Undead Verdant Fix

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Stops Verdant overwriting Undead drake aspect because I'm impatient.

Steel Drakes

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Adds the Steel Drake category for wyrmics, and eventually also adds Steel Drakes.

ToME Wyrmic Tweaks Mk. II

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A large series of Wyrmic tweaks, designed to keep the character of the class intact, but also increase its effectiveness and synergy.

Weird Wyrmic

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My own take at wyrmics.

Ryuuji the Cornac Wyrmic

So far, I've been playing Ryuuji the Cornac Wyrmic as a rather unusual sword swinger with lots of tactical options for softening up tough enemies. He just finished off the Sandworm Queen which bumped Sand talent mastery up to 1.40. Now Ryuuji's Willpower stat is getting into the territory where he can start putting class points into Breath attacks. He's kind of spread out all over the different wyrmic talent trees at present. All in all, he's a fun character to play, but got off to a rather slow start and is somewhat hampered by the lack of stun resistance.

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