for what you get - it's usually just easier to hit the dungeons (except for those 'cure magical' and 'cure physical/mental' runes). Perhaps nerfing the randarts, buffing the stores, and rotating store stock, say, every five or ten character levels ...

Well, that's it for this time. Good luck, adventurers!