A newbie first memorable death.

This is the first in what I hope are many posts from me, to this amazing game and community. I have only been playing for a week or two, and this the first character who died that I feel regret for. Even if, from what I have gleaned, I was not even a fourth into the campaign, this is still pretty cool so far

Today Ilegon, Cornac Shadowblade, falls on some god-forsaken blighted ruins on the middle of nowhere. I guess the game saying something along the lines of "you heard horrible, scary things and feel terrified just standing on the entrance" should've tipped me off. In my defense, that character had already survived things he had no business ever living through by sheer grit, obstinacy, dirty tricks, and luck (I guess halfling foot do bring luck, eh). If I had been on some of those fights on the other side, I would've been like "Die already you cheating bastard!" But alas, his luck had to run out someday.

I'll miss that guy. It was only these last few days that I was marveled with the synergy the Stealth and Ambush trees had. Before that it was mostly Stealth tree and Shadowstep. There is really nothing quite like using a shadow clone, charging into the fray worryless and combining shadow dance with a shadow veil. That was cathartic. Or, if it was an ass with 100 dark resist, just debuffing and petrifying him to soft him up.

But man, he seriously had quite some luck.

Now, after talking a bit on the chat this morning (and realizing that I'm, in fact, very far away from unlocking Necromancer) I have started a Higher Summoner to satisfy my craving for unleashing a horde of monsters on my enemies. So far, it kind of feels like I'm playing roguelike Pokemon. A very cool roguelike pokemon. I died already at level six, but since that was just me being stupid against the Assassin Lord on the ambush I started it anew.

It's a bit strange suddenly being "the leader" instead of "the lone knife that stabs things on the back". Kind of refreshing. A mind beam of sort I've acquired has helped me feel less useless towards my summons, though it doesn't help that I'm killing them too sometimes. Poor turtle, holding the line only so I can blast my foes together with him. He deserves a raise or something. It's probably because I'm such a terrible boss that my Treant likes to freeze me. But don't worry, I'll get better.

Gotta catch em all!

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