Celestial Evolution and Buff Pack

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Evolutions for Celestials, as well as buffs for their talents.


    Adds Blessed by the Light Evolution
        - Gain access to Energies, Radiance, and Sun talent groups
        - Celestial/Light, Suncloak talents become instant  (Even though they do not display that way.)

Avatar of a Distant Sun: (base game Sun Paladin Evolution)
    - Adds innate Light and Physical penetration.
    - Celestial/Light, Suncloak talents are instant.  (Even though they do not display that way.)

Sun Paladin:
    Righteous Strength now gives +1 size category at level 5.

    - Your attacks bypass bleed resists.
    - Brutalize now hits around the user, and inflicts stun and confusion.
    - Increase damage of Darkside and Dark Sun talents.
    - Devourer Stance is now instant.
    - Splatter Sigils also restores hate.

THANK YOU: This is a fork of Aeternis' original mod!

Class+Race Pack

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Adds several new classes and races:
- Bladebender class: Psionic melee fighter that triple-wields daggers and has "meta" talents that can modify other talents.
- Harbinger class: Wilder melee fighter that channels storms through their attacks. More powerful against groups of foes than against single targets. Their class talents do not use resources.
- The Cooler Anorithil class: Revamp of the Anorithil class that must directly alternate between Solar and Lunar talents instead of managing positive/negative energy.
- Zephyr class: Basically a ranged and exclusively lightning-based version of Arcane Blade. Overpowered, not a serious class, and mostly exists to demonstrate instant projectiles.

- Moon Fox race: Race that can radically transform class and generic talents by attaching tails to them.
- Dreamelf race: Overpowered race that can reposition enemies and shorten talent cooldowns.
- Lich race: Undead race that can convert a portion of all their damage into a damage type of their choice.

This addon also makes a couple other changes to make the Zephyr class work:
- Feather Wind is no longer snapshottable, provides less defense but provides both melee and ranged defense, and its maximum encumbrance is no longer spellpower-dependent.

Other than that, the addon tries not to affect existing classes/races/talents. The new classes won't appear on enemies or Adventurers.

You may freely modify and redistribute this addon and its contents, except where otherwise indicated in the Credits section below.

Weight: 134953

===== Credits =====
As in vanilla, all talent icons are from and licensed under CC-BY 3.0. Class icons are from and .

Sounds: CC 0 CC BY 3.0 CC BY 3.0 CC-BY 3.0 CC BY-NC 3.0 CC BY 3.0 CC 0 CC 0 CC BY 3.0 CC 0 CC 0 CC 0 CC 0 CC-BY 3.0 CC-BY 3.0

===== Changelog =====
- Added Moon Fox race
- Bug fix: Dreamelf/Moon Fox gender restriction now works fully
- Simplified Resistance to give all resistance instead of physical, fire, cold, lightning, and acid resistance, and greatly reduced its resistance value to be more in line with Thick Skin (i.e. it sucks now)

- Updated for ToME version 1.7.2 (including translation support)
- Changed some talents to mitigate ToME's crit tracking bug ( ). Talents with non-damaging effects that crit (e.g. Countershock, Solar Shield) now try to preserve previous crit state; other affected talents are detailed individually below.
- Redesigned all combatTalentLimit() calls, attempting to adapt to 1.7's change to combatTalentLimit() shape.
- Slight changes to various talent descriptions for consistency.
- Bladebender:
- Bug fix: Deja Vu no longer routinely fails to force its target and no longer infinitely repeats talents with coroutines
- Bug fix: Specialty can no longer be used on prodigies
- Bug fix: Specialty now calls on_mastery_change and updates talent passives correctly
- Bug fix: Eliminated an accidentally-left-in debugging line (printed "asdfasglasldgkj" when Project reactivated after leveling up)
- Air Parry now prints its message right before destroying a projectile instead of right after
- Cooler Anorithil:
- Bug fix: Selenelion now provides the correct amount of extra spell crit multiplier
- Bug fix: Ad Astra no longer refers to Jumpgate in its failure message (text-only bug)
- Crit tracking bug mitigation: Syzygy talent now uses instant bolts instead of projectiles, tries to preserve previous crit state, and uses its own crit state for its damage
- Crit tracking bug mitigation: Star Song beams now crit individually
- Crit tracking bug mitigation: Solar Flares explosions now crit individually
- Resistance's talent level scaling curve for its resistances adjusted (lower values at talent level 1, higher values at higher talent levels)
- Solar Shield duration reduced to 5 (from 10); the long duration was a holdover from when Bathe in Light could be obtained from escorts
- Solar Shield's description now includes damage shield power and duration bonuses
- Harbinger:
- Finally got rid of the Tremor category.
- Crit tracking bug mitigation: Flashover now tries to preserve previous crit state and uses its own crit state for its damage
- Fortress of Ruin now provides evasion instead of a variant of crit shrug.
- Resistance now provides slightly more resistance
- Resistance's resistance cap bonus now converges instead of scaling at ^0.5
- Fortitude now scales linearly (previously ^0.75) and generally gives slightly more saves
- Lich:
- Bug fix: The Lich talent now describes the effect of 1.7 critical shrug instead of 1.5 critical shrug.
- Ancient Knowledge now has a safeguard for talent categories that are known by the actor but don't actually exist (fixes compatibility with Arcanist class from Arcanum).
- Zephyr:
- Bug fix: Lightning Phase's damage can now crit
- Crit tracking bug mitigation: Hail of Destruction's spell crit now happens per-target for the lightning explosion, instead of before doing the archery attack

- Removed some debugging print() calls
- Bug fix: Vortex now attributes its damage correctly (allows it to trigger "Talent on hit (mindpower)" directly)
- Bug fix: Ancient Knowledge no longer affects mastery of prodigies (coincidentally fixes Adept error)
- No longer modifies Tempest because its snapshotting is fixed in Bugfix Pack.

- Initial release
- Changes to the classes and races:
- All content updated for ToME4 version 1.6.7
- Removed legacy talents/effects/etc. that were kept for save compatibility in the original addons, since this is a new addon (and 1.6 is not save compatible with 1.5 anyway)
- Some indentation cleanup
- Edited some descriptions
- Bladebender:
- Bug fix: The sound effect for Break Guard now accounts for the enemy shrugging off the disarm or stun
- Bug fix: Deja Vu recursion guard no longer sticks around slightly longer than intended when the Deja Vu sustain is deactivated
- Bug fix: Deja Vu now has a message when its chosen talent is lost, like the other Talent Perfection talents
- Bug fix: Specialty now updates the passive effects of non-passive talents
- Bug fix: Waiting Blades now only attacks hostile creatures as it claims
- Lesser Weapon Focus can now trigger from all attacks that did not originate from Lesser Weapon Focus, but has a lower trigger chance
- Reduced healing and psi gain from One With Blades by 1/3
- Healing and psi gain from One With Blades is no longer rounded
- Perforate now uses blood color
- Talent Perfection messages for talents being lost no longer begin with a space
- Dreamelf:
- Updated experience penalty to match the change to Shalore
- Updated healing infusion to be inscribed instead of in inventory, to match changes to other races
- Cooler Anorithil:
- Bug fix: Finally implemented Sear and Numb with callbackOnDealDamage, fixing them searing/numbing through damage shields. Also can I just say that death_note is a really bad variable name
- Bug fix: Solar Focus Target now actually removes itself if the source dies or otherwise disappears
- Bug fix: Solar Focus now deactivates immediately upon changing levels
- Bug fix: Solar Flares no longer fails to roll crit and shift alignment when it doesn't find any targets
- Renamed from "Anorithil" to "Cooler Anorithil" and is now separate from the vanilla class (no more monsters with it)
- Added class icon
- Added "SOLAR_", "LUNAR_", "LIMINAL_", to unprefixed talents' internal names to reduce the chance of addon conflicts.
- Talents with 3D sounds no longer lose volume with distance, and have had their panning adjusted
- Changed Cunning/Survival mastery from 1.1 to 1.0
- Replaced Duality's projectile deflection chance with a much lower chance to avoid damage
- Reduced the amount of critical chance from Selenelion
- Reduced the damage of Spontaneous Combustion
- Renamed the new version of Corona to Syzygy
- Renamed the new version of Jumpgate to Astral Gate
- Renamed the new version of Jumpgate: Teleport To to Ad Astra
- Renamed the new version of Moonlight Ray to Lunar Ray
- Renamed the new version of Searing Light to Solar Light
- Renamed the new version of Shadow Blast to Shadow Burst
- Renamed the new version of Starfall to Dark Star
- Renamed the new version of Totality to Occultation
- Renamed the new version of Twilight Surge to Twilight Pulse
- Increased minimum pitch of Lunar Ray sounds
- Increased minimum pitch of first Shadow Blast sound
- Increased minimum pitch of first Solar Light sound
- Increased volume of Occultation sound
- Harbinger:
- Bug fix: Particles for Channel Fire, Channel Cold, and Cyclone are no longer lost on save/load
- Bug fix: Cyclone particles now disappear if it is completely unlearned
- Added "HARBINGER_" to talents' internal names to reduce the chance of addon conflicts
- Capped all talent radii at 10
- Arc now attacks monsters in order of how many arc steps it took to reach them, with ties broken randomly
- Arc now has a safeguard against stack overflows when attacking extremely long chains of monsters (chains shorter than 127 monsters are unaffected, so it can still hit over 16,000 monsters)
- Reduced the effect of Chill
- Adjusted scaling of Countershock's cooldown with talent level, nerfing it at talent level 2+
- Reduced Cremate's heal by 70% but removed its once-per-turn restriction
- Cremate no longer plays a sound
- Increased Cyclone's damage by 50%
- Made Electrical Disruption's cooldown scaling less extreme at low talent levels
- Electrical Disruption now plays its sound at the user's location instead of the target's
- Reduced the number of effects removed by Electrical Disruption
- Halved Flashover damage.
- Reduced Flashover radius (matches new Storm Conduit radius)
- Foreshock's sound now has randomized speed
- Reduced the amount of evasion given by Megathrust
- Changed Mist's life regeneration to scale with talent level only (not mindpower), but increased its healing modifier bonus. This also fixes the snapshotting bug with the life regeneration
- Reduced the amount of physical power given by Mountain Mover (now that weapon masteries give less)
- Storm Conduit's radius now scales with talent level
- Storm Conduit's sound now has randomized speed
- Greatly reduced Storm Conduit damage, due to Cremate now being able to trigger it multiple times per turn
- Reduced the effect of Suppressing Fire, especially at low talent levels
- Vortex's sound now has randomized speed
- Reduced the number of effects removed and wards given by Torrent
- Lich:
- Due to 1.6 inscription changes making undead MUCH less bad, this race had to be nerfed a lot.
- Increased experience penalty from 0% to 20%
- Removed stun immunity (farewell consistency with NPC liches)
- Reduced life rating from 10 to 8
- Absorb Essence now recovers steam
- Ancient Knowledge's Infinite Dungeon hack revised to be monotonic (going from slightly below effective talent level 10 to slightly above it no longer makes the talent worse)
- Reduced the crit shrug chance on the Lich talent by about 28%
- Reduced the Cunning-based saves on the Lich talent by 1/3
- Zephyr:
- Bug fix: Recharge now uses callbackOnDealDamage, fixing e.g. 0 damage hits providing mana
- No longer starts in Angolwen because Abashed Expanse is obnoxious
- Self-targeting with Lightning Phase now gives Stormshield instead of Elemental Surge: Lightning (which was similar to Stormshield before 1.6), with a threshold of 0.01 and a small number of charges
- Greatly reduced the flat damage reduction from Static Shield
- Storm Infusion is now passive
- Reduced Sylph's damage avoidance chance
- No longer has Spell/Phantasm or modifies its talents; starts with Disperse Magic instead of Illuminate
- No longer alters Chain Lightning or Thunderstorm
- For consistency with vanilla, the Mobile Defense talent no longer applies to the Feather Wind defense bonus (only relevant in combination with other third-party addons)
- The Storm Fury artifact no longer grants Storm Archery mastery

Quick Fix for Celestials

Short Name: 

-- Fixed as of 1.5.1 --

Celestial/Hymns and Celestial/Chants are bugged so that they require 0, 4, 5, 6 previous abilities in that tree.
This is a quick and dirty fix for it (back to 0, 1, 2, 3).

(if you're having trouble reading this, try the Steam Workshop link)

  Chant/Hymn being affected by their relevant category should now be working (with hopefully no side-effects)
  -> The chant/hymn's stats are based on whichever has the higher effective level between "Chant/Hymn Acolyte" and the hymn/chant in question.
  --> This means that if you're effective level 3.2 (4/5 talent points) in Chant Acolyte and grab a level of an individual chant from an escort, the chant's stats should be based off your effective level 4.0 chant.
  ---> In the same example, if you grab another level (so you're now 5/5) in Chant Acolyte, you should be able to get effective level 4.8 in that chant (It's not possible to choose the chant if you're already 5/5 in that chant when choosing an escort reward though)
  --> For Celestials who start with extra mastery in Chants/Hymns, this means that if you get an extra level in the chant from an escort it may not change the stats at high levels of Chant Acolyte
  ---> 6/5 chant talent becomes effective level 6 (1.00 mastery). 5/5 Chant Acolyte becomes effective level 6.5 (1.30 mastery). Therefore the extra level doesn't really matter.
  ----> In this example, the extra level is only really useful at level 3 Chant Acolyte or lower (4.0 vs 3.9)
  Small fix to Chant of Fortitude's description function

  Previous upload was broken, fixed

Thanks to Felix on the Steam Workshop page for the helpful comment
  Reverted changes to Chant/Hymn category
  Fixed display of Chant Acolyte's values

  Fixed the Armor Hardiness display in the levelup page to correctly display its true value (15%)
  Chants and Hymns should now scale with Mastery in their associated talent trees

Base patch, includes the basic fix to Celestial/Chants and Celestial/Hymns trees

Luminosity Celestial rework

Short Name: 

This addon joins Negative and Positive energy bars into one, called Luminosity. For details, see .

DitL of Cerenas, Shaloren Anorithil

This is my newest more-or-less successful character who made it to the East and hasn't perma-died yet, an Anorithil this time around.

1st Wintertide, Year 875 of the Isolation
It's been a while since I've had much to write about here, but given my most recent conversation with Lady Aeryn, I feel it would be prudent to pen my thoughts, for those that might come after me. Having conceded this, Lady Aeryn has deemed that I be Zemekkys' latest mountain rat... err, volunteer to secure aid from the peoples of "Maj'Eyal," a supposed land of "free people" far to the West. As the youngest and least senior member of the Anorithil left here in Sunwall, I have little say in the matter. If this "Maj'Eyal" exists, why would they have forgotten us centuries ago? I was not yet borne into this world, being one of the first of the children birthed in the East, but having lived through centuries of orc attacks, you would think these "free people" would wonder where the orcs attacking them were coming from. Alas, I must stop now; the dotard's knocking on my door.

2nd Wintertide, Year 122 of the Age of Ascendancy
Well, how rude! I've never been so insulted in the entirety of my life, and I've encountered some downright vulgar orcs, too! I was deposited within sight of the Allied Kingdom's capitol, (A fortress of such a scale even a blind orc could see. It is a wonder it still stands with all the orc attacks that go on. But I digress.) and I ask for an audience with the leader of the fortress from the city gatehouse garrison. The brutes took one look at the sun-and-moon tattoo upon my brow, and immediately started tittering amongst themselves, as though privy to some joke. One even rolled his eyes and said, "By Telos' bedevilled spirit, another one." The commander took me aside and instructed me to make haste for the capitol of "my people," Elvala. He even drew a crude map and pointed out important landmarks, in a voice one uses to instruct children! Does he take me for a fool?! As a side note, he also pointed out the "proper" calendar year name, so to better relate to any who find this diary should I perish.

7th Allure, Year 122 of the Age of Ascendancy
Well, I made it to Elvala, but apparently none of the other elves the dotard sent through his farportal made it this far, as I was the first Anorithil any had seen. Most of the guards were old when I was born, so the stories of Maj'Eyal of old (which I had assumed until now were bedtime stories or stories told to ensure children behaved properly) were enough to grant me an audience with the ruling council. One of the more senior members was delighted to hear his brother still lived (my father, of all people), but in private he told me a dreadful truth of the Shaloren: the people of Maj'Eyal have never fully forgiven my people for causing the Spellblaze, to the point of rather evil people called "the Ziguranth" who are said to wear necklaces of elven ears making raids on Elvala. He pointed out that a single person, no matter how lowly, can always be destined for great things, and to test my mettle, he shared with me two secrets the council has been trying to keep from the rest of Elvala and Maj'Eyal in general: One, there are a group of "Rhaloren" elves who practice necromancy and blood magic -forbidden in the East, supposedly the orcs were once elves who dabbled too deeply in these schools- hiding in an abandoned fortress to the northwest; and two, there is a cave to the northeast where a farportal was rumoured to have been, in the days before the Spellblaze. In the hopes of returning with the bad news, I have opted to go to the farportal cavern.

23d Regrowth, Year 122 of the Age of Ascendancy
"Where a farportal was rumored to have been", indeed! Upon entry to the cavern, I find a note left by some other elf. The Spellblaze originated in that cavern, and the farportal (if it still exists) is likely buried under tonnes of rock. Imagine my great surprise when I get back to Elvala that my uncle does not have time to see me. Pah. Politics. I did however encounter the strangest things I had ever seen, though: crystals, moving about as though with a mage's "Phase Door" spell, hurling spells about with eerie precision. There were many colours, even one that seemed to be coloured as light through a prism, and from it a piece fell. As near as I can ascertain it appears to focus arcane energies upon anything it is fastened to, though I have nothing suitable to test this upon. That last red crystal I encountered sent me running, with the sore realisation that my skills might be lacking. I overheard one of the guards saying an "arena" challenge was going on near Derth, so I have elected to find my way to Derth and apply myself to that challenge.

54th Pyre, Year 122 of the Age of Ascendancy
Earlier in my writings I had penned a belief that these people should have sent help centuries ago - I know now that this belief was in error, that they had their own problems to deal with. Their Age of Pyre came at quite a price, and were in no condition to help us. There have been no orc attacks here in a century or more, no need to be as eternally vigilant as we have. But again, I digress. That furry being need not have perished at my hands, yet he did. All because he foolishly wandered straight into a Searing Light spell directed at his attacker, "Z." Both are dead now, but only one needed to have died. Why? I will never know. He even thanked me, in a sense, for besting that "Z" fellow, before attempting to skewer me with his floating greatsword. I will never understand the foolishness of some of these people.

7th Decay, Year 122 of the Age of Ascendancy
I am beginning to see why this tower is known as "Dreadfell" - it is a truly evil place, beset upon by many undead. I think I died, not even an hour ago - I felt a pain I wish to never feel again, but before it ended I was placed in the Void of all places, near a being that called itself "Eidolon." I've no idea why, but he saw fit to continue my adventures among the living. The most ridiculous thing, though - I had not a single foe left moving in sight, all had perished. It was their diseases that ended me - diseases! My healing light had not yet had time to begin again, nor my infusions of regeneration or disease-curing. If only I had listened to Lady Fillarel on her lectures of Totality, and how it may aid in such situations.

8th Allure, Year 123 of the Age of Ascendancy
Is this the price we Shaloren paid for our immortality? That the pioneers who had the vision to grant us this gift were cursed with insanity and decay of their form? Is this truly the legacy we have for future generations?

70th Regrowth, Year 123 of the Age of Ascendancy
Have I changed so much, so rapidly? I finally made it back to the East, and Lady Fillarel did not even recognize me. She was facing off against some orc filth as usual, and after dispatching the beast, she suggested I go to Sunwall. This cavern was the training cavern in my youth, and I knew full well where I was, and where Sunwall was. Still she needed to point out where it was.

73d Regrowth, Year 123 of the Age of Ascendancy
I suppose as I am back in the East I should revert to the nomenclature for the years that we had devised to remind us to stand strong, but I feel it unnecessary. I have made too many memories in Maj'Eyal, and not being recognized in Sunwall by anybody further reinforces this feeling. I suppose the dotard - Zemekkys can be excused, but literally nobody recognizes me. Lady Aeryn seemed a bit disappointed when I told her I was the only of our kind to make it to Elvala or even be treated with any sort of seriousness, but as leader I expect her true feelings were more profound, but buried for the sake of appearances.

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