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VampireLord class

Walk the path of a true vampire lord !

Feast upon your prey, thus increasing your blood pool, drag their corps in you shadow, later you can extract blood from those, event get stats and talent points from them.

feedback and comment are welcomed on the relater forum thread


   v a3.0: (we hunger update) + missing updates
     -manipulation implemented (a rip-off form the gloom talent tree with a necrotic aura twist
     -added talent tree spell/animous
     -added talent tree cursed/fear
     -shadowrift implemented (a rip-off from shadowwraith tree at the expanse of blood)
     -adding of hunger ... every x turn a percentage of your blood will be conssumed to sustain you hunger
     -tweaked other things

   v a2.6:
     -fixed onTakeHit superload (thanks to StarKeep)

   v a2.5:
     -re-ajusted "sadism" talents cost
   v a2.4:
     -fixed exangation dialogue box resolve

   v a2.3:
     -preUseTalent and postUseTalent should work well now!

   v a2.2:
     -fix of misstyping (preUseTalent)

   v a2.1:
     -fixed talents requirement and order for "sadism" talent tree.

   v a2.0:
     -talent tree "sadism" unleached !!!

   v a0.3:
     -prevented summons to be added to corpse pool (need to be tested)

   v a0.2:

   v a0.1:
     -the backbone are stuffed


blood pool: a resource that add to life, as long as you have blood in your blood pool damage dealt to you will apply on your blood pool instead of your life.

sanguinism talent tree

- Feast:
Feast upon target's blood dealing a percentage of damage draining his blood out.
If the target dies, a percentage of his max heal will be added to your max blood pool.
Plus his corps will be added to your corps pool.
The maximum amount of creature you caan store in your corps pool is 80
The damage dealt increase based on talent level and the higest stat. strengh or willpower
the pencentages increase with the talent level.

- Empowerment:
Increases the bonuses for having blood in your pool
damage, defence, spellpower and mindpower increase if you have blood remainig incrase with talent level.

- Exsanguation:
Drain the blood from a feasted corps
drain a percentage of corps max heal.
Plus at level 5: each row of 10 creature exsangued grant a stat point
each row of 25 creature exsangued grant either a talent or generic point
each row of 200 creature exsangued grant a category point
percentage restored increase with talent level

- Blood Bound:
when you die, if there is more than x creature remaining
in your crops pool, they will be consumed (form the top creature available)
restoring a percentage of your heal and blood.

x decrease with talent level while percentage increase.

sadism talent tree:

-tribute: pay a percentage of your max health to inflict to the target damage based on his max health.

-stupeffy: pay a percentage of your max health to cause an aoe that hav a chance to inflict fear to all creature in it plus minorely damaging them.

-blood river: pay a percentage of your max blood to cause a large blight aoe that heal you of a percentage of the damage inflicted with it.

-pike jungle: pay a percentage of your max health to cause a small pinnig aoe that deal medium phisical damage



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Adds a new class that's focus is raising defense and dual weapons. And the name contains a pun.


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Adds a new class-the Archreaver-that is a combination of Archmage and Reaver. The archreaver has 4 unique talent trees as well as a couple vanilla talent trees. More info at the forum thread.
Icons made by Zerru.

AEther Operators

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Experiment addon based on Tourist example mod an Glutton Mod:
- Add class AetherOperator and subclass TechPaladin based on Celestial/Sun talents.
- Add new skill 'Deep Scan' what can give all talents that target posses except internal/item.
- Some rework and icons to Tourist skills.


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Geists are back, with three new trees, and a new name!

"Phantoms are mages who have made a dark bargain for power. Unlike Doomed, they have yet to fall, and for what little time they have left, the shadows themselves their ally. Can they avert the impending doom upon them, or will they be lost in the darkness?"

New skill trees!

Vile Tactics
Vile Aim: Aim for the enemies eyes, doing damage and having a chance to blind.
Shadowsense: See through the shadows, making stealth a bit easier to use!
Shadow Net: Throw out a net of shadows, doing damage and slowing.
Unveil: Some think they are the masters of the dark. Show them who's boss! Reveals enemies in the AoE, doing double damage to them in the process.

Dark Veil
Enveil: Hide in the shadows.
Veiled Strike: Shadowstrike!
Twist the Veil: Tiny range phase door that turns you entirely invisible for one turn, and resets the cooldown on Enveil.
Veiled Threats: Unseen Actions 2.0

Shadow Alliance: Standing near your shadows gives a boost to your stealth power.
Dark Exchange: Your mana fuels your mental strength, and your hatred fuels your magical might.
Unseen Heckler: Mock your foes from the shadows!
Shroud of Shadows: Embrace the darkness, gaining increased powers at the cost of draining away your mana.


v1.3 ~ A Deeper Dark

Minor(Except not really) changes
-Veiled Strikes is now Veiled Strike. The plural was weird.
(v1.35 ~ Capitalization is important)-changed combat.lua to Combat.lua, hopefully fixing the Veiled Strike problems once and for all.

Bug fixes
-Vile Aim now properly takes a turn.
-Unveil now properly takes a turn.

Balance changes
-Cunning/Dark Veil buffed from 1.0 mastery to 1.3(The shadowstrike/veiled strike bug forced me to keep it at 1.0 to sync the numbers. Not anymore!)
-Cursed/Gloom nerfed from 1.3 mastery to 1.2
-Cursed/Shadows nerfed from 1.3 mastery to 1.2
-Cursed/Cursed Aura added(locked) at 1.2 mastery. Hopefully this means that if you unlock Cursed Aura via the event, it'll unlock with 1.2 mastery.

Experimental changes(Looking for feedback on these!)
-Vile Aim reverted back to range 3, to match Veiled Strike's range. I'm not 100% sure on this, admittedly.
-Mana regen buffed from 0.5 to 2.5
-Mana rating nerfed from 5 to 4.


v1.4 A Minor Darkening

Tooltip fixes

-Unseen Heckler has a more fitting tooltip
-Vile Aim, Shadow Net and Unseen Heckler now properly note that they use mind crit. Trying to combine crit types is apparently super hard to do, sadly.
-Changed text spacing on Shadowsense and Unveil. They were sort of wonky before.

StarKeep's Bone Tree Rework

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Reworks the Bone Tree for Defilers.


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A battlemage class. Viking/warlock something something dualwielding elemental magician with Ragnarök and Manacalypse.
Note: no sounds or effects currently
If you try this, please leave some feedback and bugs you may have found.
Talent preview available in the forum thread below!

freezer- cyromancer

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addon that adds the freezer class
meant for geting cyromancy

Randventurer Class

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Adds a new character class to the game: The Randventurer! Randventurers are similar to Adventurers, they can get any talent tree - except they don't get to pick which ones! At character creation they are given many semi-random talent trees, selected so that (hopefully) every character is playable and viable. Any talent tree that can be learned in the game has a chance of appearing on your character. To keep characters playable, randventurer does several things: Prevents conflicting weapon styles, Limits the number of stats used, Makes sure any requirements are met, Ensures any resources the character has are usable and many other small things. See the forums for more detail about Randventurers.

Most addons will work normally and have the talents chosen as part of the random character creation. The following addons have full support:
  • Stonewardens
  • Eternal Darkness
  • Verdant Class Pack
  • Midnight

Dread Knight Class

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Dread Knight. More tactically focused than Cursed. Think Gabranth from FFXII meets Hannibal of Carthage.

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