More Generous Levels

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Is a lot more generous with talents, types and stat points for each level gained.
Birth stats remain unchanged.
5 stat points per level.
3 talent points per level ( 4 if a multiple of 5 ).
3 generic points per level ( 2 if a multiple of 5 ).
3 category points per instance at levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 36 ( and for every 30 levels after).
2 prodigies at levels 20, 30 and 42. Additionally, +1 prodigies every 50 levels.

Shield Tactics - New Bulwark Talent Category

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Adds the 'Technique/Shield tactics' talent tree as a new generic category available to Bulwarks. Starts locked at 1.3 mastery, and requires Con.

1)Tempered Will:
While your shield is raised you become a nearly impenetrable wall of metal and pure grit, able to divert some of the force of even non-physical assualts.
While Block is active, you will gain X% Physical resistance and Y% of all non-Physical incoming damage will be converted to Physical damage. Damage conversion is improved by your Spell Save, and Physical resistance by your Constitution.

2)Relentless Retaliation:
Each time you fully block incoming damage, you gain X% attack speed for one turn. This effect can stack up to 8 times. The effect improves with Dexterity.

3)Tactical Defense:
Each time you fully block incoming damage, you use the tactical advantage to reduce the remaining cooldown of your inscriptions. This will reduce the cooldown of a random inscription by one turn, and can occur at most X times per turn. This value improves with Constitution.

4)Reflexive Block:
You are unmatched in your ability to react with your shield. If an attack would deal damage greater than X% of your maximum life, you raise your shield in an instant, preemptively reducing the damage by Y% of your block value and assuming a blocking stance. This bonus block will not check or trigger Block cooldown. Damage reduction improves with Constitution. This talent has a cooldown.

Starting prodigy

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Prodigies have minimal requirements and you can get one at level 1.

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