Improved Respec

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Uses version 1.5.10 LevelupDialog.lua as a base, but allows base stats to be respecced to 1 and unlearning of known categories.

ZOmnibus Lite

Shield Tactics - New Bulwark Talent Category

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Adds the 'Technique/Shield tactics' talent tree as a new generic category available to Bulwarks. Starts locked at 1.3 mastery, and requires Con.

1)Tempered Will:
While your shield is raised you become a nearly impenetrable wall of metal and pure grit, able to divert some of the force of even non-physical assualts.
While Block is active, you will gain X% Physical resistance and Y% of all non-Physical incoming damage will be converted to Physical damage. Damage conversion is improved by your Spell Save, and Physical resistance by your Constitution.

2)Relentless Retaliation:
Each time you fully block incoming damage, you gain X% attack speed for one turn. This effect can stack up to 8 times. The effect improves with Dexterity.

3)Tactical Defense:
Each time you fully block incoming damage, you use the tactical advantage to reduce the remaining cooldown of your inscriptions. This will reduce the cooldown of a random inscription by one turn, and can occur at most X times per turn. This value improves with Constitution.

4)Reflexive Block:
You are unmatched in your ability to react with your shield. If an attack would deal damage greater than X% of your maximum life, you raise your shield in an instant, preemptively reducing the damage by Y% of your block value and assuming a blocking stance. This bonus block will not check or trigger Block cooldown. Damage reduction improves with Constitution. This talent has a cooldown.

Doomed/Darkness Tweaks

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Generous Levels

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Generous Levels

Is more generous with talents, types and stat points for each level gained.
Birth stats remain unchanged.
5 stat points per level, up 2 from 2.
2 talent points per level ( 3 if a multiple of 5 ), 1 ( 2 ) up from 1 ( 2 ).
2 generic points per level ( 1 if a multiple of 5 ), 1 ( 1 ) up from 1 ( 0 ).
4(!) category points per instance at levels 10, 20 and 36 ( and for every 30 levels after if that's a thing ), up 3 from 1.
2 prodigies at levels 30 and 42 ( up from 1 ). Additionally, +1 prodigies every 50 levels ( so 5 total at 50, and 1 more every 50 levels thereafter ).

FlexSpec Respec Limitation Relaxer

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Use Alchemist Gems From Inventory

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Allows you to configure talents that use alchemist gems to prompt for gems to use from inventory instead of your wielded gems, via the "Prompt for alchemist gems to use with this talent" option on the right-click talent binding menu or the Talents dialog. Affected talents are:

  • Refit Golem
  • Gem Portal
  • Throw Bomb
  • Shockwave Bomb
  • Thunderclap

Overpowered Levelup Bonuses

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Gives extra talent, generic, category, prodigy, and saves every level. Also gives increased bonuses for wil, dex, con.


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An experiment trying to rework and partially merge field control, mobility, acrobatics, and survival

Swap Evasion/Track

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Moves evasion to technique/field-control and track to cunning/survival.

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