NameGameLast updated
CornyHorny the level 10 Cornac Roguetome33 weeks 1 day ago
BullWord the level 1 Dwarf Bulwarktome33 weeks 1 day ago
Bulwe the level 1 Dwarf Bulwarktome37 weeks 2 days ago
123 the level 11 Thalore Archertome38 weeks 6 days ago
Roguler the level 16 Cornac Roguetome39 weeks 51 min ago
Bringer the level 2 Cornac Doombringertome39 weeks 1 day ago
Bork the level 6 Orc Bulwarktome39 weeks 1 day ago
Ogreaver the level 1 Ogre Reavertome39 weeks 1 day ago
BrawlyCrawly the level 32 Cornac Brawlertome39 weeks 1 day ago
Herald the level 28 Cornac Summonertome39 weeks 2 days ago
Rolerog the level 22 Skeleton Roguetome39 weeks 2 days ago
Blader the level 17 Higher Shadowbladetome39 weeks 2 days ago
Coldnecr the level 6 Cornac Necromancertome39 weeks 4 days ago
Arcemond the level 12 Higher Archertome39 weeks 4 days ago
grrr the level 9 Dwarf Anorithiltome39 weeks 4 days ago
necroser the level 22 Ghoul Berserkertome39 weeks 4 days ago
verman the level 9 Cornac Wyrmictome39 weeks 5 days ago
Summy the level 22 Cornac Summonertome40 weeks 19 hours ago
Its a Trap! the level 13 Dwarf Arcane Bladetome40 weeks 23 hours ago
Rolegur the level 15 Higher Roguetome40 weeks 1 day ago
Watericer the level 14 Higher Archmagetome40 weeks 1 day ago
Bonarc the level 1 Higher Temporal Wardentome40 weeks 4 days ago
Rognario the level 7 Thalore Roguetome40 weeks 4 days ago
Halfer the level 1 Halfling Temporal Wardentome40 weeks 4 days ago
Werdem the level 3 Higher Temporal Wardentome40 weeks 4 days ago