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Permadeath Difficulty Race Class Campaign Version Addons
UserNameLast updated
TetragenTetra the level 8 Drem Cultist of Entropy1 sec ago
LowtekbTeda the level 44 Ogre Paradox Mage9 sec ago
LeonardoXOrcsaw Jr the level 32 Orc Sawbutcher11 sec ago
AsirukiAleria the level 1 Shalore Temporal Warden15 sec ago
Triple BAnko the level 10 Cornac Cursed15 sec ago
WixLila the level 8 Halfling Berserker17 sec ago
sscralSscral the level 16 Cornac Adventurer17 sec ago
kendubyaBrodogar the level 4 Skeleton Alchemist20 sec ago
taylorbroTree Elf the level 22 Thalore Gunslinger24 sec ago
NoelVehel the level 1 Ogre Demonologist27 sec ago
VismoothAnogatar the level 18 Skeleton Bulwark32 sec ago
TerrabrandYou Only Sling Once the level 50 Skeleton Skirmisher32 sec ago
OzyziasAba the level 18 Yeek Doomed44 sec ago
Nemo1342Trill the level 21 Cornac Mindslayer47 sec ago
apricityTulolar the level 6 Kruk Yeti Brawler1 min 12 sec ago
arielcomPedalko the level 11 Thalore Bulwark1 min 12 sec ago
Teber2Psychokiller II the level 1 Orc Gunslinger1 min 30 sec ago
reedwulfGrumphar the level 15 Dwarf Bulwark2 min 17 sec ago
Launcelot555@hotmailGalahad the level 15 Dwarf Bulwark2 min 18 sec ago
dimozzzzcorshadow the level 2 Cornac Shadowblade2 min 41 sec ago
dimozzzzcorshadow the level 3 Cornac Shadowblade3 min 6 sec ago
KegfaceJim Stirling the level 4 Drem Writhing One3 min 6 sec ago
ich4321Neilvast the level 11 Ogre Berserker3 min 7 sec ago
ieru00humongor the level 17 Ogre Berserker3 min 12 sec ago
paradoxaeSpline the level 14 Cornac Alchemist3 min 38 sec ago