An apprentice task

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An apprentice mage appears on the world map near The Maze, unless your birth faction is Zigur (i.e. if you are a Krog). When approached, he mentions that mages are hiding in Angolwen and that he needs to gather an arcane powered artifact to get in.

If you bring him an arcane powered artifact, and are not an Archmage yourself, he will reveal the hidden portal to Angolwen on the world map; this will also unlock the Archmage class and grant the achievement "The secret city". If you are an Archmage, he will give you a random ring. Giving him the Staff of Absorption will kill him (and fail the quest, obviously), and grant the achievement "Burnt to the ground".

Characters with sufficiently high Cunning (35 or more) will be able to identify Archmage Tarelion as the "apprentice mage" upon speaking to him in Angolwen.


You can bring him a Demon seed, play as a Demonologist and he will take the gift and quest will be accomplished

Quest Goals

  • Bring an arcane powered artifact to the apprentice mage