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select-your-escorts+Chinese translation

Allows you to choose which escorts you will encounter at the start of the game.
You may change the future encounters in the game menu (Esc).

There is an option to choose a random escort in case you just wanted to guarantee some unlocks before continuing with the base game's behavior.

Note: You're only supposed to be able to choose the lost tinker once. (Must have the Embers of Rage DLC and unlocked by playing in the Orcs campaign)
Note: Unfortunately the only time that addons can get the possible escort types is after the random escort quest is assigned.
This means escorts added by other addons will not be available for selection, but will still be possible to find using the random selection.

Escorts Enhanced CN

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Various enhancements to escort quest NPCs:
- Escorts now follow the player when not close to the portal.
- Escorts occasionally say useful things.
- Escorts heal 5% of their maximum health per turn when not doing anything else.

Tougher Escorts

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Sets escorts HP to 1000 and life regen to 100. This mod is not intended to be balanced and will make the game easier. Use at your own discretion.

Tough Escorts

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Sets escorts HP to 1000 and life regen to 100. This mod is not intended to be balanced and will make the game easier! Use at your own discretion.

Escorts Enhanced CN

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hz-escorts CN

Escorts Enhanced

Unlock Tinker Escorts

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Unlocks Tinkers Escorts in the main campaign by "removing" a single line.
This will not do anything without EoR installed and will not make any difference if you already unlocked tinkers in AoA the regular way.

Select First Escort

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Creates a setting under Game Options/Gameplay for selecting the
first escort that will spawn.

This is intended to allow players to make characters that rely on a certain
escort reward without having to reroll repeatedly or savescum to get what they
need, but not gain the advantage of selecting ALL the escorts to get the best
possible reward every time. With this addon, only the first escort to spawn
will be of the selected type; all others will be randomly selected.

An advantage of this over addons that allow selecting the escort type when it
spawns is that it is less likely to cause bugs. This addon does not create a
new in-game menu, but rather handles selection through the settings menu.
Escorts are generated using the standard quest code.

Escort Mastery Buff Addon

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Escort Rescheduling

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Slightly adjust the random level selection for escort quests to avoid levels with zone bosses.

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