ZOmnibus Lite v16

Game Addon: 

Release 16.0.0:

Store Wish List:

  • Make sure the store dialog is actually present before attempting to modify it.

Restart Sustains:

  • Internal changes using new v1.6 engine features, which ideally will improve compatibility with other addons. No change in functionality (I hope…).

Talent Point Planner:

  • Add/remove/change talent sources to track changes in v1.6:
    • The Worldly Knowledge prodigy offers slightly different talent trees. accommodate changes thereto in v1.6.
    • Some new/removed escorts, and some escorts with changed talent tree wards.
  • Internal changes to "vault" plan for reuse by later characters: don't keep information about talents related to inscriptions, prodigies or object use, or special internal talents that can't have points spent in them anyway. No change in functionality (I hope…).
  • Bugfix for saving talent source configuration (like Lichform) to the vault plan.

Prodigious Progress:

  • Update requirement descriptions for Windtouched Speed, Endless Woes and Elemental Surge, and add requirement description for Ethereal Form.

Enhanced Object Compare:

  • Updated inscription comparison for new and changed runes and infusions in v1.6.

Passive Cooldowns:

  • Special handling for the new multi-variate "cooldowns" of Elemental Surge and Endless Woes in v1.6.

Newly included addons:

NOTE: As of release 16.0.0 of ZOmnibus Lite, you should no longer use any of the above-listed addons together with ZOmnibus Lite. You will get a warning in the character creation dialog if you try to create a character with any of these addons enabled with ZOmnibus Lite.]