Haunted class

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Haunted: an unarmed hate-based warrior

Blackstaff Class Addon

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Charged with keeping the secret of Angolwen's location by any means neccesary,
the Black Staff operatives of SI:3 are an elite mage-rogue force. Capable of dual wielding weapons while maintaining an arcane focus for support and cover fire, they ferret out spies with their cunning, keen senses, and divinatory magic then eliminate them with extreme prejudice.

This updated version takes the class in a somewhat different direction, and starts them in Angolwen. The Angolwen starter dungeon can be done with a phase door rune, but it is...tricky. So they start with a controlled phase door rune. A bit of a cheat, but let's say it's SI:3's version of Bond gadgets. To be done in future updates possibly: changing psi-fighting to a custom arcane talent.

Devil's Due Malleus Inquisitare Class Addon

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During the spellblaze it took a special kind of
warrior to bear the brunt of the inquisitions attacks. The Malleus
Inquisitare were the shock troopers of the inquisition, the first in,
the first to bleed, the first to die. Disbanded 1,000 years ago,
one lost legion has fought an endless battle after entering a fearscape
portal during the burning times. Today, having fought their way to
the dark throne of that place and been granted leave of it, they are
reborn anew on maj'eyal earth.

Devil's Due Hate Spiral Class Addon

Short Name: 
hate spiral

Devil's Due Hooligan Class Addon

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New Cornac Rogue class.

Details & discussion here:
To Be Announced

Blood Knight Class

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Contains a new melee class - the Blood Knight

Details & discussion here:

Tempus Fugit

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Time is a mystery to all...

Adds a new ChronoRogue class, the Anarchist.

Also reduces the paradox costs of Temporal Warden sustains.

Current unique categories:

Most of these talents will scale with your Paradox, so keep it as high as possible.

Living Paradox
Impossible Strength: passive. Allows dual weilding of medium weapons. offhand damage scales with paradox. improves stamina regen.
Impossible Grace: passive. accuracy based on paradox. don't trigger traps at 5.
Paradox Armour: sustain. reduces damage taken based on paradox, but also reduces paradox when you take damage.
Living Paradox: passive. temporal version of bloodspring

Temporal Theft
Steal Weapon: active. disarms the target.
Steal Speed: active. slow target to haste self.
Steal Magic: active. steal a target's magical buffs.
Steal Timeline: active. dump all your paradox on target creature, doing large temporal damage and stun.

Temporal Thuggery
Far Strike: active. melee attack your target from range. Stuns if it hits.
Space/Time: active. Hit your target with your main weapon for physical and knockback, then attack with offhand for temporal and slow.
Shield Implosion: active. a melee attack that causes the targets shields to collapse in on them, works against magical, mental and physical shields (blocking creatures).
Wide Strike: active. melee attack against all visible creatures in a range of x.

Impossible Magic - high level
Flame Shards: active. Ice Shards but does fire damage and freezes.
Gravel Bolt: active. physical damage beam that dazes.
Iceflash: active. Fireflash but does cold damage and burning.
Stormslide: active. lightning damage cone with knockback.

Twisted Fate - high level
Fate Inversion: active. Increases your critical hit chance and resistance, but lowers your critical hit damage.
Buildup: sustain. each weapon hit you do increases your spellpower up to a maximum of 100. Casting a spell resets this.
Time Shock: sustain. Hitting a creature with a spell has a chance to stun.
No Rules: active. For a short time your temporal resistance, effective willpower for paradox checks and stamina regeneration are increased.

Tourist Class (Example Addon for ToME)

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Example addon, adds Tourist class.

Ranger Class

I decided to make a rogue/Wilder hybrid class. The class has four new trees in addition to already made trees. The idea for the character is to be highly mobile and fight only when you have an advantage. It is currently in development so talents may be bugged and particularly unbalanced. All but one of the talents are complete in a sense that they do what they are supposed to do.

Here are two forum post that relate to the ranger class. One of them has the download that you can use.

Any constructive feed back is welcome.

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