ZOmnibus Lite v16a

Game Addon: 

Bugfix release 16.1.0:

Talent Point Planner:

  • Fix handling of Wild-Gift/Harmony tree from Worldly Knowledge prodigy.

Passive Cooldowns:

  • Add passive cooldown trackers for new and changed talents in v1.6:
    • Virulent Disease
    • Shadowguard
    • Quickened
    • Inner Power

Inventory Keys:

  • Fix handling of entries in use-item dialog that are not assigned a mnemonic key.

Enhanced Object Compare:

  • Internal modifications for attempted compatibility with CHN Addons for ToME. Should be no change in functionality.

Restart Sustains:

  • Detect and handle dragging a talent onto its own descendant in the restart order tree in the Restart Sustains dialog.