Inventory Keys

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Some improvements to key handling in the inventory dialog and related dialogs used by the 'd'rop command and various item-using talents:

  • Items in the inventory list can now be selected by typing their letter in the listing.¹
  • Restore the use of left and right arrow keys in the inventory dialog to move between the equipment and inventory subsections.
  • Restore "circular" inventory list functionality; moving off the top or bottom of the list with arrow keys will wrap around to the other end.
  • (as of v1d) Where available, item actions in the use-item dialog now have 'mnemonic' keys that can be typed to select and trigger the action.  These can be changed as desired via the "[ZOmnibus] | Use-item dialog shortcuts" game option.

Also available as part of the ZOmnibus Addon Pack and ZOmnibus Lite.

    ¹ Disclaimer:  This functionality is actually already present in the main module, if the right subsection of the dialog is focused; we merely arrange for said subsection to have focus when the dialog is initially created and displayed, so that letter selection works without further user action.

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