Use Item Shortcuts

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Adds some additional entries to the inventory's use-item dialog to more conveniently apply some talents to items in inventory.  Current added entries are:

  • "Extract gem", to apply Extract Gems to a metal weapon or armor
  • "Convert to alchemist gems", to apply Create Alchemist Gems to a gem
  • "Extract energy from gem", to apply Matter is Energy to a gem.
  • "Grasp telekinetically", to apply Telekinetic Grasp to a weapon or gem
  • "Use as sentry", to apply Cursed Sentry to a weapon

In addition, if you have turned off the "Object & Creature links" chat message filter under Game Options, the "Link item in chat" entry is removed from the dialog.

    Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

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