A mysterious staff

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The quest A mysterious staff is triggered once you obtain the Staff of Absorption upon the death of The Master in Dreadfell.

The Orcs and Loss of the Staff

As soon as you leave Dreadfell (either by walking out, or by using the Rod of Recall), you will be beset by orcs lead by Ukruk the Fierce:

*As you come out of the Dreadfell, you encounter a band of orcs*
You! Give us the staff NOW and we might offer you a quick death!

Your options are:

  1. What are you talking about?
  2. Why would you want it?
  3. [Attack]

All your options lead to a fight, so choose whatever you prefer. In addition to Ukruk, you will have 11 Orc Warriors and four Orc Archers, all level 53. If killed, you will wake up, minus the Staff of Absorption and be told to head to Last Hope. If you manage to kill Ukruk, you are also prompted to go to Last Hope, and earn the Against All Odds achievement. Note: If you kill Ukruk but then die to the other orcs, your death will be permanent.

Last Hope

Speak to The Elder, who lives in the center of town. Regardless of the previous outcome, he will direct you to go the Dwarven kingdom of Reknor to look under the city for the Orcs, and their connection to the staff. You will lose the staff, as the Elder will hold onto it for 'safe keeping' - assuming that Ukruk hasn't already taken it from you.

This ends the quest, and begins the Let's hunt some Orc quest.