Lich Race

Lich Race

Ever wish you could fill up that lich column on your winners table without editing any files? Well, now you can!
This addon adds liches as a playable race. Like other undead, they cannot use infusions, but can access their racial talents sooner than living races.

Liches possess the following attributes:
Stat modifiers:

+ 0/+0/+0/+3/+0/+2

Life rating: 10
Experience penalty: 0%
- Poison, cut, disease, stun, blindness, and fear immunity
- No need to breathe

- Lich: Passive. Increases saves and crit shrug off.
- Absorb Essence: Passive. Recover a fixed amount of life and resources when you deal damage.
- Ancient Knowledge: Passive. Improves all class talent category masteries.
- Infusion: Sustained. Converts a portion of your damage to a damage type of your choice.

As in vanilla, all talent icons are from .


This addon superloads the following functions non-destructively:

Weight: 135817


- Initial release

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Aborting Infusion no longer errors 1.5.10 2019-01-12 07:24
Lich Race 1.0.0 1.5.10 2019-01-12 04:18

Disease Resistence Doesn't work. (or doesn't all of the time)

I was up against some Vamp in the Tower of Dread (forget actually name - Dreadfell?) and among other things that he had every right to hit me with (hex's), he also put a disease on me that did blight damage. Yes, I am not suppose to have blight rez, but if the source of anything is to be from a disease, then it should never take hold.

You probably just put disease rez of some sort at 100% (and didn't not think about enemies perhaps being able to lower that). Well, if my character is to be totally resistant to something, than no amount of rez reduction should be able to have an effect.

Please fix this oversite - I love your mod, and love playing this race! Thanks for making it, and hopefully the issue, or my misunderstanding of something, can be cleared up!

- James

Re: Immunity

That's just how all immunities work. If something is 'immune to x' it means they have an immunity value of +1.0 for that status. This is the same as total immunity only if the value is unmodidied. But it can be modified, i.e. reduced or increased, and that is a base game mechanic. Being absolutely, always, 100% resistant to a status would be a deviation from normal game mechanics.

weird, I have some armor that

weird, I have some armor that made me immune and that seemed to work, but perhaps the armor stacked and gave me affective 200%?

That said, just like the char sheet doesn't show the disease 100% like it does for everything else, that armor did add in the 100% to the character sheet (and then it worked perfectly).

Also, if what your saying is totally accurate, why do my other immunities not also suffer a similar fate? (this on another character happened other places, not just a random vamp in Master's tower).

Re: Disease Immunity

Perhaps the resistance pen represents the Master (or whomever) being so good at inflicting diseases that not even the dead are immune?

nah, wasn't master, some

nah, wasn't master, some other vamp

Exp penalty needed

It looks good so far, but one of the weakness of Undead are their high Exp penalties. Thus this seems to be an objectively better race then any other "mage" race. The lack of healing infusions and the like isn't enough of a counter to its advantages either given certain class skills and equipment do similar things. (And that is not including HP regen gear)

Addon Weight

I've noticed your addon has a weight of 135817. This seems excessive. The highest I've previously seen was 1000. The excessive weight makes it difficult for other addons, such as race enablers, to detect your content.

racial unlock levels are

racial unlock levels are probably incorrect, yours are 1/4/8/12 when generally theyre 1/8/16/24. absorb essence should probably have a limited # of hits per turn so it isnt completely broken. having some form of -die at x seems like its missing thematically but the race is already really strong without it.

Unlock Levels

Undead don't get much play, so you may not know from experience, but you might have noticed in the add-on description it says that, like other undead, they gain access to their racial talents sooner than living races. 1/4/8/12 is in line with Skeleton and Ghoul.