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The full suite of QuickTome changes.

The general principles are to get rid of grinding, shorten the Maj'Eyal campaign, and make the game harder. There are tons of changes to this effect, but here is a short summary of them:
- The lighting system is removed and sight radius is locked at 10. LOS and ranges are square and more consistent. Players cannot be blinded and can always see invisible/stealthed creatures. Divinations, Track, telepathy, etc. are removed; you cannot detect monsters that are out of LOS.
- Traveling between zones is much faster.
- Resources like equilibrium, vim, etc. regenerate normally.
- Stat requirements are removed.
- (Maj'Eyal campaign only) Much fewer zones, and some zones are shortened or otherwise changed. Experience and items are improved somewhat, but this only partially compensates; the game is still harder overall.
- (Maj'Eyal campaign only) Zones have fixed levels instead of scaling themselves to your level.
- (Maj'Eyal campaign only) No more grinding opportunities. Summons don't give experience or items.
- (Maj'Eyal campaign only) Random uniques/bosses appear on Normal and Nightmare as well as Insane.
- Loads of other tweaks to zones, items, vaults, NPCs, talents, and so on.

A new starting quest in the Maj'Eyal campaign will tell you what you need to know.

It is recommended not to enable this addon at the same time as other QuickTome addons, as this addon already contains all their features, so they will do nothing but increase loading times.

Weight: 216063



- Initial release


- Fix Sandworm Lair removal (oops)


- Shorten Temporal Rift
- Add a marker for use by qt-improved-recall (not visible to player)


- Hotfix for Temporal Rift exit


- Removed Shadow Crypt.
- Only two of the Trollmire, Ruins of Kor'Pul, Norgos' Lair, Heart of the Gloom, Scintillating Caves, and Rhaloren Camp may be entered each game. After entering two, the other four become inaccessible. The guardians in Heart of the Gloom, Scintillating Caves, and Rhaloren Camp no longer have specific artifacts associated with them (they always give random ones).
- The Trollmire no longer has its final level (Bill's lair), but Bill replaces Prox or Shax.
- Ruins of Kor'Pul and Rhaloren Camp no longer generate glowing chests.
- Actor experience value in Maj-Eyal is slightly increased (+10%).
- Fixed possible crash when loading entity files (especially in Infinite Dungeon/Arena)


- Actually upload the right version (oops again)


- *Probably* fix a seemingly random bug that prevents the starter zones quest from updating


- Actually fix that bug (the culprit was a combination of "restart with the same character", and me being stupid)


- Fix serialization bug with zone entrance removal (and generally make the code for it less stupid).


- The backup guardians quest is now granted when a portal to Maj'Eyal is created, instead of when it is used, since users of qt-improved-recall have no need to use the portal directly.
- The west-portal quest, orc-pride quest, and Relentless Pursuit talent are now granted upon entering the Far East, removing the need to talk to Aeryn and Zemekkys to get them.
- The first level has been cut from each of Gorbat, Rak'Shor, and Vor prides, leaving them at 2 levels each. Grushnak Pride is unchanged.
- The first two levels have been cut from ErĂșan.
- The overpowered greater multi-hued wyrms in the Vor Armoury now give the "normal" amount of experience for their level and rank, instead of triple experience like they do in vanilla. In Zone Overhaul games, players shouldn't be reaching level 50 before they even prides or farportals.


- The tier 1 zone quest is now correctly updated when the player teleports to level 2 of a zone via the Celestial starting quest.


- Removed Briagh's Lair and moved the Resonating Diamond to Vor Armoury
- Removed the first 5 levels from High Peak
- Increased experience bonus to +20%
- Improved item quality


- Removed first level of Abashed Expanse
- Removed second and third levels of Conclave Vault
- Removed first level of Daikara
- Removed first two levels of Grushnak Pride
- Removed first level of Old Forest


- Removed ErĂșan and Charred Scar
- Made High Peak and final fight act as if Charred Scar was completed successfully
- Increased most sources of gold by 50%
- Removed shop buy/transmogrification limit
- Update superload list
- Add ritches to Mark of the Spellblaze
- Add spiders to Reknor
- The Transmogrification Chest always uses Extract Gems if available (and it would increase the gold value); you are not required to upgrade it in the fortress.


- Updated for ToME4 1.4.0


- Updated for ToME4 1.4.8
- Now compatible with the Automated Portable Extractor from Embers of Rage. (This is only relevant when playing Maj'Eyal characters with an APE; the orcs campaign is not shortened yet and for now you should disable this addon there.)
- Greatly improved campaign detection. Almost no changes are applied to games in non-Maj'Eyal campaigns now.


- Fixed extremely embarrassing regression that inverted the logic of the transmogrification price cap change.


- Removed the first four levels of Dreadfell. It now has two backup guardians per level.
- Removed events, items, and NPCs from Golem Graveyard.


- Merged Rak'shor and Vor Pride into Rak'Vor Pride.
- Merged Grushnak and Gorbat Pride into Grushbat Pride.
- Removed the following backup guardians: Corrupted Sand Wyrm, Nimisil, Snaproot, Spellblaze Simulacrum, The Abomination. The Wyrm Bile, Atamathon's Ruby Eye, Lunar Shield, Crystal Heart, and Petrified Wood have been redistributed to the other backup guardians (in addition to their normal drops).
- Increased experience multiplier from 20% to 25%.
- Completely overhauled item drop weights to be more coherent and consistent. (The only change here that players are likely to notice is that bosses drop uniques more often).


- Fixed bug that made the wrong item drop tables apply in some situations


- Fixed possible crash in entityFilterAlter


- Greatly reduce lesser vault frequency in Grushbat Pride


- Removed Flooded Cave, Temple of Creation, Derth, Elvala, Shatur, Unremarkable Cave
- Removed shops except for the lost merchant (you can still buy combat/staff/mindstar training and imbue rings)
- Stire and Marus have moved to Last Hope
- Made Tempest Peak revealed from the start
- Joining Zigur now grants Fungus immediately
- Legacy of the Naloren no longer has special requirements; learning Legacy of the Naloren now grants the trident immediately
- Zone base levels no longer depend on the player's level


- Updated for ToME4 version 1.5.1


- Removed an unused superload
- Nerfed fixed levels on Nightmare and Insane a bit. Tier 2 zones were being fixed at level 24 on Insane, compared to ranges of 11.5-25 in vanilla. (Vanilla Madness is lower than that!) Coupled with the loss of shops, villager experience, and most tier 1 zones, Insane was nearly impossible. The zone level multiplier has been reduced from 1.5 to 1.35 and the extra constant added levels have been changed to the 1.5.5 ones. This will still result in higher zone levels than in vanilla in almost all cases - along with all the other difficulty increases. Madness is unchanged.
- Added randbosses to Normal and Nightmare to make those difficulty levels a bit more challenging.


- Shortened High Peak further, from 5 to 3 levels.
- Shortened Ruined Halfling Complex slightly, removing the first level.
- Removed the extra loot from the Room of Death and made the wyrms no longer give experience.


- Fixed Ruined Halfling Complex not having an exit to the wilderness


- Removed Ancient Elven Ruins
- Removed Conclave Vault
- Towns no longer have random NPCs at all
- Bindings/Crown of Eternal Night can now generate anywhere
- Brotherhood of Alchemists quest is gone. The extra talent points from Elixir of Focus and Foundations are given at levels 5, 7, 10, and 12.
- Traveling east establishes a farportal in both towns immediately; no more There/Back and Back/There Again quests. Zemekkys' door is gone.
- Removed backup guardians. You get a category point at level 40 to make up for the loss of Wyrm Bile.
- Removed Tannen and the corresponding zones (Telos' Bottom Half can now generate anywhere)
- Removed Melnela
- World/boss artifacts are no longer restricted by continent
- Nerfed vault items but slightly increased floor unique drops


- Reduced Maze zone level from 14 to 10
- Reduced Old Forest zone level from 14 to 12
- Added a quest with information about Zone Overhaul and available zones
- Made starting quest more likely to successfully be given on weird premade characters etc
- Fixed Agrimley appearing in the wilderness despite his quest being gone


- Fix bug preventing the starting quest from being given if you had an Arena champion


- Fix "restart with the same character" bug with starting zones quest (AGAIN)


- Fix Legacy of the Naloren not being correctly marked as twohanded


- Very late update so that Forbidden Cults can be enabled without *completely* breaking balance:

  - No additional zones (Occult Egress, Scourged Pits, Krog quest, Godfeaster, Eerie Cave, Forbidden Tomes, tentacle trees)
  - No shops or NPCs in Kroshkkurr
  - Characters that start in Kroshkkurr still have access to the Maggot.

- Integrated Arena Skip, Remove Escorts and No Item Decay (you may leave these addons enabled or disabled, doesn't matter)
- Ruined Halfling Complex removed
- Tempest Peak removed
- Temporal Rift removed (Daikara boss drops Rune of the Rift)
- Thieves' Tunnels removed
- Tranquil Meadow removed
- Valley of the Moon removed; Limmir now has a dedicated shop in Gates of Morning and can imbue amulets as soon as you give him the tome
- Ungrol's shop removed; you can now buy randarts from Limmir
- Alternate Maze is now 2 levels like regular Maze; now provides same average number of enemies as regular Maze
- The Maze now provides all four lore pieces
- Alternate Scintillating Caves is now 3 levels like regular Scintillating Caves; now provides same number of enemies/objects as regular Caves
- The "tier 1" zones have been split into two tiers: you may enter one of Norgos/Scintillating/Trollmire, and one of Gloom/Kor'Pul/Rhaloren
- Heart of the Gloom, Rhaloren Camp, and Ruins of Kor'Pul increased from level 3 to level 5
- Protector Myssil removed
- Increased experience bonus from +25% to +35% to account for removed zones
- Zones that had backup guardians no longer increase their material levels after going East
- Heart of the Sandworm Queen now grants both Harmony and Vile Life, and drake_touched even to undead
- Removed the gold multiplier and re-imposed the selling/transmogrifying cap. Imbuing rings and amulets is now free; Limmir's randarts cost 2000 gold each.
- Enabled ignore_prodigies_special_reqs in Maj'Eyal
- Legacy of the Naloren no longer gives you a weapon, but gives twice as many talent levels
- Made the addon much better at only affecting the Maj'Eyal campaign


- Fix Forbidden Tomes still generating (DAMMIT)


- Dreadfell overload in last version wasn't applying somehow, but seems to be fixed now???


- Work around bizarre Dreadfell .teaa issue


- Repurposed and renamed this addon as "QuickTome: Full". The features of Creature Changes, Improved Recall, Item Tweaks, Remove Stat Requirements, Remove Traps, Resource Tweaks, Sight Overhaul, Square Field of Vision, and Vault Tweaks are integrated into it, so you needn't download them separately unless you want to use a subset of them in "normal" games.
- Bug fix: Inspect Creature cannot be used on creatures that are out of LOS.
- Maj'Eyal: Summoned creatures no longer grant experience or drop items.
- Maj'Eyal: Creatures that die to things other than the player now grant experience to the player. Combined with the summon change, this should enforce consistent experience gain.
- Maj'Eyal: Overpowered greater multi-hued wyrms no longer carry gold pieces.
- Maj'Eyal: Race- and class-specific zones removed; characters now begin on the world map. Undead no longer need the Cloak of Deception.
- Maj'Eyal: Tier 1 and 2 item quality improved a bit.
- Maj'Eyal: Angolwen removed.
- Maj'Eyal: Actually removed the floor gold multiplier.
- Maj'Eyal: Reduced the price of Limmir's randarts from 2000 gold to 1000 gold. Should more closely match the number of randarts you can buy in vanilla.
- Maj'Eyal: Transmogrifying/melting tinkers gives no gold.
- Maj'Eyal: Increased Daikara's level from 14 to 16.
- Maj'Eyal: Completely revamped the terrain in Reknor. Tons of new chunks, no more islands.
- Maj'Eyal: Trollmire and Kor'Pul can now have randbosses like the rest of the zones.
- Maj'Eyal: All characters begin with Combat Training and Shoot. Staff Combat and Mindstar Mastery may be unlocked at 1.2 mastery by reading tomes you start with.
- Maj'Eyal: Fixed extra talent points not being granted if the player leveled up while controlling another creature.
- Maj'Eyal: Sher'Tul Fortress energy removed. The training room and mirror no longer require energy to unlock. The farportal is no longer available.
- Maj'Eyal: Players start with an infinite supply of troll intestines, sandworm teeth, etc. for crafting tinkers (of course, only tinker classes get the opportunity).
- Maj'Eyal: Disallowed some prodigies that don't make sense anymore.
- Maj'Eyal: Talking to the Elder of Last Hope is no longer necessary or possible.


- Fix some item egos erroneously generating


- Fix recall chat in the East


- Shielding runes now activate automatically when you would take damage (and cannot be manually activated). Autoexplore with less fear! The Rune of Reflection is renamed to the Wizard's Shielding Rune and no longer reflects.
- Removed Cunning/Trapping and Celestial/Glyphs.
- Damage the player deals to themselves is reduced to 1.
- Player projectiles (and their allies' projectiles) are instant.
- Merged Minstars (mindstar ego overhaul).
- Removed the thunderstorm event.
- Maj'Eyal: Removed melee retaliation, die_at, and greater saves as randart properties; reduced rarity and increased randartmax of the regular save properties.
- Maj'Eyal: Removed some lemon egos: slimy, spiked body armor, of the leech
- Maj'Eyal: Power is Money requires much less money.
- Maj'Eyal: NPCs no longer randomly generate with fixedarts equipped.
- Maj'Eyal: Removed Dragonskull Helm, Fanged Collar, and Writhing Ring of the Hunter.
- Maj'Eyal: Replaced all random vaults with new ones, with more stable XP and items, more danger, and fewer doors.
- Maj'Eyal: Greatly increased the frequency of floor artifacts to compensate for not getting them from NPC equipment (and getting fewer of them from vaults).
- Maj'Eyal: "Respeccing" talent points is now allowed anywhere as long as you are out of combat and at full health.
- Maj'Eyal: Embers of Rage prodigies, and Embers classes on NPCs, only appear for tinker classes and adventurers.

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