NameGameLast updated
Mangog the Eater the level 18 Orc Gunslingertome30 weeks 4 days ago
Grom Meatcarve the level 12 Orc Sawbutchertome30 weeks 4 days ago
Theranos the level 21 Shalore Temporal Wardentome30 weeks 4 days ago
Tinktini the level 1 Yeek Possessortome36 weeks 2 days ago
Megid the level 1 Cornac Paradox Magetome36 weeks 5 days ago
Rabenal the level 1 Cornac Writhing Onetome36 weeks 6 days ago
Lorkall de Vrith the level 9 Higher Necromancertome1 year 44 weeks ago
Thorvald the Foolhardy the level 8 Cornac Alchemisttome3 years 9 weeks ago
Cairsindel the level 4 Shalore Archmagetome3 years 9 weeks ago
Layos de Majir the level 50 Cornac Doombringertome3 years 9 weeks ago
Peterhoth the level 19 Higher Alchemisttome3 years 11 weeks ago
Lemming the level 1 Yeek Summonertome3 years 20 weeks ago
Borin Jarinson the level 1 Dwarf Bulwarktome3 years 21 weeks ago
Zhanthriel the level 1 Shalore Adventurertome3 years 21 weeks ago
Brittles the level 1 Skeleton Sun Paladintome3 years 21 weeks ago