NameGameLast updated
glass the level 30 Thalore Adventurertome8 weeks 19 hours ago
glass the level 1 Shalore Adventurertome8 weeks 1 day ago
cafe the level 32 Ghoul Cursedtome8 weeks 1 day ago
kery4 the level 49 Skeleton Berserkertome8 weeks 1 day ago
tea the level 2 Skeleton Doomedtome8 weeks 1 day ago
tank the level 5 Dwarf Bulwarktome8 weeks 6 days ago
sun the level 4 Skeleton Sun Paladintome9 weeks 2 days ago
Sacien the level 3 Cornac Adventurertome14 weeks 4 days ago
kery3 the level 12 Cornac Cursedtome14 weeks 4 days ago
kery5 the level 5 Cornac Sun Paladintome14 weeks 4 days ago
kery5 the level 50 Cornac Shadowbladetome14 weeks 4 days ago
kery the level 27 Cornac Arcane Bladetome14 weeks 6 days ago
kery4 the level 1 Dwarf Wyrmictome15 weeks 2 days ago
kery3 the level 5 Dwarf Cursedtome15 weeks 2 days ago
kery2 the level 20 Shalore Temporal Wardentome15 weeks 2 days ago