Modules Contest 2013 Vote

Welcome to 2013 T-Engine Modules Contest!

During nearly a year people have worked very hard to create new games using T-Engine, the engine powering Tales of Maj'Eyal itself.
Here they proudly present the result of their labor of love: many new games for you to enjoy!

I, DarkGod, would like to personally request that you take some time to play each of those games and rate them. This will have multiple positive effects:

  • They will get people playing thier games and giving feedback, thus enabling them to improve them even better for your gaming pleasure!
  • The three higest rated games will get monetary awards to reward their hard job and push them forward.

Installing a module is extremely easy:

  • If you already have Tales of Maj Eyal: simply download the .team file and place it in your game's folder "game/modules" then start the game and play!
  • If you dont: most of the games should provide standalone versions, check out their pages. If not you can install ToME and follow the procedure above.

To vote for a game you need to have an account on and log ingame while playing (to ensure only people that actually played are allowed to judge).
Remember that you are not doing people a favor by just voting 5 everywhere. Game devs need a honest opinion to be able to improve their games.
There are three categories to vote on:

  • Fun: Did you have fun playing it? Simple enough!
  • Polish: How was the general experience, did it feel like a beta, an alpha, a very complete game, ...
  • Innovation: Did it manage to surprise you?

Voting will be open from the 1st of december to the 31th of december.
Play, vote and have fun!

NameVersionAuthorDownloadYour Vote: FunYour Vote: PolishYour Vote: Innovation
Gatecrashers1.0.3GuyNamedJoeYou need to login to vote
Hulk: Outer Rim Exploitation0.5.0grazzYou need to login to vote
Mosaic1.2.1GreyYou need to login to vote
Qi Daozei0.4.1CastlerYou need to login to vote
Startide0.0.5BDotaYou need to login to vote
The Veins of the Earth0.33.0ZireaelYou need to login to vote