Exponential Leveling - A legit way for Madness

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Exponential Leveling is an addon that changes the amount of points (stats, class, ..) and optionally resources (hp/stamina/mana/regen..) you gain upon EACH level up.
It is meant to make Madness difficulty possible without cheating or hacking of any kind. The game isn't really meant to be beaten on Madness-Roguelike in a legit way, which is why trainers/cheats/savescams exist. There have been only a couple of winners that might be real and legit, and they are Adventure class with no video proof.

Being fully configurable, it can also be used to make the game easier as you wish to.


How to use this addon:

    - Download and install, of course. Check if the addon is ACTIVATED. If you have another addon that superload/overload player.lua, it might conflict.
    - Start a New Game.
    - Under Options > Gameplay, you can enable or disable the addon. This will work from the next levelup. It cannot be used retroactively.
    - You can also change mode of operating (Default is balanced) and optional modes of operation (Also increase resources, life, etc on levelup) or be left as is.

Operating Modes:
    - Balanced -> Gives extra points in a fair way depending on your difficulty (Nightmare, Insane and Madness)
    - Extra Points -> Gives many more points than vanilla in any difficulty
    - Cheatish -> Gives way more points than you'll ever need
    - Only Life -> Does NOT change how many points you gain on levelup, but provide some extra MAX HP on levelup. How much per level can be configured under the options.

Optional Modes (These work alongside Operating Modes):
    - None -> Nothing else than what chosen under Operating Modes
    - All Resources -> Increase stamina, mana, hate, vim, etc (MAX and regen) upon levelup. How much per level can be configured under the options.
    - MAX HP -> Increase only MAX HP and not all resources upon levelup. How much per level can be configured under the options. Stacks with Only Life if you want to.

POINTS COMPARISON (Example: Cornac Rogue at lv50):
        STATS    |    TALENTS    |    GENERIC    |    CATEGORY    |    PRODIGIES    |    MAX HP    |    STAMINA                    

VANILLA | 160 | 70 | 49 | 4 | 2 | 958 | 247
BALANCED NIGHTMARE | 181 | 127 | 101 | 9 | 5 | 958 | 247
BALANCED INSANE | 217 | 145 | 119 | 12 | 8 | 958 | 247
BALANCED MADNESS | 269 | 166 | 140 | 20 | 17 | 958 | 247
EXTRA POINTS | 212 | 171 | 150 | 14 | 17 | 958 | 247
CHEATISH | 1140 | 560 | 539 | 102 | 202 | 958 | 247
ONLY LIFE | 160 | 70 | 49 | 4 | 2 | 1252+ | 247

+ ALL RESOURCES | - | - | - | - | - | 1252+ | 396+

All resources ALSO gives, by a small amount, resources regeneration like: mana, stamina, vim, positive/negative, hate (per kill, not passively generated), psi and reduces equilibrium (by a small amount) every turn even in combat.

Update v4.0.3
  • Fixed the partial points (0.5 or negative -0) display bug in the character sheet and levelup screen. Overall points are the same as before.
Update v4.0.2
  • Fixed equilibrium regen bug (now it correctly reduces your equilibrium per turn by a small amount and stacks with other effects)
Update v4.0
  • Compatible with TOME 1.7.4
  • Options are much easier to understand and more customizable
  • Balanced mode (Default) is now meant to make Madness ACHIEVABLE without cheating; it's still hard as hell.

Exponential Leveling

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Exponientally increase points gained upon levelup, making you able to fully develop your character and increasing max life each level.

Overpowered Levelup Bonuses

Short Name: 

Gives extra talent, generic, category, prodigy, and saves every level. Also gives increased bonuses for wil, dex, con.

Adjustable Talent/Stat/Generic Point Multiplier

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Hello, everyone. This is my first mod; I would like to state, first and foremost, that it is my very first, and I hardly know the language. I have been using it, and have not experienced any bugs personally; but to be safe, I would say back-up saves before using, and so on.

This mod may be considered a little "Cheaty", but I made it for those who found the game too hard, or wanted faster progress/different customization, but didn't want to reach high level too fast via the 'Adjustable EXP' mod (Like myself). This mod allows you to, via Game Options, set a modifier (Whole numbers only) from 1-10, for how many Stat Points, Talent Points, and Generic Points you get per level, seperately. You could make yourself gain 2x the stats (So 6) per level, or instead, 3x the Talent Points, while only the normal amount of generic ones. I tried to make it pretty customizable, really.

I hope you enjoy! Please report any bugs you find.

Update 1: Adjusted the md5 hash, and short-name inside the addon, to allow it to register with the md5 check okay.

Update 2:
I included EXP rate modification, aka, exp gained per kill, as seen in the adjustable-exp mod. It was because I used it at times, but it wasn't updated. If the owner of said mod would like it removed once updated, I can!

As a note, these are editable in Game Options -> Gameplay, AFTER having made a new character.

After doing this, you can adjust EXP rate between 0 and 1000%.
You can gain between 1-10x the following:
Stat Points
Talent Points
Generic Points
For example, you gain 3x Stat Points per level up usually, at "3x" multiplier, you will gain 9. This is ONLY at level up. You have the normal amount at level 1!

!! You MUST make a new character !!

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