Geist Addon Class

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Adds the very spooky Geists


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A Mauler is a warrior that wields dual one handed weapons.


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A magical class based on creating and shattering illusions.

Green Warrior

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Be the mighty green warrior. Defeat your enemies with sword techniques, magic arrows, and a wide variety of new tools and charms.
Requires the Weapons Pack addon.

Weird Wyrmic

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My own take at wyrmics.

Barbarian Class Fork

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Adds the Barbarian class to the Wilder sub-group.

Hedgeknight Class

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They say that deep within the forests of The Gloom lies a mysterious hedge maze, expanding as far as the eye can see.
While most people are sane enough not to enter, those that do never come out the same, if at all.
The Hedge forever changes them... empowers them... to what end, nobody knows.
A Hedgeknight is a worthy foe, capable of laying wound upon wound on enemies, and inflicting them with the most dangerous of poisons.


This addon adds in the Hedgeknight Class, a Two-Handed warrior who uses the power of 'The Hedge' to augment his power with various summons and buffs.




All talents in this tree revolve around summoning friendly Ivy, each of which has a different effect, and scales slightly differently.
All will have 15% of your max health, and all will have a Resist All rating equal to a certain stat. (Will be listed below.)
Using one talent in this tree will put every other talent in this tree on a 3 turn cooldown.

Each Ivy's effect is applied when you land a melee attack on an enemy that is also within melee range of an Ivy.
Doing so will kill the Ivy, apply it's effect, and restore 3 Equilibrium to you.

Additionally, all Ivy (and your Bush Guardian) are part of a Plant Network, that allows them to share damage with one another.

Poison Ivy

Resist All is equal to 50% of your poison resistance.
This Ivy will deal weapon Damage split between Nature and Poison damage.

Crippling Ivy

Resist All is equal to 50% of your physical save.
This Ivy will cripple the target, reducing melee, spellcasting and mind speed for 5 turns.

Razorleaf Ivy

Resist All is equal to 50% of your bleeding resistance.
This Ivy will deal weapon Damage split between Physical and Bleeding damage.

Medicinal Ivy

Resist All is equal to 50% of your heal mod.
This Ivy will heal your health.
Amount healed is equal to your constitution + 25% of your max health.


Offers some basic combat moves, a little bit of mobility, and a sustain that greatly increases your damage potential in extended fights.
Also includes a passive that grants some immunities, as well as reducing the immunities of nearby enemies based on it's value.

Thorn Whip

Attack a nearby enemy within range 4 for Nature weapon damage.
If you hit, you pin them, and pull yourself to them.
If used while in melee range, also deals a high amount of Physical weapon damage.
Can be cast on an Ivy, which will refund your cost, and half your cooldown.
Higher talent levels allow you to control your landing.

Thorn Graze

Attack an enemy in melee range for Nature weapon damage.
Also deals a high amount of weapon damage split between Bleeding and Poison.
If used while your Bushy Friend is within melee range of your target, applies a regeneration effect onto your Bushy Friend.

Thorn Rose

Grants passive Pin, Poison, and Bleeding resistance.
Also passively reduces the Pin, Poison, and Bleeding resistance of nearby enemies based on this value.

Thorn Body

Sustain that grants passive Armor and Strength.
Also adds bonus Bleeding damage when hit in melee, and on weapon attacks.

Bush Guardian

A tree that revolves around a moderate damage pet, that uses him for mobility and damage options.

Bushy Beard

Passively grant yourself Constitution and Accuracy.
Sustain this talent to bring your Bushy Friend to the battlefield.
Your Bushy Friend's stats are based on your Willpower and Max Life, and he gains bonus Life Regen and Resist All for every Ivy on the field.

Bush Taunt

Requires your Bushy Friend to be on the battlefield.
Deals damage in a radius 1 around your Bushy Friend.
Taunts any enemies hit.

Bush to Bush

Requires your Bushy Friend to be on the battlefield.
Deals damage in a radius 1 around both yourself, and your Bushy friend.
You deal Physical damage, Bushy friend deals half Nature, half Bleeding.
If your Bushy Friend is more than 2 tiles away, you also jump near him.

Bush Whacker

Requires your Bushy Friend to be on the battlefield and within 2 tiles of yourself.
Kicks your Bushy Friend across the battlefield, dealing damage in a radius 1 around his landing position, and stunning targets hit.


A tree that revolves around using your control over the hedge to do weave 'Impossible' feats.

One With the Hedge

Link yourself into your Plant Network, sharing and receiving damage though it.
Talent points reduce the values you give and recieve.


Empower your weapon with the very power of the Hedge itself, and attack all targets within a range of 3 for half Nature, half Poison damage.
Confuses all targets hit.
With One with the Hedge sustained, this talent's cooldown is reduced to 4, and it additionally heals all allies within range.

Hedge Portal

Step 'through' the Hedge to your target location, gaining bonus Armor, Defense, and Resist All for a few turns.
With One with the Hedge sustained, this talent requires you to target a friendly Ivy for the teleport(which will die), but it's cost and cooldown are removed.

Hedge Grasp

Pull in a nearby enemy with the power of the hedge, pinning and blinding them.
With One with the Hedge sustained, if your Bushy Friend is on the field, he'll pin and blind all enemies around his current position.


A tree that revolves around low to mid ranged melee combat.

Petal Beam

Attack an enemy at short range with a Nature Weapon attack.
If the attack hits, you will deal additional damage to all enemies near your main target.

Petal Swarm

Attack an enemy at short to medium range with a Nature Weapon attack.
If the attack hits, you Stun them.
If the attack misses, or the Stun fails, you instead Daze them. This Daze cannot be resisted.

Petal Implosion

Attack an enemy in melee range with a high damage Nature Weapon attack.
This attack will than knock you back a small to medium distance.

Petal Dance

Sustain this talent to become one with your Petals.
While sustained, every single Weapon attack you do grants you a Petal charge.
If the enemy is in melee range, they are additionally knocked back 1 tile.
These petal charges will be expended whenever you take more than 5% of your max life in damage, and will reduce the damage.
You lose 1 charge per turn.
Damaging Ivy grant 2 charges each, while non damaging Ivy grant 0 charges.

Witch Doctor Class

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Contains a new hybrid class, combination of wilder and defiler that focuses on debuffs. Note:Equilibrium is increased by 5x the amount of Vim used.

Devil's Due Twisted Class Addon

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Version 0.5. Today I just wanted to hit things with sticks.
Staff combat/Reaver Combat/Magical Combat/Shadow Magic/Spell-Enhancement.
I'm not even going to pretend that this is balanced, although it entirely lacks defense
and no mobility until level 12. Pretty much a bump class focussed on magic/cunning.
Lore: The Twisted are the remnants of an experiment to breed Higher into a race of magical

Sun Paladin tweaks

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