Fuck Patrols Addon

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All World Map Patrols have been disabled because they're fucking annoying and nobody likes them.
Patrols eliminated:
- Adventurer Parties
- Zigur Patrols
- Orc Patrols
Who's going to miss them? Nobody.
RIP in Pepperonis.

Half Orcs

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You are the bastard son of an orc invader from the east and a farmer's wife.
Not ever knowing your father, you decide the best way to find him is to become an adventurer.

Introducing Half-Orcs!

0.0.2 Bugfix Release:
Fixed survival instinct not triggering.
Fixed Running for your life increasing global not movement.

Fixed survival instinct not increasing with multiple mobs
Rebalanced survival instinct to give less bonus that Cunning/Tactical/Tactical Expert
Renamed race from Half to HalfOrc (Will change this later to Half-Orc or Half Orc if I can figure out why it wasn't letting me)
Other bugfixes that I can't remember

Went Mad.
Broke Survival instinct
Fixed Survival instinct
Rescaled Survival instinct

Killed more bugs.
Wondered if bugs are spreading?

0.0.6 "Home sweet home Edition"
Killed bugs.
Created half-orc's home. Can only be accessed once for now, will fix this later.
Renamed Tough Upbringing to Garkul's Successor
Added misc things that I forgot to note down.
Removed Survival instinct, shifted talents down and added Devourer's Strength as the new third tier talent

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