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ToME Version: 1.7.6

Achievements are rewards for meeting certain goals or finishing quests and tasks. These can be small things such as completing quests, or dealing huge amounts of damage in a single blow. They carry no advantage in play, but some achievements unlock classes and races which can not otherwise be used. Player achievements can be viewed on the Tales of Maj'Eyal website under 'My Profile' after a player has logged in.

On Easier difficulty level no achievements are granted. Most achievements can be achieved 9 times depending on the difficulty and permadeath settings:

Achievement Levels
Name of Level Difficulty Permadeath Achievement Names with Suffix
No reward Easier Any N/A
Exploration Normal (or higher) Exploration Achievement (Exploration mode)
Normal Adventure Normal Adventure Achievement
Normal Roguelike Normal Roguelike Achievement (Roguelike)
Nightmare Adventure Nightmare Adventure Achievement (Nightmare (Adventure) difficulty)
Nightmare Roguelike Nightmare Roguelike Achievement (Nightmare (Roguelike) difficulty)
Insane Adventure Insane Adventure Achievement (Insane (Adventure) difficulty)
Insane Roguelike Insane Roguelike Achievement (Insane (Roguelike) difficulty)
Madness Adventure Madness Adventure Achievement (Madness (Adventure) difficulty)
Madness Roguelike Madness Roguelike Achievement (Madness (Roguelike) difficulty)

Due to this the game has a staggering 1782 achievements on Steam, possibly the highest of any game on Steam.

If a player achieves a achievement at a certain combination of difficulty and permadeath settings, then in-game and on, they will also receive the corresponding achievements for all difficulties and permadeath settings that are the same or easier. (e.g. Getting an achievement on Nightmare Roguelike would also grant it on Exploration, Normal Adventure, Normal Roguelike, and Nightmare Adventure. Getting an achievement on Insane Adventure would also grant it on Exploration, Normal Adventure, and Nightmare Adventure.) However, this does not automatically occur for Steam achievements. If the player wants to receive these achievements on Steam, they can push the achievements from the website to their game (opened via Steam).

Achievements are tracked on both an account-wide level and a per-character level. For most achievements, they will be announced on each character where they are achieved, not just on the first character when they were achieved. (There is some extra fanfare for the first time a player achieves an achievement.) The exception is achievements that are tracked across all games on a single computer. Needs verification

Arena Achievements

Achievement Description
The Arena Unlocked Arena mode.
Arena Battler 20 Got to wave 20 in the arena.
Arena Battler 50 Got to wave 50 in the arena.
Almost Master of Arena Became the new master of the arena in 30-wave mode.
Master of Arena Became the new master of the arena in 60-wave mode.
XXX the Destroyer Earned the rank of Destroyer in the arena.
Grand Master Earned the rank of Grand Master in the arena.
Ten at one blow Killed 10 or more enemies in one single attack in the arena.

Infinite Dungeon Achievements

Achievement Description
Infinite x10 Got to level 10 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x20 Got to level 20 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x30 Got to level 30 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x40 Got to level 40 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x50 Got to level 50 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x60 Got to level 60 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x70 Got to level 70 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x80 Got to level 80 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x90 Got to level 90 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x100 Got to level 100 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x150 Got to level 150 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x200 Got to level 200 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x300 Got to level 300 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x400 Got to level 400 of the infinite dungeon.
Infinite x500 Got to level 500 of the infinite dungeon.

Level & Life Achievements

Achievement Description
Level 10 Got a character to level 10.
Level 20 Got a character to level 20.
Level 30 Got a character to level 30.
Level 40 Got a character to level 40.
Level 50 Got a character to level 50.
Unstoppable Returned from the dead.
Utterly Destroyed Died on the Eidolon Plane.
Fool of a Took! Killed oneself as a halfling.
Emancipation Had the golem kill a boss while its master was already dead.
Take you with me Killed a boss while already dead.
Look at me, I'm playing a roguelike! Linked yourself in the in-game chat.
Fear me not! Survived the Fearscape!

Item Achievements

Achievement Description
Deus Ex Machina Found the Blood of Life and the four unique inscriptions: Primal Infusion, Infusion of Wild Growth, Rune of Reflection and Rune of the Rift.
Treasure Hunter Amassed 1000 gold pieces.
Treasure Hoarder Amassed 3000 gold pieces.
Dragon's Greed Amassed 8000 gold pieces.

Kill or Damage Achievements

Applies to any campaign.

Achievement Description Notes
That was close Killed your target while having only 1 Life left. (The actual trigger for this achievement is 1 health or below, meaning if you are in negative health and get a kill, you will get it)
Size matters Did over 600 damage in one attack.
Size is everything Did over 1500 damage in one attack.
The bigger the better! Did over 3000 damage in one attack.
Overpowered! Did over 6000 damage in one attack.
Exterminator Killed 1000 creatures.
Pest Control Killed 1000 reproducing vermin.
Reaver Killed 1000 humanoids. This is tracked across all games on a single computer.
Huge Appetite Ate 20 bosses.
Headbanger Headbanged 20 bosses to death.
Well trained Deal one million damage to training dummies in a single training session.
I meant to do that... Avoid death 50 times with a life-saving talent.

Main Campaign Achievements

Achievement Description
The sky is falling! Saw a huge meteor falling from the sky.
Demonic Invasion Stopped a demonic invasion by closing their portal.
Invasion from the Depths Stopped a naga invasion by closing their portal.
The Restless Dead Disturbed an old battlefield and survived the consequences.
The Rat Lich Killed the terrible Rat Lich.
Shasshhiy'Kaish Killed Shasshhiy'Kaish after letting her grow as powerful as possible.
Bringer of Doom Killed a Bringer of Doom.
A living one! Was teleported into Caldizar's Fortress, far into the void between the stars.
Slimefest Have 100 walls on the sludgenest turn into hostile creatures.
Slime killer party Have 200 walls on the sludgenest turn into hostile creatures.
Mad slime dash Have 300 walls on the sludgenest turn into hostile creatures.
Don't mind the slimy smell Have 400 walls on the sludgenest turn into hostile creatures.
In the company of slimes Have 500 walls on the sludgenest turn into hostile creatures.
Backstabbing Traitor Killed 6 escorted adventurers while you were supposed to save them.
Bad Driver Failed to save any escorted adventurers.
Guiding Hand Saved all escorted adventurers.
Earth Master Killed Harkor'Zun.
Kill Bill! Killed Bill in the Trollmire without leveling beyond your starting level.
Atamathoned! Killed the giant golem Atamathon after foolishly reactivating it.
Are you out of your mind?! Caught the attention of overpowered greater multi-hued wyrms in Vor Armoury. Perhaps fleeing is in order.
I cleared the room of death and all I got was this lousy achievement! Killed the seven overpowered wyrms in the "Room of Death" in Vor Armoury.
I'm a cool hero Saved Derth without a single inhabitant dying.
Kickin' it old-school Killed Urkis, the Tempest, causing him to drop the Rod of Recall.
Leave the big boys alone Killed The Master, causing him to drop the Rod of Recall.
You know who's to blame Killed the Grand Corruptor, causing him to drop the Rod of Recall.
You know who's to blame (reprise) Killed Myssil, causing her to drop the Rod of Recall.
Now, this is impressive! Killed Linaniil, the Supreme Archmage of Angolwen.
Fear of Fours Killed all four bosses of the Slime Tunnels.

Lore Achievements - Main Campaign

Achievement Description
Tales of the Spellblaze Learned the eight chapters of the Spellblaze Chronicles.
The Legend of Garkul Learned the five chapters of the Legend of Garkul.
A different point of view Learned the five chapters of Orc history through loremaster Hadak's tales.

Quest Achievements - Main Campaign

Achievement Description Notes
Baby steps Completed ToME4 tutorial mode. There is only 1 copy of this achievement, not 1 for each difficulty/permadeath combo, because the tutorial uses a fixed difficulty/permadeath.
Vampire crusher Destroyed The Master in its lair of the Dreadfell.
A dangerous secret Found the mysterious staff and told Last Hope about it.
The secret city Discovered the truth about mages.
Burnt to the ground Gave the Staff of Absorption to the apprentice mage and watched the fireworks.
Against all odds Killed Ukruk in the ambush.
Sliders Activated a portal using the Orb of Many Ways.
Destroyer's bane Killed Golbug the Destroyer.
Brave new world Went to the Far East and took part in the war.
Race through fire Raced through the fires of the Charred Scar to stop the Sorcerers.
Orcrist Killed the leaders of the Orc Pride.
Evil denied Won ToME by preventing the Void portal from opening.
The High Lady's destiny Won ToME by closing the Void portal using Aeryn as a sacrifice.
The Sun Still Shines Aeryn survived the last battle.
Selfless Won ToME by closing the Void portal using yourself as a sacrifice.
Triumph of the Way Won ToME by sacrificing yourself to forcefully spread the Way to every other sentient being on Eyal.
No Way! Won ToME by closing the Void portal and letting yourself be killed by Aeryn to prevent the Way to enslave every sentient being on Eyal.
This is how the world ends: swallowed in fire, but not in darkness. "Won" ToME by sacrificing yourself for your patron Distant Sun, opening a portal for it to burn and consume the world.
Last Instant of Sanity Won ToME by closing the Void portal and letting yourself be killed by Aeryn to prevent your mad patron sun from burning the world in a searing flash.
They Came Back For Eyal Won ToME thanks to a Sher'tul stopping you at the last moment from opening a portal to your mad patron sun.
Tactical master Fought the two Sorcerers without closing any invocation portals.
Portal destroyer Fought the two Sorcerers and closed one invocation portal.
Portal reaver Fought the two Sorcerers and closed two invocation portals.
Portal ender Fought the two Sorcerers and closed three invocation portals.
Portal master Fought the two Sorcerers and closed four invocation portals.
Never Look Back And There Again Win the game without ever setting foot on Maj'Eyal.
Rescuer of the lost Rescued the merchant from the assassin lord.
Poisonous Sided with the assassin lord.
Destroyer of the creation Killed Slasul.
Treacherous Bastard Killed Slasul even though you sided with him to learn the Legacy of the Naloren prodigy.
Flooder Defeated Ukllmswwik while doing his own quest.
Gem of the Moon Completed the Master Jeweler quest with Limmir.
Curse Lifter Killed Ben Cruthdar, the Cursed.
Fast Curse Dispel Killed Ben Cruthdar the Cursed while saving all the lumberjacks.
Eye of the storm Freed Derth from the onslaught of the mad Tempest, Urkis.
Antimagic! Completed antimagic training in the Ziguranth camp.
Anti-Antimagic! Destroyed the Ziguranth camp with your Rhaloren allies.
There and back again Opened a portal to Maj'Eyal from the Far East.
Back and there again Opened a portal to the Far East from Maj'Eyal.
Arachnophobia Destroyed the spydric menace.
Clone War Destroyed your own Shade.
Home sweet home Dispatched the Weirdling Beast and took possession of Yiilkgur, the Sher'Tul Fortress for your own usage.
Squadmate Escaped from Reknor alive with your squadmate Norgan.
Genocide Killed the Orc Greatmother in the breeding pits, thus dealing a terrible blow to the orc race. Can no longer be obtained since the breeding pits were removed in version 1.1.5. Does not exist on Steam.
Savior of the damsels in distress Saved Melinda from her terrible fate in the Crypt of Kryl-Feijan.
Impossible Death Got killed by your future self. (as a Chronomancer)
Self-killer Killed your future self.
Paradoxology Both killed your future self and got killed by your future self.
Explorer Used the Sher'Tul Fortress exploratory farportal at least 7 times with the same character.
Orbituary Stabilized the Abashed Expanse to maintain it in orbit.
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff Killed the weaver queen and the temporal defiler.
Matrix style! Finished the whole Abashed Expanse zone without being hit by a single void blast or manaworm. Dodging's fun!
The Right thing to do Did the righteous thing in the ring of blood and disposed of the Blood Master.
Thralless Freed at least 30 enthralled slaves in the slavers compound.
Lost in translation Destroyed the naga portal in the Slazish Fens and got caught in the after-effect.
Dreaming my dreams Experienced and completed all the dreams in the Dogroth Caldera. This is tracked across all games on a single computer?

Needs verification

Oozemancer Destroyed the Corrupted Oozemancer.
Lucky Girl Saved Melinda again and invited her to the Fortress to cure her.

Talent and Unlock Achievements

Achievement Description Notes
Pyromancer Unlocked Archmage class and did over one million fire damage (with any item/talent/class).
Cryomancer Unlocked Archmage class and did over one million cold damage (with any item/talent/class).
Lichform Achieved your wild dreams of power and eternal life: you turned into a Lich!
Best album ever! Removed 89 beneficial effects from enemies via Disintegration. Bugged as of 1.7.4. Planned to be fixed in 1.8.

Online Event Achievements

Achievement Description Notes
Don't Poosh it! Killed Kelad in the lost land of Poosh.
Catch that Plumpkin! Finish the Plumpkin event.
Ay ay captain! Turn into a pirate!
Got eggs? Finish the Pikataclysm event.
Mindwipe! Mindwiped Kormac to make a nice orc body for your own pleasure. Not on Steam. This event no longer gets pushed.
Can you bear it? So much bearness! Killed Borius in the Bearscape.
May the 4th be with you! . Has no description. Obtained by completing the event quest A Great Disturbance. Not on Steam.
Merry wintertide! Finish the Santascape event and free the little helper elves. Not on Steam.
Santassacre! Killed the little helper elves after saving them! Not on Steam.
April's Fool! Find the Aporia Fold Lys. Not on Steam. Obtained by completing the event quest Aporia Fold Lys.
Sheer Badassery! Demonstrate your epic badassness to at least 100 foes! Not on Steam.

Other Achievements

Achievement Description Notes
Bikining along! Won the game without ever taking off her bikini. Steam is missing the Normal Adventure version of this achievement.
Mankining it happen! Won the game without ever taking off his mankini.

Ashes of Urh'Rok Achievements

Achievement Description Notes
A Fist Full of Demons Killed 1000 demons. This is tracked across all games on a single computer.
Glory to the Fearscape Activated all 23 different kinds of demon statues. This is tracked across all games on a single computer.
Well Seeded Created 500 demon seeds. This is tracked across all games on a single computer.
Demonic Party! Have your party composed of at least 5 demons.
Hell has no fury like a demon scorned! Escaped the Searing Halls.
Once bitten, twice shy Escaped the Anteroom of Agony.
The Old Ones Kill all the three demons that are on Eyal since before the Spellblaze: Shasshhiy'Kaish, Kryl'Feijan and Walrog

Embers of Rage Achievements

Achievement Description Notes
Across the Narrow Sea Destroyed the Sunwall Outpost to secure a way to the mainland.
Reclaiming Garkul's Heritage Freed the remnants of the Prides from the Internment Camp.
The High Lady's Destiny (Finale) Crushed High Sun Paladin Aeryn and with her destroyed the bastion of the Sunwall.
One Ill Turn Deserves Another The Palace of Fumes stands in ruins, its Council shattered. The Atmos Tribe will not bother the Prides anymore.
The Dead God Rests You have defeated the Sher'tul Priest trying to resurrect Amakthel, saving both the Prides and the world.
To the Bitter End You have destroyed the last remnants of the Atmos Tribe, ending their civilization.
Imp'ing Away You have spared the last remnants of the Atmos Tribe, showing mercy where others gave none to the orcs.
No mercy! Killed 1000 steam giants civilians. This is tracked across all games on a single computer.
Mercy, mercy! Killed Talosis without any civilians deaths.
This will make a big Omelette! Collected 40 ritch eggs in the Ritch Hive.
An Other Brick in the Wall Defeated Aeryn in the Gates of Morning without destroying the Observatory nor using ritches help.
No Steam, No Palace. No Palace, No Palace! Destroyed the Palace of Fumes without first destroying the geothermal valves in the Steam Quarry
Here, I Think You Dropped This Killed Ureslak the Eternal while wielding Ureslak's Femur.
Do not go gentle into that good night Trapped John.
I did not want that! Tricked Nektosh into killing one of his own people.
We weren't kidding! Die to Nektosh's beam without being pinned, stunned, asleep, dazed, or confused.
Make Him Squirm Made Nektosh use up the last of his power, then left the area and ignored him until beating the game. The other Whitehooves will catch on any second now...
True Savior Freed all the Orc Prides without killing a single mind-controlled orc.
Mender Destroyed the bosses of the Primal Forest without killing any uncorrupted treants.
Sufficiently Advanced Technology Put five points into each of the tinker-crafting talents as any mage class.
Radiant Horrorc While fighting in a Sunwall zone, use a Fiery Salve to reach at least 66% affinity for Fire and Light. Pointing and laughing is optional. You don't actually need to be in combat.
Blood on the Moon Kill all of the Star Gazers within 7 game turns.
Once Upon A Time, In the West... Hear the Eidolon's retelling of the Scourge from the West's journey.
A Fistful of Gold Buy an item from an AAA.
For a Few Gold More Completely deplete an AAA's stock.
The Good, The Bad, and The Yeti Use mind-controlled yetis to kill 30 foes.
Total Annihilation: Redundancy Wield the Annihilator (artifact) as an Annihilator.

Forbidden Cults Achievements

Achievement Description Notes
You were not supposed to see that! Read a Forbidden Tome.
Bookception! Found the Forbidden Tome reward inside the Forbidden Tome: "Of Knowledge And Horrors".
Recursive Home of Recursion Left the Forbidden Tome: "Home, Horrific Home" on the floor of The Home Which Is Not.
They Came From Outer Space! Discovered the true origin of dwarves and drems.
The True Coward Win without having saved Kroshkkur, Derth, the lost merchant, Melinda and lady Aeryn.
Sequence Master Use 5 different glyph sequences.
Is that how it feels to be an escort quest?! Got saved from death in the Godfeaster by Malyu and managed to escape. Malyu must survive.
Not Really Yourself Let a parasitic horror take over your body and watch it grow in power.
Myths of an age past Learned all there is to learn about the Gods and the Godslayers.
Dethroned Vanquished the Glass Golem without letting it use the glass throne to heal.
A View From The Gallery Briefly lived as a lowly halfling during the time of the Sher'tuls.
Entropy's End Destroyed the Hypostasis of Entropy.

Donator Achievements

There is only 1 copy of each of these achievements, not 1 per difficulty/permadeath combo, because these achievements aren't based on gameplay. These achievements are not on Steam.

Achievement Description
Bronze Donator Donated up to 5 euros to Tales of Maj'Eyal.
Silver Donator Donated at least 6 euros to Tales of Maj'Eyal.
Gold Donator Donated at least 16 euros to Tales of Maj'Eyal.
Stralite Donator Donated at least 31 euros to Tales of Maj'Eyal.
Voratun Donator Donated more than 60 euros to Tales of Maj'Eyal.

Possessor Acheivements

Achievement Description
Bill Kill! Kill your own Doomed Shade in the body of Bill.
Unneshasshhary Kryl'ty Kill Kryl'Feijan with the body of Shasshhiy'Kaish, or vice versa.
Unneshasshhary Kryl'ty (Redux) Kill High Paladin Aeryn with the body of Sun Paladin John.