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Adds the Starshot class, a celestial archer using talents from Midnight and some from the unreleased Embers class, Empyreal.
Requires Midnight and Embers of Rage to function, will error without. All credit to HousePet for Midnight.

Steamshaper Subclass

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Adds the Steamshaper, a Tinker Subclass.
Combines Steamtech and Embers Psionic talents into a Willpower/Cunning focused Steam/Psi caster.

"Powerful psionics are able to enter a gestalt with steam generators and technology to enhance their own mental prowess.",
"The Steamshaper combines this ability to gestalt to enhance his tinkers, all the while boiling her foes to death with steamy, mind-induced mayhem."

["steamtech/blacksmith"] (locked)
["wild-gift/mindstar-mastery"] (locked)
["cunning/survival"] (locked)
["steamtech/automation"] (locked)
["steamtech/furnace"] (locked)

Exile class

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Contains a new mage cass with talents from the Archmage and Necromancer class.

Dark Priest

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Adds the Dark Priest, a mage subclass.

Even in an age of supposed prosperity, there are many who lose their lives in vain. Those who tend the wounded, returned home from battle or adventure, are highly skilled in the arts of healing, many using arcane techniques. But there are some who have seen too much. They have formed a brotherhood of those who have accepted the Dark Truth. Eyal has but one true God, and He demands sacrifices. The Dark Priest and his brethren tap into arcane energies to deliver the bad word unto all the people of Maj'Eyal. They manipulate darkness and life energy to convey their message of doom and despair. When that doesn't work, carrying a big stick helps, too.

Dark Priests use Magic and Cunning as their primary stats. They focus on Darkness and Arcane spells, and are proficient in staff combat, as well. They also have command of a unique kind of magic, Unhealing. Unhealing is negative healing and such functions differently than damage. It will not be affected by any type of damage mitigation and will be increased by the target's healing modifier.
(full descriptions in the forum: )


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Adds the Prowler subclass, a hybrid Wilder that uses stealth and mobility to take down their foes. Uses a combination of standard Rogue and Wilder talents, four new Wild-Gift trees and two new Technique trees. Prowlers are wild-rogues that focus on agile melee combat with psiblades or daggers and use their strong will to augment their abilities and call nature to their bidding.

Witherer Class

Short Name: 

The Witherer is a Corruptor that focusses on slowly killing their enemies.

Multi-Class Challenge

Short Name: 

Allows the player to pick multiple classes, turning all enemies into Randbosses as a counter-measure.

In order to activate this addon, check your Game Options for a new tab.

Additional Talent Points for Adventurers

Short Name: 

This mod is a personal project to modify the adventurer class in a way that gives them more options, without going into ridiculously overpowered territory; as well as to learn a bit about lua as I try to make my own mods.

It is not intended to be balanced.
Currently it features additional skill points per level for the Adventurer class, modifying \mod\class\Actor.lua.

Deceiver class

Short Name: 

New release! Now in a playable state!
A psionic heavyweight stealth fighter class focusing on large burst (crit) damage over sustained dps, with strong positioning, defensive, escape, and cc abilities.
Still in active development. More trees will be added, balancing will be done, etc.

New trees:
- Trick of the Light: Melee critical hits cause you to phase out (invisible, reduced damage taken, increased damage dealt on next hit)
- Smoke and Mirrors: Teleport a short distance, phasing out and leaving a decoy behind
- Shell Game: Summon two decoys to fight for you, switch with them at any time with Smoke and Mirrors
- Slippery Devil: Reduce damage taken from massive hits and instead teleport away
- Evil Eye: Terrify an enemy to reduce its power
- Mass Hysteria: Terrified enemies spread fear when they lose sight of you
- Phantasmal killer: Instantly kill an enemy if your mindpower is high enough vs. its health
- Abomination: Physical attacks deal aoe mind damage
Technique/Mind games
- Feint: 2-turn combo attack, bonus damage on second attack
- Artful Dodger: Dodging an attack can confuse an enemy
- Retaliation: Gain physical retaliation damage and daze attackers
- Sleight of Hand: Accumulate bonus damage over time and switch weapons to activate

Additional skills:
Technique/2h assault
Technique/Combat training
[locked] Cunning/Lethality
[locked] Psionic/Augmented Mobility
[locked] Technique/Bloodthirst
[locked] Technique/Field Control

Adventurer Class Boost

Short Name: 

This mod is not intended to be balanced. For the majority of players, it will likely spoil/ruin the game. If you are one of those players, do not download or use the mod.

This mod alters the Adventurer class to provide even more freedom in customizing your talents. A new elven subrace is also included which provides several talents (i.e. racial) which Adventurer does not pick up. Sufficient points and options are available to make character level the only limiting factor in your talent selections. You are not obligated to use all points provided.

Given the boosts your character will receive while playing with this mod active, it is strongly recommended that you select the highest difficulty setting available to you.

If you have not yet unlocked the Adventurer class, you will also need the Ignore Race/Class Locks mod.

This mod was tested with TOME v1.3.1. Since it only edits the Adventurer-class-specific data and adds a sub-race, it should remain compatible with most other mods. For example, the Infinite 500 mod alters many parts of the game mechanics, but it doesn't make edits which affect Adventurers without affecting other characters, so the edits do not conflict.

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