Verbose Enemies

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Makes the monsters of Eyal somewhat more talkative...and prone to insulting you. Featuring taunts from Gaslamp Games' roguelike Dungeons of Dredmor! Also now featuring the EXTENSIVE taunt collection from the iconic Dredmor mod, Death By A Thousand Taunts. This mod was created by Deeborm, and is only included with their approval. Three cheers for Deeborm! Relive your dredmor adventures in the world of Eyal.

You can also add your own taunts! To do this create a file named verbose_user_defined_taunts.cfg and place it in your settings folder where it can be friends with all the other .cfg files. Inside this file put:
verbose_user_defined_taunts = {"I'm a taunt! ", "Your taunt here! ", "Taunts everywhere, taunts everywhere "}
except with your taunts. Just make sure they're all comma separated and in quotation marks. Additionally, due to something weird in how the the speech is displayed a small bit of the final character can sometimes be cut off. Add a space before the closing quotation mark to head this off. After that save it and enable custom taunts from the settings menu in-game!

All taunts (base Dredmor taunts, Deeborm's extended dredmor taunts, and custom taunts) can be toggled from the in-game settings, in the Misc tab.

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