Spell Merchants

Spell Merchants

Tired of having tons of gold but the merchants in game only sell lame items, well this addon adds various spell merchants around maj-eyal so you can buy your favorate spells.

So far there are only three different spell/classes available for purchase: Archmage, Alchemist and Necromancy spells.
I plan on adding more at some point in the future.

This addon is some what balanced as the really good spells cost quite a bit and you're ofcourse limited by class points.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
spell merchants 1.0.1 2016-03-01 21:18
Spell merchants 1.0.0 2016-02-19 05:26

Mod taken off of Steam

This mod is no longer listed on steam, and as a result is no longer selectable in the addons list. Would you be against me adding it back to steam and giving credit to you so that I can reenable it?

I have a question about a location of necromancer

even though it is said that I'd be able to find someone near graveyard, I have no idea why i can't finer a necromancy merchant :(

More merchants.

Was wondering why no updates have happened in several months.

Are you still working on this? Any way we can help?

It crashed

Fatal LUA error as soon as I tried to purchase any talent trees. Had to ctr alt delete the game.

I just re-tested it and

I just re-tested it and bought all spells and I didn't have any errors, I don't know if its because I was in developer mode (shouldn't be) but it may be a conflict with another addon you have.