Bulwark EX

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Various buffs and QoL improvements for Bulwark.

Spell Blade Class

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Adds a new class into the game, a mage warrior hybrid. There can never be enough hybrid classes, right?

The Spell Blade is a warrior that uses magic in order to enforce their attacks with destructive spells.
They use their magic to cripple their foes and overwhelm them with swift strikes.
Their use of magic is innate and not really studied; as such they do not naturally regenerate mana and must use external means of recharging.
Therefore they also rely on channeling their spells through weapons or tools rather than casting large bolts of fire or beams of arcane energy as Archmages do. Nevertheless the result can be just as devastating.

v2.0 is a revamped version and is incompatible with old save files (too many talents were changed to work in a different way).

Contains 6 new categories.
I made the icons from scratch by myself.

Razakai's Reworks

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This addon is somewhere for me to test all my wacky ideas to see what might work in the main game. As the title states, it focuses primarily on reworking existing classes and categories. The first version contains a full Berserker rework.

Berserker now has 3 unlocked unique categories: Bloodthirst, Might and Rage. 2H Assault has had a few improvements made.
Their locked categories are the Berserker-specific Titan, as well as reworked and improved versions of Superiority and Warcries.
Note that they also have a small, hidden boost to Life/Stamina regen due to no more Combat Veteran.

- Rather than altering the existing Berserker, this is a new class called Barbarian in order to minimize impact on unrelated areas. This class will not appear on rares/randbosses.
- Not compatible with Bastion due to sharing many talents. Bastion will be merged into this addon at a later date.


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Adds the enhancement category to Shadowblade, and shadow magic to Arcane Blade.

Highblade Class

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Adds the Highblade class, a very focused arcane blade-style class, using primarily cold and lightning magic, alongside wind. Contains several blatant references.

White Monk

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Adds the White Monk, a warrior subclass.

The White Monk is an ascetic martial artist and healer, trained by the masters of their way in their secluded homeland. Monks are generally peaceful, and practice ancient healing arts using the power of their will. However, when their community is threatened, they can use their immense willpower to enhance their martial prowess, and defend themselves with deadly power. The White Monk wields no arms, instead using intense focus and training to turn their body into a weapon.

Primary stats are Dexterity and Willpower. White Monks have the unique ability to project unarmed melee attacks at a distance, with talents that allow them to strike all targets in a beam, cone, or ranged ball, as well. White Monks have a base damage modifier for hand gear of 60% Dex and 60% Wil, and gain some of the same benefits to unarmed attacks as Brawlers.

Includes five new talent trees and incorporates trees from existing Warrior and Rogue classes.

Full details in the forum thread.


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A complete rework for Archer.


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Adds the Gladiator, a warrior subclass. Gladiators are weapons experts and can wield one-handed weapons in either hand with ease, however they are also proficient with two-handed weapons and shields.
They learn many techniques for use with Axes, Maces, Swords and even more exotic weapons. Gladiators are able to quickly swap weapons and stack numerous detrimental effects on their foes, then finish them off with skills that grow more deadly the more devastated their enemies become.
Includes six new class trees and one new generic tree, allowing for a variety of builds. Will you wield maces and shields and wear your foes down while sheltered inside your armor or put defense aside, pick up a pair of waraxes and become The Axebutcher?


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A complete rework for Bulwark.


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Adds the Deathknight class. See forum thread for details.

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