bugfix escort training

Training fix for staff combat and mindstar mastery

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This add-on updates the staff combat trainer in Angolwen and the mindstar mastery trainer in Zigur to work with unlocked categories from escorts without penalizing the player, adjusts training costs, and provides an enhanced training option.

At these trainers you can
reveal the talent category for 100 gold
unlock the talent category for 500 gold
improve talent category mastery by 0.2 for 750 gold (up to a maximum of 1.3)

If you have revealed the talent category from an escort and unlock it with the trainer, the mastery will be improved to 1.1, and can be enhanced further to 1.3.

It overloads the files mod.data.chats.angolwen-staves-store.lua and mod.data.chats.zigur-mindstar-store.lua

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