Chicken Dinner? Kinda

First time writing on here, only just discovered this option.

I've been playing ToME on and off for about 6 years now and Exploration Mode is the only thing that keeps it fun for me. I don't really care too much about the roguelike experience, and while trying my best not to die, its not fun for me to repeatedly bang my head against a wall in order to make it budge. I'm a super casual player and it is immensely fun for me that this game got past roguelike elitism and offers something for all kinds of players.

There is so much variety in builds and what you can do and while the tactical angle is great, what kills most roguelikes for me is that you need a razor sharp attention span over hours and hours of play. There just are lapses of concentration for me, this game is hard enough to kill you at any point where you stop paying close attention, so my ADD brain is very thankful that this kind of misstep doesn't spell the end for my run anymore. I play this game similar to any normal RPG and after finishing my first run, I'm already itching to try it with a new character (or maybe do some postgame stuff first).

So yeah, my character was Rall, the Dwarf Berserker, first winner on this account. I know she wouldn't have made it in Adventure Mode (let alone roguelike), but I'm still very happy I managed to pull through with her. What killed me most of the time was just curiosity and some very brutal situations (I learned that having high resistances doesn't mean you can't take over 1000 damage in one turn). Aside from these lapses, I am very proud I managed to kill the 7 Multicolor Wyrms without a death on this character, which I attribute mostly to how you can kite them out of the room 1 by 1 (most of the time).

My goals are now to unlock all the classes and races and get a few more wins in with more advanced/weird/fun classes.


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