First recurrent donation setup!

I would like to thank all the people that already donated to ToME, it keeps me enthusiastic and happy to know that my players are enjoying the game enough to think it is worth giving money.

On that note I want to thank Canderel whom is the very first player to setup a recurring donation!
This is a very encouraging step for me and it is my hope many others will follow the lead.

Recurring donations simply are a subscription (that is handled by paypal) in which you define the amount to provide each month, automatically.

So again, thanks to you all and happy tom'ing!

Oh pretty graphs! Realtime statistics by levels and class/race/...


I just added a new feature to which uses the existing database of characters to offer statistic graphs of those characters split by levels.

I.e: you can check how many Archmages reach level 10 or compare the death curve of Cursed and Berserkers or .../
Well you get the point!

Check it out:

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta20 aka "Shaloren Homeland" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta20 ! See

This release focuses on some bugfixes and gameplay improvements (and even more super tiles!)


Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Many fixes
  • Yeek starting zone somewhat more easy
  • New starting zones and town for the Shaloren (more races to follow)
  • New particle engine that should lag less on multicore CPUs
  • New Fighter tree: Battle Tactics
  • Temporal Warden upgrades to make them easier to start
  • Many quality-of-life improvements

Expanded changelist:

  • More sweet tiles!
  • Fix artifact duplication when golem picks them up
  • Fix Dominant Will talent tooltip
  • Melee attacks now display a visual feedback
  • Murgol Lair now has a stair up on level 1
  • Ritches in the Ritches tunnel now have only 40% fire resist
  • Trap damage randomization changed so they do not get 100 or more damage at level 1
  • When hit a creature now has a quick visual indicator that it is it, like blood stains. All creatureshave their own blood color (most are red but not all, even some player races :) )
  • Reworked talents in Shadows to make developing shadows more fun and useful.
  • Replaced Feed Life (passive boost to feed that steals life) with Devour Life (steal life attack used while feeding)
  • Minor fixes and tweeks to Doomed/Cursed.
  • Changing stats should correctly update life/mana/...
  • Firebeam talent range set to 7 instead of 70...
  • All egos/artifacts now have a line defining what kind of power made them (nature, arcane, master craftsmanship)
  • Curse of Magic quest changed: Now doable starting from level 10 it will not request that you level without magic, instead upon entering the challenge all magical abilities and items will be forever disabled for the character
  • Resolve is now learnt at 1/5 when learning antimagic
  • Antimagic will forever prevent the use of spells, corruptions, runes, divine talents and arcane powered items
  • Can not escort magic people when you have been trained by the ziguranth
  • Portal to Angolwen will be disabled if you use antimagic
  • The mage apprentice will have an appropriate reaction when meeting an antimagic character
  • Bill in the Trollmire can only get a wild or heroism infusion, no heal or regenerate
  • Ben should correctly appear in the temporal rift
  • Temporal rift is only usable once
  • Temporal rift zone is less dark
  • Fix crippling shot description
  • Autopickup gems
  • Resting in water will not suffocate you to death
  • Fix a possible bug when accepting the Grand Corruptor quest
  • Fix crash in the shadow crypt
  • Golem Power works even on the first talent screen
  • Hymn of Detection now grants some stealth and invis detection
  • Paradox cost scaling reduced and paradox costs rebalanced
  • Temporal archery tree adjusted
  • Speed-control tree adjusted
  • Temporal wardens should be more playable at level one
  • Pickaxes can be hotkeyed even with one in inventory
  • Aeryn in the endfigth will not get angry to the player
  • Resurrecting now happens on the spot of the last party member death
  • Creatures summoned by summoners now also are affected by summon destabilization
  • Humans, Halflings, Dwarves and Elves now start with the Orb of Scrying directly
  • Yeeks have a talent to merge their mind with the Way to identify stuff (and also grant passive mundane ID as the orb)
  • Undeads have a talent to recall their past life memories to identify stuff (and also grant passive mundane ID as the orb)
  • Adventure mode resurrection changed, the player is now taken to an other plane where she/he can rest and then go back
  • Meditation works around friendlies
  • Summoners do not start with a useless staff
  • The game will not switch to development profile if online profile is not logged in
  • Reduced a bit the alpha channel of clouds in the Old Forest
  • Stairs/ways/.. now appear again on the minimap
  • Fixed psionic gem wielding when the gem has no material level
  • Insane mode changed: Removed damage bonus to NPCs, instead they get higher talent levels
  • Insane mode now does NOT increase the level of objects
  • Cause of deaths are correctly logged again
  • Tweaked the colldown of some infusions/runes
  • Escape works to cancel yes/no popups
  • Keen Senses and Arcane Eye switched places
  • The temporal rift bosses now are blood linked
  • Epidemic now reduce the target's healing receieved
  • The Storming the City quest can be alternatively completed with the help of Zigur
  • Killing the Shade or Bill correctly triggers the quest for people who did not have it yet
  • ActorProject can now use a "args" field to it's particle settings
  • Reduced the stat effect on NPC runes/infusions
  • Flying texts will not appear over unseen targets
  • Infusions/Runes are now affected by staturation effects. If used quickly in a row their cooldown increases (a little)
  • Psi talents do not always deactivate at 0 energy
  • Infusions/runes on bosses have longer cooldown
  • Rod of Recall will not drop in tutorial mode
  • Disperse Magic only works on spell sustains
  • The portals in the endgame correctly disable with orbs of command instead of the orb of many ways
  • Fix Moon/Star pairing
  • Life regen is now affected by healing factor
  • New infusion: Insidious Poison, spit a bolt of poison at the target, doing nature damage per turn and reducing healing received
  • Orc wyrmics/soldiers base level increased to 10 (they should not appear in the trollmire)
  • New Fighters high tree: Battle Tactics
  • Shaloren start in their own zone (the Scintillating caves)
  • NPCs have a limit on the maximun types of inscriptions they can get at once (like they can never have more than one healing, never more than one protection, ...)
  • ESP is only computed when needed
  • New town: Elvala, the Shaloren home city
  • New zone: Rhaloren Camp, second Shaloren starting zone
  • Undeads can not use Infusions
  • ui.Checkbox control
  • Particle engine optimized some more to compute stuff only when needed
  • Overhauled the particles code, most particle computations now run in separate thread(s), this should prevent them from lagging the game on multicore CPUs
  • Detect number of CPUs and create particles threads accordingly
  • Weather disable option
  • 60% of will and cunning now used to determine Beyond the Flesh damage
  • Swapped Shield Discipline effect with Absorption mastery effect
  • Swapped Aura Discipline effect with Projection mastery effect
  • Augmentation tooltip fixed, nerfed slightly
  • Base shields don't absorb as much energy per point of damage. Spiked shields absorb much more.
  • Auras drain less energy
  • Base shields nerfed, spikes buffed
  • Base shields absorb lower percentage of incoming damage
  • Spiked shields apply to 100% of incoming damage
  • Nerf Reshape Weapon slightly
  • Reshape Weapon and Reshape Armor have 0 cost
  • Shields don't use turn
  • Auras do more damage
  • Arena update, Ziguranth inside should not be friendly
  • Random birth selection is noted in the log
  • Removed the line in the yeek wayist dialogthat can fail the unlock
  • Rush now apply a small daze on hit
  • New video option: gamma correction
  • Fix mold vault
  • Poison water now poisons
  • ActorResource can now set a minimun on ressources
  • Equilibrium from sustains can not be lost with meditation
  • Thermal leech uses a new, more appropriate damage type
  • Updated leech talent tooltips for clarity
  • Increased damage of Charge Leech
  • Increased duration of Thermal Leech's freeze effect
  • Fix Reflective Skin
  • Object that activate for talents wont trigger the cooldown if the player has that talent
  • NPCs controlled by yeek powers give exp for kills
  • Maybe fix random blackscreen
  • Beyond the Flesh works with artifacts
  • Wielding a weapon telekineticaly wont prevent wielding normal ones
  • Many spelling fixes
  • Default gamma correction set to 1.2
  • Trollmire clouds project their shadow on the ground
  • Hexes do not affect the caster
  • Tweaked the endgame bosses
  • The endgame boss zone has been put in its own level, things should not teleport out
  • Mouse wheel works in the hotkey panel
  • Socketing your golem does not use the whole pile of gems
  • Move the project up a level because I'm freaking sick of the extra layer every single timemac
  • Savvy talent grants the correct experience bonus
  • Fixed material level on some artifact gems
  • Talents resolver can resolve subresolvers
  • Fix loading saves on windows when the user has unicode in his windows username
  • Prevent timed effects from being removed multiple times
  • Can not set traps over traps
  • Fix rare sandworm tunnelers bug
  • Add a correct description to the Yeek Wayist
  • Murgol Lair and the Ritches Tunnels have a much higher ratio of lite rooms
  • Add shield damage description
  • Improved the contrast of the party icons life bars
  • Party icon tooltip now indicates life
  • Mouse run now avoids traps
  • Running now only stops when on an object, not twice
  • Running over an object only stops the first time you run there
  • Fix hotkey 8 of the third page
  • Fixed giving the staff of absorption to the apprentice mage (and added some more effects to it)
  • New achievement for giving the staff of absorption to the apprentice mage
  • Beyond the Flesh will not work on the worldmap
  • Shield Wall does gradual stun&knockback resist

Have fun!

Over 2000 days played!

Statistics do not lie!

The summed amount of time played by all tome players using an online profile has reached the two thousands days today! (hell it's even higher now!)
This is about 5 years and a half of ToME'ing !

I am glad to be able to give fun to many people and I hope it will continue for the many years to come!

Next goal: 10000 days (over 27 years) ! :)

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta19 aka "Temporal Mindstorm" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta19 ! See

This release is huge. I mean HUGE.

Two new classes, one new race, party system, gfx niceness, you name it, it's in there!

Don't forget to help ToME by with donations( ) !


Release highlights:

  • Many fixes
  • Many UI improvements
  • New class: Mindslayer, a psionic class that erects mental shields and dive into battle, swinging a balde with his hands and one with his mind
  • New class: Temporal Warden, protect and use the timestream, use both archery and melee attacks, create temporal distortions and even travel back to the past!
  • New race: Yeek, a puny looking race, with a big mind. Yeeks are natively powerful psionics, united in a global psionic network. They have their own starting area
  • Party system: Sometimes during your adventures you can meet new party members, or start with them, or summon them. It can be used to either fully control them or give them order
  • Reworked Alchemist class: Taking fully advantage of the party system the alchemist golem has grown in power and usefulness
  • Many graphical improvements, 64x64 mode, new tileset (not by default yet as it is not complete)
  • Better AI: bosses and elites now have a much betetr AI that will analyze their current options and needs and act accordingly
  • Most sentient creatures are smart enough to use infusions or runes, so now they have them
  • New zones to discover: halfling ruins, the island of Rel, the temporal rift
  • Changed the economy: shopswont buy your filthy stuff, they are only interrested in gems and artifacts, but buy them at a much higher share
  • Rewrote most of the OpenGL code, it should be faster now
  • And many more, come and play !

Expanded changelist:

  • Added pockets of air bubbles on the flooded level of the lake of Nur. Beware, they will not last forever
  • Renamed the 6th old forest note
  • Added an achievement for owning the "house"
  • Going up from level 2 to 1 of the lake of Nur works correctly
  • Archmage unlocked schools have the correct mastery value
  • Cyst Burst & Epidemic only replicate diseases on hostiles
  • Tooltip over simple terrain is now of the correct size to show the full name
  • Hotkey display now shows the page number
  • Can't teleport inside the fortress
  • Switched the font used by 16x16 map modes
  • Sustained talents that are on cooldown show as such in the use talent dialog
  • Fix Nova
  • Arcane Eye is now usable in the right click map menu
  • The sandworm queen will not always appear in the first room
  • Sand tunnels are now correctly strengethed by passing sandworm tunnelers
  • Grgglck the Devouring Darkness will now invoke tentacles every few turns, not at random
  • Encumberance column on item lists is now showing the total for the stack
  • With smooth movements on npcs will not appear to "jump" when they enter visual range and stealth npcs should work correctly
  • Sling talents correctly show that they do take a turn to use
  • Each reason of death is recorded in the online charsheet
  • Glyph of Repulsion has the correct requirements
  • Golem starting equipment is identified
  • Equipment/Inventory dialog now shows item stats using the classic tooltip
  • Made tooltips much faster, moving the mouse over the hotkeys list should not lag anymore
  • Tooltips now internaly use tstrings, you can pass a tstring to Tooltip:set()
  • Disruption Shield ratio tweaked somewhat, cooldown added
  • Displacement Shield absorption hugely increased to be in line with runes
  • Time Shield absorption hugely increased to be in line with runes
  • Switched position of Time Shield and Time Prison
  • Fixed Displacement Shield to not dro prematurely
  • Killing your own escort is worth a few points of experience
  • Phase Door range starts smaller
  • When Phase Door fizzles you get a random blink instead of nothing
  • Shuffled Temporal talents around
  • Resurrecting now ensure the player has enuogh energy to act first
  • Fixed a golemancy bug when no ammo is present
  • The Shadow Clone of the player has some less life
  • Add a "party" code framework, allowing you to have multiple creatures in a party and assume direct control of one of them (and switch at will)
  • Summon Control is now a passive that allows summons to be part of the party, increases dureation and reduces damage taken
  • Default keybinds: F1-F8 for quick select of party members; ctrl+tab for popup
  • Clicking on the creature "portrait" in the left side pane will transfer control
  • Stop resting/running when dead
  • Added ActorTalents:getTalentCooldown()
  • Party control can be switched by right clicking on the creature on the map too
  • Quests are now always done for the main character of the party
  • Blinding Speed does not take a turn to activate anymore
  • Mark of the Spellblaze now has a way back from level 2
  • Pressing the stay command while targetting will return target to the caster
  • Sindar ego renamed to Thaloren
  • Congeal Time correctly reduces speed
  • Talents that do not take a turn to use are not affected by confusion effects
  • Bear tiles
  • Arcane Combat will project beaming attacks as far as possible without hitting friendlies
  • Crypt of Kryl-Feijan quest will not succeed wrongly
  • Meditation provides the correct amount of equilibrium
  • Changed default binding for hotkey 11 from ) to -
  • Flare talent does not use two turns
  • Updated tutorial texts
  • Kill message is now displayed in bold
  • New mouse cursor
  • Map:setViewport lost its multidisplay parameter (it was useless). That was the one before the last
  • Overhauled the graphic mode selection (settings are reset), you can now select tiles & size independantly. Added a 64x64 mode
  • New tileset started by Shockbolt, looks the best in 64x64
  • Characters start with a pickaxe in the infinite dungeon
  • Water breathing is not permanent now
  • Increased bloated horrors minimun level
  • Changed the maximun range/sight for players & NPCs from 20 to 10, thus reducing the offscreen rays of deaths, increasing tactical value and allowing for bigger tiles
  • Fix Inferno tooltip
  • Move Actor:attr(), Actor:addTemporaryValue(), Actor:removeTemporaryValue() and Actor:onTemporaryValueChange() to Entity
  • Fixed duplicate uniques
  • Talents learned with escorts are correctly set to 0.7 mastery
  • Eliminated dead-end doors in the Roomer generator
  • Map smooth scrolling
  • Summoners now get 1dex/0con and Wyrmics 0dex/1con
  • Archmages now also get a portal on the worldmap to Angolwen
  • Overhauled all Alchemist golemency talents. Golem is now fully controllable (using the party commands). When the golem levels up it gains stat & talent points that you must spend on it to learn golem specific talents.
  • Added luadocs for core.* functions
  • Party members that can not be fully controlled may still sometimes be given orders. Selecting them will popup the order dialog
  • Escorts are now part of the party, they can be ordered to wait for a (short) while and to indicate the portal direction.
  • Right clicking on party memebr on the map will allow to give orders when possible
  • Fix objects not recharging (I think)
  • Swallow now performs a melee attack (doing nature damage), if it succeeds the swallow check is made, if it was killed by the attack it is swallowed automatically
  • Halved Swallow cooldown
  • "forest_clearing" room generator will floodfill to ensure are are no 1x1 spots insolated from the map
  • Nerfed Blood Fury and Curse of Vulnerability
  • Sandworm tunnelers now do not travel in diagonal, and do not always take the shortest route
  • Renamed difficulties again: Discovery/Aventure/Roguelike/Insane
  • Updated most egos, added many (and many greater ones)
  • Prevent a bug when using easy/normal mode resurrects in some corner cases
  • Shield Pummel's first attack is now also affected by shield expertise
  • Do not de-activate equilibrium talents on levelup
  • Changed Feed Shadows to a passive talent that increases attack, damage and gives hate back to the player when a shadow kills.
  • Replaced Punishments' Cursed Ground with Infectious Thought (an attack that can spread to other nearby targets)
  • Changed Punishments' Agony to ramp up damage over 5 turns (no longer based on proximity to caster).
  • Reduced hate cost of Deflection
  • Increased duration of a summoned shadow from 100 to 500
  • Increased Willful Strike and Blast damage
  • Fixed problems with shadows and feed effects not disappearing after leaving the level.
  • Main menu will not consume ressources if background anim is disabled
  • Randarts are now created by combining egos + random powers
  • Physical talents are disabled if no correct weapon is used
  • Faerlhing get more mana
  • Stealth now takes no turns to use
  • Stealth now also teaches a new talent "automatic stealth", as long as it is active the player will auto-enter stealth when conditions are good
  • Textzone now correctly cuts text based on font style
  • Reduce the level at which runes of shielding start appearing
  • Updated Alchemists description to better fit the class
  • Bext change ever: bumping walls does not consume turns
  • Reduce most creatures (both NPC & players) damage done by about 25% - reducing oneshooting factor which aint quite fun
  • Improve the effect of stats on physical/magical/mental saves (and denote them correctly on tooltips)
  • Constitution bonus to life reduced a bit but it now also provides global damage reduction%
  • Added Combat:combatTalentStatDamage()
  • New campaign: The Arena. Fight on the sandy grounds of the arena to prove your worth. Defeat your own previous champions! Unlock available in Derth. (thanks to Hetdegon!)
  • Stores will now refuse to buy your filthy items, probably still covered in blood!
  • Stores now buy only shiny gems are unique items, but they do so at a much better share.
  • Price of gems increased tenfolds
  • Increased the price of bill's tree trunk & the staff of kor
  • Upped the minimun level for the cryp of kryl-feijan
  • Fix FOV to not loop/crash over borders (fixes Quake)
  • Adventure mode only gets 7 lifes instead of 11
  • core.fov.calc_*() now take the map size(w, h) as third and fourth parameters
  • Nicer looking UI
  • Gave specific colors to grushnak orcs
  • Evasion talent does not require stamina anymore
  • Rush cooldown now reduces with talent level
  • New tactic AI. It will be used by elites and bosses mostly. It asserts the current situation, determines needs and capabilities and uses them accordingly
  • The sentient creatures of Maj'Eyal have created a loby to counter the players. They demand to have access to random runes and infusions. Their demand has been fulfilled!
  • Most bosses and elites now use the new tactical AI
  • Most bosses now have their share of infusions/runes (depending on the boss)
  • Game ends when all controllable party members are dead. (But not all are allowed to switch zones, dont get your hopes too high)
  • Removed Packing talent tree
  • Water stairs do not provide air anymore
  • Moon and Star (the artifacts) are now a pair and will provide additional bonus when used together
  • New artifacts!
  • Tweaked some Alchemist talent costs
  • Object requirements are currently colorized again
  • Controlled phase door rune is now subject to fizzle when blinking out of LOS, like the spell
  • Talents that can not be used will only grey out after the cooldown has elpased
  • Left click on an hostile target can now be bound to a talent (archers get it bound to Shoot by default)
  • Alchemist Protection tooltip now reflects the fact that it does protect the golem too
  • Channel Staff now ignores friendlies (it will pass over them harmlessly)
  • Clicking on the minimap now makes the character run to this spot
  • Updated Maj'Eyal and the Far East map to be more "meaty"
  • Repulsion has a slightly greater knockback distance and will also daze any targets affected
  • Fix Shadow Blast damage
  • Optimized OpenGL drawing code: use vertex arrays instead of immediate mode; removed some useless calls; remvoed debug code from shaders
  • Reworked how the minimap works, Entities now can have a setupMinimapInfo() method that is called by the map code. If you use a special map update code, have a look at Map:updateGrid to make your code up to date
  • New race: Yeeks - look out for some new ruins on the map
  • New starting zones for the Yeeks
  • The Rod of Recall is now dropped by the first boss killed
  • Archery talents now give a correct range
  • Sandworm tunneler should finaly strengthen existing tunnels
  • Actor:setEffect() now rounds its duration *UP*
  • Archery now correctly uses attack bonus from ammo
  • ESP will not make the out of LOS display "flicker"
  • Weather effects: A few zones now get clouds, sand storms, ... moving over them
  • New class: Mindslayers. The yeek's frontline figthers, mindslayers are powerful psionics that use their powers to enhance their melee abilities. They can psionicaly wield a second weapon and erect powerful auras. *beware this class is not easy to play*
  • Inventory window now displays a currently equiped compare tooltip if available
  • Nerf flurry somewhat
  • New class: Temporal Warden. Protect and manipulate the timeline. Instantly switch between ranged and melee combat. Time travel (to the past!)

Have fun!

New online feature: characters vault

Today, to celebrate the release of b18 and the new year I present you the Characters Vault !

This feature uses the new metadata attached to character sheets since beta17 to make a searchable database of all characters. This is a first version, more features shall come later (like sorting), but it should already be quite interesting.

Have fun, and happy new year!

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta18 aka "V" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta18 ! See

This is a "quick" release to fix some bad stuff in b17 and introduce a few nice things. Notably the first version of player housing!


Release highlights:

  • Fixes crash & bugs
  • Fixes unlocks & achievements update on the server
  • Adds player "house"

Expanded changelist:

  • Unlocks, achievements, .. should correctly update again
  • Bad game version detection will switch to a "development" profile automatically
  • Added the -P"profname" command line switch to switch to a "profname" profile (to prevent uploading bad data)
  • When targetting the map will scroll to follow the target cursor
  • Fix the lost merchant quest
  • Fixed the Blighted Ruins
  • "Normal mode" did not provide all the lifes it should
  • Fix Onslaught
  • Fix War Hound
  • Sandworm Burrowers are not very angry creatures now
  • The Golem can not decide he hates his Alchemist
  • Most level change terrains (stairs, ...) should have a tile now, except the worldmap
  • Smooth movement can now also be used to do a "motion blur", this is used for Rush and Disengage (and Lightning Speed on a smalelr scale)
  • Strength tooltip does correctly state that it also increases to hit chance
  • Going up from the slime tunnels will correctly place the player back in Grushnak Pride
  • Removed the Pyromancer, Cryomancer, Geomancer and Tempest classes; instead unlocking them will grant all new Archmages access to the corresponding trees (which are bumped to level 10 trees)
  • Players can now acquire a "house". More features will be added to it later on
  • The orbs in the ruined dungeon will de-activate once the level is completed
  • The Three Edged Sword now has a correct encumberance value


Have fun and don't forget to help ToME by with donations!

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta17 aka "Wintertide" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta17 ! See

This is a "quick" release to fix a bad crash in beta16 and it brings along some fun goodies too!

(No, no Sher'Tul Fortress yet, it will be in next beta)

Release highlights:

  • Fixes crash & bugs
  • "Smooth movement" animations
  • Some quality of life improvments
  • Online charsheets now contain metadata; the website will be updated with search features
  • Change in the way the difficulty levels are named (again ;> )

Expanded changelist:

  • Inverted the list of zones in the first quest, by special request of Zonk !
  • Renamed talent Fire Imp to Ritch Flamespitter, to be more in line with the nature feel of the class
  • Improved War Hound melee damage and speed
  • Archery low ammo reminder does not identify ammo
  • Ammo counter added to the left pane
  • Removed the freeze image, it seems to lead to some .. crashes
  • Friendly NPCs will not take it lightly when attacked - without having to involve their whole faction
  • When talents do not have enough resources to be used they will be greyed out in the hotkeys display
  • Angolwen is now populted with NPCs
  • Fix typo in the Circles talents
  • Dropping items from the inventory dialog will correctly update the title
  • Can not use the stores in Zigur after attacking it
  • Change Old Man Willow to Wrathroot in the quest description
  • Optimized OpenGL code somewhat
  • Halflings are "small"
  • Fixed duplicate artifacts (hopefully, please keep an eye open for them)
  • Level feeling when entering a level lower than your own or higher
  • Improves the speed of Stone Prison crumbling
  • Fix absorption shields to not ignore the last blow
  • Faeros and Gwelgoroths are correctly immune to diseases instead of "deseases" :)
  • Meditation only affects wild gifts
  • Racial stat bonuses do not count toward the max of 60
  • Both base & actual stats are displayed in the leveling screen
  • Silly Aeryn will not talk about Numenor anymore
  • Fix the directions Aeryn provides
  • Renamed Strength & Willpower infusions
  • Shuffled the difficulty modes again. Now "Easy" is the old Discover; "Normal" is a multi-lifes mode; "Hardcore" is one life and the rest did not change
  • Catalepsy will not give too many "resist" messages
  • Eruan and the Charred Scar can scale higher
  • Can not avoid one of the possible outcomes of the endgame
  • The lost merchant can not block people in corridors
  • takes a new first parameter: either nil or a special title to display. *WARNING* modules need to update
  • The game will now display the current number of unlocked birth options and the max during character creation
  • Added Entity:setMoveAnim(oldx, oldy, speed) method to make entities move around the map with smooth movements. This is not used by default, modules can choose to use it or not
  • A new option (in the game options) is available to change/disable the "smooth movement" effect
  • Online charsheets now store some more flags that will later allow the website to be used to search for characters


Have fun and don't forget to help ToME by with donations!

Donate to keep ToME4 alive

Hi my fellow players!

I have setup a donation page on to let you donate astronomical, or not, amounts of money to ToME and his creator - myself ;)

ToME/TE4 will always be a free open source game, but it would not bother me in the slightest if it could help me feed my family. If there are enough donations this could augment the amount of time I have to spend on ToME/TE4, for your own enjoyment!
Lastly if there is enough donations I also intend to redistribute some of it to the talented people that made the musics and the gfx (even though they did not ask for any, it would be kind IMO; and could maybe speed up the gfx drawing ;> ).

If you can not or do not want to donate but still enjoy the game, remember that a kind word on the forums is always appreciated too, keeps the morale up!

Please visit: if you are interested in helping ToME go forward.

Thank you all

T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta16 unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta16 ! See

Not everything I wanted to have is in this release but my life is a bit complicated currently, not much free time until the end of the year, so those 118 lines of changelog will have to do ;>

Release highlights:

  • Online automatic character-sheets: all your characters will automatically be uploaded to
  • New class: the Doomed
  • New trees for Anorithils
  • FOV code speed improvment
  • Persistent hotkey assignements when quickbirthing!

Expanded changelist:

  • Can not be stuck on tannen tower
  • Positive energy is magic!
  • Z'quikzshl the skeletal mold has been demoted from Boss to Unique rank
  • The Rod of Recall is now dropped by Bill. Rejoice!
  • Many typos!
  • Removes mentions of some left over tolkienian names
  • Warning about the crypt danger
  • Custom mouse cursor support (disablable in the video options)
  • Infusions & Runes can be used while silenced
  • The game now computes "keyframes", those are the number of reference frames displayed. Simply this means that particles effects and such that are dependant on being called 30 times per seconds now work independantly from actual FPS.
  • Game:display() now receives a "nb_keyframes" parameter, it should be passed to to the map an other such things (see the example module, it is easy to update, although technically not needed)
  • Requested FPS can be changed in the video options
  • Do not pop artifact quest in the ID
  • Maximun OOD creatures set to 6 in the infinite dungeon
  • The Ruined Dungeon is now persistant
  • Reduced the power of melee projection on randarts
  • Artifact bows/slings have default ammo
  • Fixed Dark Ritual
  • Inscriptions are now displayed in character sheet and dump
  • Creating a new incription slot correctly consumes the infusion/rune
  • Made it clear that overriding an inscription deletes the old one forever
  • Added new lore to Tol Falas, I am sure you'd love some undead poetry, wouldn't you?!
  • Renamed Tol Falas the Dreadfell
  • Infusions & Runes items now have a more descriptive name
  • Infusions & Runes variable values should scale better with levels
  • Randart themened name will be determined by the theme that has the higher powers in the randart (out of the possible theme names, not all themes have names)
  • Wild Infusion will only clear detrimental effects
  • Fixed spell crit multiplier increase
  • Aeryn in the endfight is a big biffier
  • Fixed cooldown for Cursed's Rampage
  • Disable equipment destruction by elemental attacks
  • Greatmauls now have the same attack speed as other weapons
  • Fixd the duplicate hotkey binding in the third hotkey page
  • Bad (online)profile data wont prevent load
  • Twilight gives the correct amount of Negative enegy
  • Forbid lore items in place of unqiues
  • Wands of trap destruction are much more effective now
  • Renamed Stalactitic Missiles to Earthen Missiles
  • Improved antimagic quets description
  • Switched Explosion Expert and Alchemist Protection
  • Talent category points now increase mastery by 0.2 but can only be sued once per category (instead of twice 0.1)
  • Ametrine correctly lights the target area when used with Throw Bomb
  • Fix bone shield, probably
  • Fix Brandish description
  • Runed Skull wont prevent using Imbue
  • Fixed Martyrdom
  • Added an achievement for killing Harkor'Zun
  • Corrupted talent description update
  • Gave a unidentified name to all artifacts
  • Reworked Nightmare and Insane difficulties. Instead of weakening the player they will generate much nastier monsters. You have been warned.
  • Demon Plane can only be cast on or by the player
  • Bow & Sling specific talents only work with bows or slings
  • Fix random/rare crash when saving
  • Fix Vestments of the Conclave
  • Sand tunnels will be strengthened by a second tunneler passing by
  • Improved the speed the NPC FOV calculation, should lag less on crowded big levels
  • Absorption shield talents now provide more info in the corresponding tooltip when activated
  • Demon Plane should not work on players possessing creatures
  • Updated online profile creation to work with the new website
  • Even if bosses are killed by non-actors (like traps or suffocation) the player gain exp
  • Using magic will correctly put on cooldown all antimagic talents
  • Hate regen (loss) lies on an exponential curve. Above 10 it falls very quickly. Below 5 it falls pretty slowly.
  • Hotkeys assignements are now remembered when doing a quickbirth
  • New achievement for killing Bill at character level one
  • Fix Geomancer's life rating
  • Reading lore does not randomly turn the font italic or bold
  • Renamed Trollshaws to Trollmire
  • Advanced Golemancy requires higher level
  • The Demonic Orb of Many Ways is identified as such when discovering the trickery
  • Entities can have a "__position_aware" flag to tell the map code to store their position in x/y properties
  • Infusion/Rune scaling is shown in talent info
  • canProject() returns 2 additional values, the explosion coords
  • Great many typos fixed by greycat
  • Improved talent tooltips
  • Demon Plane can not be used in zones forbidding worldportation
  • Domniation Hex is removed if the target is damaged by the caster
  • Automatic character sheet upload to each time the game is saved. The charsheets are then visible online, with colors and tooltips!
  • Character Sheet dialog now provides a link to the online character sheet url
  • Increased healing from shield of light on the lower end
  • Rebalanced shield of light positive energy drain (now drains up to 2 per hit instead of a flat 3)
  • Fixed Brandish targeting
  • Rebalanced Providence (lower duration but more healing, should encourage investing more then one talent point into it without it being worthless at one point)
  • Fixed Simulacrum and changed it a bit, added some cunning scaling
  • Made twilight scale off cunning
  • New Anorithil tree: Eclipse
  • New Anorithil tree: Circles
  • Fix the onslaught on Zigur quest
  • Killing the elementals in Derth will now currently trigegr the quest even if killed by a summon controlled pet
  • Character sheet now displays archery damage correctly
  • Fix a weird worldmap bug
  • Static map addZone and addSpot can take a 4th parameter that is a table to be merged into the spot/zone data
  • Ghoul & Skeleton stat increasing talent does not count toward the stat limit, like items
  • Fix Grace of the Eternals speed
  • Fixed quakes, again
  • The Summoner's Stone Golem does not quake anymore, instead it can use Unstoppable
  • Added new horror creatures
  • New class: Doomed (Afflicted)
  • Changes some of the talents of the Shades in the Shadow Crypt
  • Meditation breaks on damage
  • Clarify stealth tooltip
  • The Flooded Cave can be encountered again
  • The Shade can not bleed
  • Fatigue can not be negative
  • High level Phase Door & Teleport will indicate which targetting does what
  • Cyst Burst & Epidemic tooltip changed to note they only spread one disease
  • The alchemist's golem will not appear on the worldmap
  • Fix Crooked Club
  • Added lore to each of the orc prides
  • Effects duration is now displayed in left player pane & tooltip
  • Game modules will be verified against an online check; profile data logging and online charsheet will only activate if the game is found to be clean. This is to prevent developpers & testers from erroneously uploading false data
  • Frozen effects now reads as "encased in ice", making it more explicit that cold resist has no effect on it
  • Frozen provides a 20% resist all due to being encased in ice
  • Frozen creatures are shown more explicitly
  • Creating a new character over an existing one now prompts a confirmation
  • Added lore to the Temple of Creation
  • Reknor max level increased
  • Updated Cunning tooltip, it does not affect APR

Have fun!

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