NameGameLast updated
YSFS the level 5 Cornac Archmagetome16 weeks 4 days ago
ZHS the level 23 Cornac Summonertome32 weeks 13 hours ago
ZHS the level 14 Cornac Summonertome32 weeks 6 days ago
ZHS the level 2 Cornac Summonertome33 weeks 1 day ago
HMSZ the level 5 Cornac Cursedtome33 weeks 1 day ago
GJS the level 7 Cornac Archertome33 weeks 1 day ago
KZS the level 22 Higher Berserkertome33 weeks 1 day ago
ZRJL the level 13 Thalore Summonertome33 weeks 4 days ago
ZRJL the level 1 Thalore Summonertome33 weeks 6 days ago
YWZ the level 5 Halfling Roguetome34 weeks 10 hours ago
Belewyn the level 4 Tutorial Basic Tutorial Adventurertome34 weeks 11 hours ago