infinite farportal

Infinite Farportal

Short Name: 

"Weeks ago, you arrived into the Shertul Fortress, following the collapse of Nur right behind you.
You were able to save a small group of villagers, who have set up a town in the north end of the Fortress.

Weeks later, as the town is coming together, you hear a loud growling sound coming from the south.
As you head to explore it, you find a weakened horror.
Right before you engage the beast however, you see what appears to be a... portal, directly behind it.
The beast appears to have come from it... meaning there are more monstrosities out there...

Alongside the only possibilty of escaping from this place...

Steeling your resolve, you have choosen to explore the portal, and look for a way out."


In this addon, you attempt to complete the farportal as many times as possible.
In order to help this, a couple of things have been changed.

You are given access to a town in the north.
You gain the same basic sorting storage as in the main game, and the training dummies have been moved to the south.

In the Town, you can find a multitude of shops, and a Merchant.
The Merchant is capable of doing many things to aid you on your way.

He can craft you tier 1-5 artifacts, for fair(or so he says) prices, to offer you a boost when you find yourself struggling.
If you don't like the item you got, you can pay him 10% of the original cost to reroll it again!
He can also craft you companions, if you ever find yourself struggling. (These guys will not level up however, so don't think about stacking em. :wink: )
You can also give him 33% of your gold to restock all shops.

Lastly, and most dangerously, you can ask him to break 'Seals' of the Farportal, which will directly summon Farportal Bosses into the fortress.
You can choose between 1 to 10 at once. (6+ are slightly buggy atm, so be advised)
This is expensive, however, and will cost you, at the least, 2000 gold in your pocket.

Additionally, you gain 10% of your current gold every time you complete a farportal, alongside an experience boost.
This boost will decay over levels, but is noticeable for some time.
The gold bonus will reward players who dare to attempt the Farportal without maximizing their gold spending.


Dive into the Infinite Farportal, and pray, or you will never again see the light of day.

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