Swordsmaster Class

Short Name: 

Adds a swordsmaster class to the game.



 - Added a new talent tree, Technique/Fencing which has defensive talents related to parrying.
 - The talent Web of Steel has been moved from Swordsmanship to Fencing. It's place in the Swordsmanship tree has been taken by a new talent, Vorpal, which gives Physical Power and Armor Penetration.
 - The talent Crescent Sweep has been reworked. It deals more damage, inflicts bleed, moves before attacking, no longer allows swapping places, and has a cooldown. It's usage as a spammable movement talent for swapping places has been filled by the new Mist Step talent on the Fencing tree.
 - Lightspeed Draw can now attack enemies adjacent to any tiles you pass through in addition to enemies that you pass through directly. These additional targets count when determining whether you can use Lightspeed Draw or not. It still can only hit one enemy per tile you travel through though.
 - Fixed Swordsmanship not functioning for daggers
 - Fixed Swordsmanship to not permanently replace a weapon's strength damage mod with dexterity
 - Harrying blows no longer requires your spring attacks to hit the target; instead it only requires that you attempt them.
 - Harrying blows's finishing blow now bypasses evasion/repulsion talents that the target possesses
 - Harrying blows's finishing blow no longer ignores ALL armor and resistances. It ignores 50% of the target's resistances, and has set bonus armor penetration.
 - Spring Attack now functions immediately when activated instead of only after an action is performed after it is activated.
 - Surgical Strikes's stun and interference effects are now separate (so you get the full stun regardless of what the target does on its next turn). It's cooldown has also been increased from 6 to 8.
 - Added clarifying text to the descriptions of Will to Live and Unfetter to give a better idea of how effective they are when leveled up without requiring arithmetic.
 - Buffed Spring Attack stamina restoration
 - Cunning/Tactical is once again locked by default
 - Added translation support to timed effects

 - Fixed bug with pre-use talent for swordsmanship talents when npc does not have an inventory

 - Added a new talent tree, Technique/Two-handed Bladework, which serves as a Dexterity-based replacement for Technique/Two-handed Assault
 - As it has now been replaced, Technique/Two-handed Assault has been removed from the Swordsmaster class.
 - Cunning/Tactical is now unlocked by default

 - Lightspeed Fatigue duration changed from 40 turns to a lower value which is based on effective talent level
   - (with 1.3 mastery: 24, 21, 18, 16, 14)
 - Lightspeed Fatigue now increases stamina cost of Lightspeed Draw linearly instead of quadratically.
   - (20 -> 40 -> 60 -> 80) instead of (20 -> 40 -> 80 -> 160)
 - Removed cooldown from Spring Attack, making it fully toggleable.

 - Changed Moving Target to reduce direct damage taken by 30% instead of giving 15% all resist.
 - Buffed pin resistance of Slippery to 100% from 50%
 - Buffed movement speed granted by Slippery to 50% from 20%
 - Spring Attack once again restores stamina when wielding one-handed weapons
 - Lowered the maximum number of attacks per turn at ETL 5 for Spring Attack from 3 to 2
 - Fixed typo in Harrying Blows description
 - Fixed Swordsmanship talents still being usable even when disarmed
 - Removed Duelist tree from Swordsmaster class, as it is mostly extraneous at this point

 - Fixed infinite loop caused when reflecting certain spells like Invoke Darkness with Web of Steel

 - Updated for version 1.7.2
 - Raised stamina cost and cooldown for "Never Give Up"
 - Added offhand damage increase to "Swordsmanship" for swords and daggers
 - Changed format calls to tformat calls to support potential translation

 - Added tactical data to talents for npcs
 - Swordsmanship mastery and str/dex scaling swap now works with daggers as well as swords
 - Determination now always takes 15 turns to reach maximum regeneration instead of taking fewer turns with a higher talent level.
 - Fixed logic of projectile selffire to correctly function as indicated by comments (for web of steel)
 - Fixed Vapor Blade knocking back even when it misses

 - Swordsmanship now completely exchanges strength scaling for dexterity scaling on swords instead of giving -100% str mod and +100% dex mod
 - Fixed bug that prevented critical hits from occurring (oops!)
 - Unfetter and Never Give Up now have stamina costs
 - Harrying Blows fixed to only require Spring Attack to hit once per global turn instead of once per target's turn
 - Lightspeed Draw now has a fixed cooldown.
 - Spring Attack now only restores stamina if you are wielding a two-handed weapon
 - Will to Live changed to provide a health regen bonus equal to a flat amount per percent missing health rather than an amount equal to a percent of missing health. Also, now scales with Willpower.

- Initial Release


Short Name: 


This addon adds the Sapper as a playable class. As it is a Tinker, it will require Embers of Rage DLC to work.

Sappers use their knowledge of steam weaponry to build construct that will fight your foes and destroy the walls of their lair.
They have an automated onarger, serving as a permanent ally. They can manipulate the terrain by digging tunnels and creating impassable pits.
But they are also trained for short range combat and will not hesitate to stick their pickaxe in their enemies' skulls.

They have 9 class trees, including 4 locked ones :
- Battle Machinery
- Siege Engine (new tree) : build 3 different temporary construct that will attack your foes and protect you
- Onager (new tree) : build a permanent construct that will follow you, hurt and disable your foes, and help you reposition
- Tool Combat (new tree) : join the fray, using your knowledge of tools to deconstruct your foes' equipment as you fight, or hit your construct to temporarily improve them instead.
- Death Tools (new tree) : use the carnage of the battlefield to your own advantage

- Trapping (locked)
- Automation (locked)
- Sapper (locked, new tree) : control the field to improve your odds of survival
- Steampunch Arts (locked, new tree) : find new inventive ways to punch your enemies in the face, or embed a pickaxe in their skulls

They have 6 generic trees :
- Combat Training and Survival
- Physics and Chemistry
- Blacksmith
- Engineering


Please report any bugs you find and I will endeavor to fix them ;)
Any input is helpful and appreciated.

If possible, please take discussions and bugs report to the forum thread :

Credits for all the talent and effect icons.

In advance, whoever tries this out and gives me feedback so I can continue to improve it !


1.2.1 :
- 1.2.0 but it actually works (possibly, maybe)

1.2.0 :
- added translation support (possibly, seemed too easy, tell me if it doesn't actually work :D)
- fixed a couple typo
- fixed dead ammunition being given to every siege engine even if you didn't know it
- fixed dead ammunition buff description

1.1.0 :
- Possibly fixed a rare bug with You Shall not Pass and Battle Machinery traps (and other traps ? i couldn't reproduce the bug so...)
- Buffed Onager damage in the early game and nerfed it late game (by ~15%)
- Nerfed Salvage and Tough Love explosion damage by ~20% and ~40%
- Tough Love max charges is now 4 instead of 5
- Fixed Tough Love to properly grant all res rather than physical res to Onager
- Tough Love now automatically targets an enemy if there is only one in melee and no allies in melee
- Tough Love explosion now also reduce the summon lifespan by 1
- Nerfed Ram base damage by ~15%, and bonus damage by 25%
- Fixed Ram to properly check for stun resistance
- Ram ramming a Ram now has a special interaction
- Nerfed Polybolos and Scorpio durability, they have increased life rating but no longer gain CON
- Scaled Polybolos and Scorpio stat gain with level (worse early, slightly stronger late)
- Buffed Lay Siege cd 25 --> 15
- Buffed Line of Fire cd 18 --> 12
- Nerfed Dig In : all res, crit shrug, and cleanse reduced by ~25%, but regen boosted
- Revised Onager munitions : Fire now deal ~25% more damage, and Bleed damage reduction scale with TL (roughly the same at 5/5)
- Revised Dead Ammunitions : no longer reduce damage, but talent fail chance is increased
- Buffed Cannonball : cd fixed at 8, range increased
- A whole new unarmed tree !

1.0.2 :
- Salvage now target a party member by default rather than an enemy
- Fixed a bug with Annihilator talent when playing adventurer
- Fixed Dig In buff not going away when deactivating the sustain
- Clarified a couple description
- Onager now comes back to you when you get more than 10 tiles away from it, without regards for walls and other obstacles
- Nerfed Tough Love heal power by about 25%
- Buffed Polybolos and Scorpio early game damage (no more 2 damage per shot at level 1 !)

1.0.1 :
- Because Rexorcorum is a wonderful person, wielded pickaxe are now visible on player doll <3
- Spelling fixes, clarity added to some descriptions
- Cannonball now properly checks for unarmed
- Salvage properly deals damage around the siege engine and not yourself
- Learning Onager now automatically fulfills the requirement of 100 summons for Blighted Summoning

1.0.0 : release !

Frost Invoker

Short Name: 

Adds the Frost Invoker, a mage subclass.

The Frost Invoker is a Cold-focused caster and unarmed fighter. Their primary stats are Magic and Dexterity.
Frost Invokers know Combat Training and Survival(locked) and have 11 new spell trees, 3 generic and 8 class (of which 3 start locked).


Frozen Core: Unarmed training with 40/80 Mag/Dex dam mods, and utility.
Rime Guard: Defense, with a damage shield and one-shot protection.
Ice Floes: Mobility and utility focused on an icy ground effect.


Hail: Offensive spells which can reduce the cd of Artic talents.
Arctic: Unarmed attacks with AoE, a pin, a multi-hit, and a gap closer.
Winter: Utility and defense, with a decoy and a scout.
Frost: Defense and utility focused on building and consuming a stacking effect.
Chill: Debuffs which proc on cold damage, with active conditional sustain stripping.


Blizzard: Defense and debuffs focused on a single AoE spell.
Icicles: Adds a cold-damage psuedo-weapon that procs on unarmed attacks. (high level)
Cryomania: Maical and physical synergy, and cold resist / ice-block penetration sustain. (high level)

Talent icons from
Class icon from
Icicles moddable tile attachment from Verdant Pack by HousePet (re-colored); attachment art by Rexocorum.

Discordant ( + Critic, Kudzu, Primitive, Scorpion, Colossus)

Short Name: 

1) Add Discordant as playable psionic subclass. A psionic tank with death radius around them (think of Mindrot, but less sucky). Wins battle through attrition, melts trash mobs just by standing. Can also spam tele-frags if you feel like it.

2) Add Kudzu as playable wilder subclass. Invasive, annoying, and hard to get rid of. Master of crowd controls and area denials. Cover the world with fungus, lichens, moss, and kudzus.

3) Add Scorpion as playable rogue subclass. Stealthy brawler with poison fist. Pull in your enemy and dethrone them with chain of combos.

4) Add Critic as playable afflicted subclass. High-risk, high-reward, critical-centric class that use feedback pool as life. Overpower your enemy with overwhelming amount of Gestures, or die from receiving too much criticism.

5) Add Colossus as playable race. Artificial giant constructed by dwarves to guard their gold, has some non-living characteristics. Starts on Reknor (dwarf start). A durable race with some drawbacks. Also like gold.

- This is a practice addon intended for personal use, but thank you if you decided to check it out anyway.
- Bonus class: Primitive, master of bump-attack *joke class*

Andrew Minton : Qlass Pack (used as base)


1.0.0: - Initial release
1.0.1: - Discord talent tree rework (AKA nerfs)
1.0.2: - Add colossus as playable giant race
1.0.3: - Add kudzu as playable wilder class
1.0.4: - Add scorpion as playable rogue class
1.0.5: - Buffed scorpion weak early game scaling
1.0.6: - Add critic as playable afflicted class *weird guy*


Short Name: 

Adds the Banished, an afflicted class that pours its hate into its arrows and shadowy powers.

Qlass Pack

Short Name: 

Adds several new classes and races:
- Bladebender class: Psionic melee fighter that triple-wields daggers and has "meta" talents that can modify other talents.
- Harbinger class: Wilder melee fighter that channels storms through their attacks. More powerful against groups of foes than against single targets. Their class talents do not use resources.
- The Cooler Anorithil class: Revamp of the Anorithil class that must directly alternate between Solar and Lunar talents instead of managing positive/negative energy.
- Zephyr class: Basically a ranged and exclusively lightning-based version of Arcane Blade. Overpowered, not a serious class, and mostly exists to demonstrate instant projectiles.

- Dreamelf race: Overpowered race that can reposition enemies and shorten talent cooldowns.
- Lich race: Undead race that can convert a portion of all their damage into a damage type of their choice.

This addon also makes a couple other changes to make the Zephyr class work:
- Feather Wind is no longer snapshottable, provides less defense but provides both melee and ranged defense, and its maximum encumbrance is no longer spellpower-dependent.

Other than that, the addon tries not to affect existing classes/races/talents. The new classes won't appear on enemies or Adventurers.

You may freely modify and redistribute this addon and its contents, except where otherwise indicated in the Credits section below.

Weight: 134953

===== Credits =====
As in vanilla, all talent icons are from and licensed under CC-BY 3.0. Class icons are from and .

Sounds: CC 0 CC BY 3.0 CC BY 3.0 CC-BY 3.0 CC BY-NC 3.0 CC BY 3.0 CC 0 CC 0 CC BY 3.0 CC 0 CC 0 CC 0 CC 0 CC-BY 3.0 CC-BY 3.0

===== Changelog =====
- Updated for ToME version 1.7.2 (including translation support)
- Changed some talents to mitigate ToME's crit tracking bug ( ). Talents with non-damaging effects that crit (e.g. Countershock, Solar Shield) now try to preserve previous crit state; other affected talents are detailed individually below.
- Redesigned all combatTalentLimit() calls, attempting to adapt to 1.7's change to combatTalentLimit() shape.
- Slight changes to various talent descriptions for consistency.
- Bladebender:
- Bug fix: Deja Vu no longer routinely fails to force its target and no longer infinitely repeats talents with coroutines
- Bug fix: Specialty can no longer be used on prodigies
- Bug fix: Specialty now calls on_mastery_change and updates talent passives correctly
- Bug fix: Eliminated an accidentally-left-in debugging line (printed "asdfasglasldgkj" when Project reactivated after leveling up)
- Air Parry now prints its message right before destroying a projectile instead of right after
- Cooler Anorithil:
- Bug fix: Selenelion now provides the correct amount of extra spell crit multiplier
- Bug fix: Ad Astra no longer refers to Jumpgate in its failure message (text-only bug)
- Crit tracking bug mitigation: Syzygy talent now uses instant bolts instead of projectiles, tries to preserve previous crit state, and uses its own crit state for its damage
- Crit tracking bug mitigation: Star Song beams now crit individually
- Crit tracking bug mitigation: Solar Flares explosions now crit individually
- Resistance's talent level scaling curve for its resistances adjusted (lower values at talent level 1, higher values at higher talent levels)
- Solar Shield duration reduced to 5 (from 10); the long duration was a holdover from when Bathe in Light could be obtained from escorts
- Solar Shield's description now includes damage shield power and duration bonuses
- Harbinger:
- Finally got rid of the Tremor category.
- Crit tracking bug mitigation: Flashover now tries to preserve previous crit state and uses its own crit state for its damage
- Fortress of Ruin now provides evasion instead of a variant of crit shrug.
- Resistance now provides slightly more resistance
- Resistance's resistance cap bonus now converges instead of scaling at ^0.5
- Fortitude now scales linearly (previously ^0.75) and generally gives slightly more saves
- Lich:
- Bug fix: The Lich talent now describes the effect of 1.7 critical shrug instead of 1.5 critical shrug.
- Ancient Knowledge now has a safeguard for talent categories that are known by the actor but don't actually exist (fixes compatibility with Arcanist class from Arcanum).
- Zephyr:
- Bug fix: Lightning Phase's damage can now crit
- Crit tracking bug mitigation: Hail of Destruction's spell crit now happens per-target for the lightning explosion, instead of before doing the archery attack

- Removed some debugging print() calls
- Bug fix: Vortex now attributes its damage correctly (allows it to trigger "Talent on hit (mindpower)" directly)
- Bug fix: Ancient Knowledge no longer affects mastery of prodigies (coincidentally fixes Adept error)
- No longer modifies Tempest because its snapshotting is fixed in Bugfix Pack.

- Initial release
- Changes to the classes and races:
- All content updated for ToME4 version 1.6.7
- Removed legacy talents/effects/etc. that were kept for save compatibility in the original addons, since this is a new addon (and 1.6 is not save compatible with 1.5 anyway)
- Some indentation cleanup
- Edited some descriptions
- Bladebender:
- Bug fix: The sound effect for Break Guard now accounts for the enemy shrugging off the disarm or stun
- Bug fix: Deja Vu recursion guard no longer sticks around slightly longer than intended when the Deja Vu sustain is deactivated
- Bug fix: Deja Vu now has a message when its chosen talent is lost, like the other Talent Perfection talents
- Bug fix: Specialty now updates the passive effects of non-passive talents
- Bug fix: Waiting Blades now only attacks hostile creatures as it claims
- Lesser Weapon Focus can now trigger from all attacks that did not originate from Lesser Weapon Focus, but has a lower trigger chance
- Reduced healing and psi gain from One With Blades by 1/3
- Healing and psi gain from One With Blades is no longer rounded
- Perforate now uses blood color
- Talent Perfection messages for talents being lost no longer begin with a space
- Dreamelf:
- Updated experience penalty to match the change to Shalore
- Updated healing infusion to be inscribed instead of in inventory, to match changes to other races
- Cooler Anorithil:
- Bug fix: Finally implemented Sear and Numb with callbackOnDealDamage, fixing them searing/numbing through damage shields. Also can I just say that death_note is a really bad variable name
- Bug fix: Solar Focus Target now actually removes itself if the source dies or otherwise disappears
- Bug fix: Solar Focus now deactivates immediately upon changing levels
- Bug fix: Solar Flares no longer fails to roll crit and shift alignment when it doesn't find any targets
- Renamed from "Anorithil" to "Cooler Anorithil" and is now separate from the vanilla class (no more monsters with it)
- Added class icon
- Added "SOLAR_", "LUNAR_", "LIMINAL_", to unprefixed talents' internal names to reduce the chance of addon conflicts.
- Talents with 3D sounds no longer lose volume with distance, and have had their panning adjusted
- Changed Cunning/Survival mastery from 1.1 to 1.0
- Replaced Duality's projectile deflection chance with a much lower chance to avoid damage
- Reduced the amount of critical chance from Selenelion
- Reduced the damage of Spontaneous Combustion
- Renamed the new version of Corona to Syzygy
- Renamed the new version of Jumpgate to Astral Gate
- Renamed the new version of Jumpgate: Teleport To to Ad Astra
- Renamed the new version of Moonlight Ray to Lunar Ray
- Renamed the new version of Searing Light to Solar Light
- Renamed the new version of Shadow Blast to Shadow Burst
- Renamed the new version of Starfall to Dark Star
- Renamed the new version of Totality to Occultation
- Renamed the new version of Twilight Surge to Twilight Pulse
- Increased minimum pitch of Lunar Ray sounds
- Increased minimum pitch of first Shadow Blast sound
- Increased minimum pitch of first Solar Light sound
- Increased volume of Occultation sound
- Harbinger:
- Bug fix: Particles for Channel Fire, Channel Cold, and Cyclone are no longer lost on save/load
- Bug fix: Cyclone particles now disappear if it is completely unlearned
- Added "HARBINGER_" to talents' internal names to reduce the chance of addon conflicts
- Capped all talent radii at 10
- Arc now attacks monsters in order of how many arc steps it took to reach them, with ties broken randomly
- Arc now has a safeguard against stack overflows when attacking extremely long chains of monsters (chains shorter than 127 monsters are unaffected, so it can still hit over 16,000 monsters)
- Reduced the effect of Chill
- Adjusted scaling of Countershock's cooldown with talent level, nerfing it at talent level 2+
- Reduced Cremate's heal by 70% but removed its once-per-turn restriction
- Cremate no longer plays a sound
- Increased Cyclone's damage by 50%
- Made Electrical Disruption's cooldown scaling less extreme at low talent levels
- Electrical Disruption now plays its sound at the user's location instead of the target's
- Reduced the number of effects removed by Electrical Disruption
- Halved Flashover damage.
- Reduced Flashover radius (matches new Storm Conduit radius)
- Foreshock's sound now has randomized speed
- Reduced the amount of evasion given by Megathrust
- Changed Mist's life regeneration to scale with talent level only (not mindpower), but increased its healing modifier bonus. This also fixes the snapshotting bug with the life regeneration
- Reduced the amount of physical power given by Mountain Mover (now that weapon masteries give less)
- Storm Conduit's radius now scales with talent level
- Storm Conduit's sound now has randomized speed
- Greatly reduced Storm Conduit damage, due to Cremate now being able to trigger it multiple times per turn
- Reduced the effect of Suppressing Fire, especially at low talent levels
- Vortex's sound now has randomized speed
- Reduced the number of effects removed and wards given by Torrent
- Lich:
- Due to 1.6 inscription changes making undead MUCH less bad, this race had to be nerfed a lot.
- Increased experience penalty from 0% to 20%
- Removed stun immunity (farewell consistency with NPC liches)
- Reduced life rating from 10 to 8
- Absorb Essence now recovers steam
- Ancient Knowledge's Infinite Dungeon hack revised to be monotonic (going from slightly below effective talent level 10 to slightly above it no longer makes the talent worse)
- Reduced the crit shrug chance on the Lich talent by about 28%
- Reduced the Cunning-based saves on the Lich talent by 1/3
- Zephyr:
- Bug fix: Recharge now uses callbackOnDealDamage, fixing e.g. 0 damage hits providing mana
- No longer starts in Angolwen because Abashed Expanse is obnoxious
- Self-targeting with Lightning Phase now gives Stormshield instead of Elemental Surge: Lightning (which was similar to Stormshield before 1.6), with a threshold of 0.01 and a small number of charges
- Greatly reduced the flat damage reduction from Static Shield
- Storm Infusion is now passive
- Reduced Sylph's damage avoidance chance
- No longer has Spell/Phantasm or modifies its talents; starts with Disperse Magic instead of Illuminate
- No longer alters Chain Lightning or Thunderstorm
- For consistency with vanilla, the Mobile Defense talent no longer applies to the Feather Wind defense bonus (only relevant in combination with other third-party addons)
- The Storm Fury artifact no longer grants Storm Archery mastery

Heartstalker - Psionic Class

Short Name: 

Adds Heartstalker, a psionic class themed around the subconscious, as a birth option. Heartstalkers are a stealth-oriented class that start with twin daggers. Confounding foes's perceptions with their strange psychic power, they weaken their victims from afar, unseen and untouchable, before drawing in close for the kill when they feel the time is right. Take care, however, for though your mind is a potent shield against hostile intent, the physical flesh it guards is exceedingly frail.

Heartstalker talent trees include:

Perception: Turn aside prying eyes to hide your presence!
Unconscious Mind: Draw power from the unconscious to erode and destroy the conscious!
Thoughtless Action: Lay cold steel to your foes faster than conscious thought could ever allow!
Biorhythm: Feel and regulate the pulses within yourself and your enemies to create and capitalise on opportunities!
Emotion: Play with and feed upon your victim's emotions to dull their senses while empowering yourself!
Depths (locked): Call upon strange powers from the root of the mind to overwhelm foes!
Memory (locked): Omit, modify, and dupilicate memories; if it is remembered so, then so it was!
Dark Psyche (locked): Dredge up the mind's hidden weakness and Hate to torment your foes with shadowy doppelgangers!

All that we know of ourselves and others is merely a facade; the truth of the mind and the world sleeps where it cannot see.


Short Name: 

Adds the Gemblade class, a (mostly) melee psionic who focuses their energies through a gem wielded in their offhand.
A gemblade typically uses a material focus to model the properties of their blade after, and each chooses their own path.
They may delve into arcane arts, or pursue antimagic training, but most gemblades find a balance between arcane forces and their natural mental capacities.

Class: Fallen

Short Name: 

Fallen has been added to the base game as an evolution for Sun Paladins

This addon contains the original version, a base class afflicted/celestial hybrid.

Fallen are unlocked alongside Sun Paladins.
If you want to skip straight to it, I recommend using:

Please report any bugs on the forum thread.

This class is originally inspired by the enemies John and Aluin, Afflicted Sun Paladins.

Fallen have a mix of old and new trees.
Enemies do not generate with Fallen talents.

Celestial Combat
Gloom (locked, level 0)
Bloodstained: By making bloody attacks, increase your positive energy.
Darkside: Consume positive energy for attacks and mobility.
Shadows of Suffering (locked, level 10): Use your shadows for defense and control.
Crimson Templar (locked, level 10): Magical abilities that manipulate bleeding and the battlefield.
Black Sun (locked, level 10): Celestial attacks using gravity.

Celestial Light
Cursed Aura
Self-Hatred: Spend life for Hate and power.
Dirges: Useful songs in the style of Chants and Hymns.


Short Name: 


This addon adds the Bristlebarb as a playable class.
Bristlebarbs hate everyone with a passion, but refuse to lower themselves to the levels of other by fighting.
Their scorn alone empower them as they cover themselves in spikes and trudge their own path, in blood.

Bristlebarbs use no weapons but are covered in a living bramble that they can control.

They use a special resource : thorns.
Higher thorn count give them bonus damage.
Lower thorn count slow them down but increase their armor, as their thorn become dead wood.
Extremely low thorn will prevent all movement.
Thorns default to 50% on rest and increase in the presence of worthy enemies (rare rank and above).

5 unique class trees (1 locked) :
Scorn : A manifestation of their hate for the outside world
Flow of the thorn : You move like a vine, nothing stopping you from growing wherever you want.
One with the thorn : More and more, your body changes and adapt.
Mutation : your thorns started simple, what are they becoming now ?
Wrath of the thorn : harness your hate to guide your thorns in devastating attacks.

1 Unique generic tree (locked) :
Roots : a generic tree all about getting hit and doing nothing

Bristlebarbs can not appear on NPC.


Please report any bugs you find and I will endeavor to fix them ;)
The class should be mostly balanced except for Roots tree and thorn weapon damage.
Any input is helpful and appreciated.

If possible, please take discussions and bugs report to the forum thread :

Credits for all the talent and effect icons. for the class icon and a couple others.

In advance, whoever tries this out and gives me feedback so I can continue to improve it !


1.0.0 :
- Slightly nerfed Slow Wrath
- Fixed a Path of Pain abuse
- Regen *really* brings you to 50 thorns now

0.10.2 :
- Nerf : Thorny Presence is back to its previous state, it can only proc once per global turn rather than everytime you act
- Nerf : Strength of the Earth heal is halved and thorn gain is greatly reduced
- Nerf : Weathering Rock bonus save and armor reduced by ~30%
- Nerf : Slow Wrath damage boost is halved
- Nerf : Thorn Walker can now only trigger up to 5 times per global turns, putting a cap on movement infusion/path of pain synergy
- Nerf : Blighted Bristle stat reduction reduced by ~20%

0.10.1 :
- Quick fix because i broke something right as i released the new version

0.10.0 :
- Thorns now properly displayed (full at 100% instead of 2/3)
- Thorns no longer ping pong around 50%. Regen stops at 45%, decay stops at 55%
- Pincushion now display the number of stacks on the debuff so you know how much you'll deal next hit
- Nerf : Scorn and Thorn cd is now 8-6 (from 6-4). You lose more thorns when blocking a hit
- Nerf : all the resists from One With the Thorn talents are lowered slightly
- Bug Fix : Whipping Instinct now properly cost 15 thorns to trigger
- Change : Poisonous Barbs can no longer afflict Spydric Poison. This was messing with Painwalker too much
- Buff : Painwalker debuff duration lowered to 7-2 (from 14-4). Painwalker now use movespeed if it is >100%
- Buff : Three-Pronged Point made more interesting at lower talent level (lower debuff, stronger side attack)
- Buff : Path of Pain +1 range at all talent level, damage buffed some
- Buff : Controlled Growth now more effective at low talent level
- Buff : Hedge Wall cost 50% of your max thorns at most. It lasts 1 turn longer at 1/5.
- Big change : Thorn Fist now gives a single massive thorn weapon. Thorn weapon damage is properly displayed in char sheet.
- New tree ! Root is a generic tree that requires level 10. It gives bonus for staying in place and getting hit.

0.9.4 :
- Bug fix : Bloody Brier no longer works on cut immune enemies
- Bug fix : Poisonous Barbs no longer works on poison immune enemies
- Bug Fix : Blighted Bristle no longer works on disease immune enemies
- Bug Fix : Thorn Grasp can now pull when you're pinned
- Bug Fix : Thorn Fists now properly gives physical power
- Nerf : Blighted Bristle reduce stats by a lower amount
- Thorn Drag renamed to Thorny Presence
- Spine Twirl renamed to Vine Twirl
- Bug fix : Whipping Instincts no longer hurt yourself when walking on a giant boulder trap
- Bug Fix : Whipping Instincts no longer destroy projectiles outside vision or hit their source outside vision
- Unarmed attack now deal Thorn damage
- Thorn Fists now have a base crit chance, scaling with talent level
- Thorn Fists CON scaling reduced at low talent level. Damage is unchanged at 5/5, lower before

0.9.3 :
- Thorn Fists only allows to dig sand wall while playing EoR (rather than in every campaign). This is added in Thorn Fists description.
- Fixed Pin Cushion : bonus damage is now properly granted
- Buffed Pin Cushion : higher damage, scales better with talent level
- Changed Scorn and Thorn : now block hits >15% (from scaling 7%-25%) and the cooldown scales with level (from 5 to 6-4)
- Fixed Path of Pain : was triggering Body of Thorn retaliation on yourself
- Buffed Path of Pain : self damage is now reduced based on talent level
- Buffed Painwalker, Thorn Grasp, and Whipping Instinct damage
- Fixed Spine Twirl : radius now properly scales with talent level rather than starting at 3
- Lowered Thorn Fists damage at early talent level
- Added armor pen to Thorn Fists

0.9.2 :
- properly disable NPC from being Bristlebarbs
- allow Bristlebarb categories on amulet of mastery/perfection
- fixed a bug when dealing thorn damage to a displacement shield
- fixed a bug with speed displaying for wrath of the thorn talents if a weapon was equipped

0.9.1 :
- fix body of thorn crashing the game on environmental damage
- gave thorn fists the ability to dig sand wall in ritch hive (EoR)

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