Slightly More Adventurous

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Allows Adventurer characters to use some talent trees from addon-provided classes that would otherwise be inaccessible.

More specifically: Adventurers typically are allowed to use talent trees for classes added by addons, unless those classes are flagged as not for use on random bosses. This addon bypasses that check, making talent trees from classes so flagged available to Adventurers.

Improved player targetting

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Player's targetting improvements.
- The initial target for the talents of beam, ball and cone types is chosen to cover as many enemies as possible.
- Visible enemies are marked with colored numbers.
- Red color for NPCs that should be able to attack you if you make an action, green for those that will not, orange for those that will not only able to attack if you move (both participants speed, energy and availability of ranged talents are considered).
- The numbers represent the mobs' relative 'power', they can be used in target selection mode.

Extended Auto-use

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Adds additional options to talent auto-use

Starting prodigy

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Prodigies have minimal requirements and you can get one at level 1.

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