Shadows Looks Like Shalore

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Ever felt like your Shalore and Yeek-look-like-Shalore Doomed weren't shaloren enough? I got u.

ToME Race XP Penalty Tweak

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Rebalances race xp penalties more in line with their power:

Shalore = 30%
Ogre = 35%
(Reduced by 5% in 1.1.0 for both of these).

Thalore = 25%
Skeleton = 20%
Ghoul = 20%

NOTE: Will not work as designed if addons loading after this one change Shalore, Thalore, Skeleton, Ogre or Ghoul XP penalties.

ADDON PRIORITY (Load order): 1000

This addon uses a 'ToME:load' HOOK to check for the default 1.5.5 text for certain subraces and changes them if found. Will change the actual XP penalty regardless.

Race Rebalancing Addon aka RACISM

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Rebalancing Almost Completely Inferior and Superior Mooks aka RACISM!
Changes various Race's starting attributes in order to attempt to even stuff out.
List of changes, though I could have missed some stuff:
Yeeks no longer need to breathe and have +2 Life per level.
Skeletons have 10% less of an EXP penalty and have +2 Constitution at the start.
Ghouls no longer have the 20% Speed Penalty, they also have more breath.
Swapped Thalore and Shalore EXP penalty so Thalore have 25% and Shalore have 35%.
I have left various comments noting my changes so you can see them during Character Creation.

Ogres Look Like Shalore

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Changes the Ogre graphics to the Shalore graphics. Created by request for appolyon.

Yeeks Look Like Shalore

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Changes the Yeek graphics to the Shalore graphics. That is pretty much it. Created at the request of a friend.

Sparky the Shalore Archmage

I've been starting characters in Roguelike instead of Adventure mode, since I felt I was getting sloppy with the extra lives. Well, I'm still getting sloppy, as Sparky the Shalore Archmage can attest.

Confronted by Wrathroot at the bottom of the Old Forest, I managed to hit him with a Flameshock to stun him for what, two turns? Except that you can only use one of those turns. Put two attacks in a row and the big # gets to move after your second turn. And then it was freeze, and then Stun, and hit and hit and then freeze again and poor Sparky is history.

Part of the problem was not maxxing the big three attack spells: Flame, Lightning and Manathrust. I knew I wasn't putting out enough damage, I should have gone grinding levels until I had at least Flame and Lightning maxxed.

Second part of the problem was I didn't try to Freeze W or teleport away again instead of hitting him with that last Manathrust. I knew it wasn't going to kill him, and I know about the 'one less safe turn' for stun duration. But I wasn't thinking ahead.

Third part of the problem, I was impatient. I had already teleported off one time and he was almost completely regenn'ed before he found me again. So I thought I would risk one more hit. Whoops.

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